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"Laura Kaye's new album"

I'm gonna say it right up front - I know Laura Kaye, and have for a long time. And I knew she was talented, but I was in no way prepared for "Shake off the Gravity". I'll also say that I wouldn't have written this review if I didn't truly like this album. And I do... very much.

Blistering rhythm guitar, combined with a hotly-harmonic electric violin and driving rhythm section open up this jewel of a CD. While the opening vocal of "Cloudless Sky" leaves no doubt that Ms. Kaye is a vocalist to be reckoned with, it only hints at what's ahead - you like strong female singers? Step right up - there's a package here with your name on it.

It's also clear that this woman actually has something to say. The lyrics on "Shake off the Gravity" leave little doubt about who Laura Kaye is.... refreshing to hear an artist combine something listenable with heartfelt contemplation - in a time where shallowness of thought in art isn't just existent, it's commonplace. There's nothing shallow here, period - even at its' most playful, this album is consistently smart across the board.

"Cloudless" continues with pumping toms building to a fierce chorus, with Mark Wood's manic electric violin vibrato filling out the edges. Laura's lead and backing voices go slightly sultry in the break (where she introduces us to the lyrical wisewoman who appears throughout) declares that "it is written in the stars, it is written on the is written... on my soul, in my blood, in pain it is birth and death it is written", but it's the outro where she gets right in your ear, in a near whisper. "This is my personal legend..." Damn straight.

As time passes, we've heard various artists' expressions/reactions of and to September 11th and its' aftermath - "Complicated World" is Laura's. Although the opening riff and some of the body is obviously Aerosmith-induced, it is still its' own animal. As is the case elsewhere on "Gravity", the heartfelt lyrics "One dream that I cannot shake - 'cause it follows me down every waking path I take.... this vision of a global heart - idealistic maybe, but I can't help it" give yet another indication that she's not just a rock 'n roll babe, but an introspective and extrospective woman - a Rock and Roll Earth Mother with balls. What sets "Complicated World" apart from so many other nods to 9/11 is that it faithfully rides the delicate rail between realism about where the world stands, and hope for the future - and the latter wins out big time. Ms. Kaye's vocals emotionally articulate all of that and more.

"Slice of Life" just rocks. The opening combination of Dave Lewitt's crack drums, various bits of percussion, David Z's understated but funky bass and Jon Bivona's subtle ringing acoustic guitars makes a perfect bed for Laura to lay in - and lay she does. A vocal that is as intimate as it is in-your-face, it's plain to hear just how finely she has honed her vocal chops. This track heats up with multiple layers of this fine instrument, and the chorus is graced with a refreshingly clean and plaintive violin line, and when the solo hits, the whole track goes right into space, fronted by Mark Wood's soaring solo, harkening everything from Ronson's Moonage Daydream to Gilmour / May / Bill Nelson (Be Bop Deluxe). The B-section just screams, period. The resulting breakdown clears the launch area where Laura warms up the engines for a grinding rocket-sled of an ending. Just plain nasty backing vocals (I coulda swore that they were some hardcore sisters 'til I saw the liner notes) which, while incredibly hot, manage to leave room for Laura to grind out delicious lines like "C'mon C'mon - cut it up for me... I want a piece of your pie.."

Yes, Ma'am - coming RIGHT up. :)

Laura can be found at

~Max Night, Interage (6/15/05) - Interage

"Rock Princess Laura Kaye"

"Isn´t it always nice to hear timeless rock without any touches of trendy styles such as mainstream modern rock,numetal or punkpop to make a few examples.

Not that I have anything against these popular genres but I grew up listening to 70´s rock and most of the bands and their albums from that era still stand strong 30 years later.

That´s where female rock princess Laura Kaye comes in, yes I call her a princess coz at the same time she´s singing with a strength of a dozen horses her voice is also very elegant not to mention the feel she´s thoughts go directly to a mix between Janis Joplin and Joyce Kennedy of Mothers Finest.

How many female singers have all these 3 fine qualities?! Together with violin virtuoso Mark Wood, they have come up with a bluesy, soulful and rocking album that feels so alive & kicking.......that the album title "Shake off the Gravity" suits the music perfectly.

She has done remarkable re-makes of classic 70´s tunes like "Black dog" (Led Zeppelin),"Nobody´s fault" (Aerosmith" and "Hot´n´nasty" (Humble pie) - all of them with a new sound but still rocking just as good as the original ones.

But it´s her own songs that should put this album on the wall of the most selling albums at every record store,why do you ask? The answer is simple,just listen to the infectious "Complicated world" or the super groovy "Slice of life" or why not the laid back "Shake off the Gravity" that smells like hit for miles.

I love this album!!!"

Kaj Roth (6/23/05) - Kaj Roth -

"Women in Music Featured Artist"

From the Aerosmith tribute spread on Laura Kaye’s website, one might take her as a wannabe-Steven Tyler or groupie with musical delusions. Perish the thought! Laura Kaye is a mature, self-aware artist projecting no voice but her own.

How impressive a voice it is! Laura Kaye has the kind of huge, ballsy bellow that a studio recording can only dream of capturing. She melds the power and soul of blues women with the energy of rock to form her unique, multilayered style. Kaye has received much deserved recognition for her instrument, singing with “New Voices of Freedom” and for the 1998 Winter Olympics broadcast. Credentials aside, one cannot help but thrill at the sheer power of her pipes!

Laura Kaye grew up in New York City rock bands, so when it came time for her solo recordings, she managed to put together a group of instrumentalists who are not simply accompanists, but musical peers. As a core group, her band consists of Jon Bivona on guitar, David Z (of Trans-Siberian Orchestra) on bass, Dave Lewitt on drums, and Kaye’s husband Mark Wood, creator of the Viper 7-string electric violin. Additionally, her latest album, “Shake Off the Gravity,” features the talents of Al Pitrelli, Jane Mangini, Alex Skolnick, Joe Franco, and Tristan Avakian.

Ms. Kaye’s work holds many surprises. Songs such as “Let the Children Play” and “Shake Off the Gravity” have intriguing intros, only to launch into a contrasting groove. Laura Kaye the songwriter is no slouch. Even more conventional songs have innovative instrumentals – listen to the Viper solos in “Shake Off the Gravity.” The electric violin adds lighter, more ethereal textures to balance the blues-rock instrumentals and Kaye’s voice.

All of the tracks on “Shake Off the Gravity” show that Laura Kaye has a gift for songwriting and an opinion to share. One of my favorite cuts from “Shake Off the Gravity” is “Slice of Life.” This song summarizes what I perceive to be Laura Kaye’s essence. A funk-blues bassline starts off, gradually accumulating instrument layers which form an unstoppable train of swaggering groove. “Well I was blind in the eye of storm/ but now I’m ready, so ready/ I feel the wind but I’m pushing on… and I’m ready for another slice of life.” Kaye has gained enough perspective to write honestly that she is raring to experience life fully.

I will warn that Kaye’s deep vibrato and soulful theatrics may cause you to love her or hate her based on her voice. But ANYBODY with an appreciation for honestly good music will enjoy Laura Kaye. You may feel as though you want to rein her in, but that would be as asinine as canning lightning.

For tour dates, ordering info, or just a quick visit, visit Laura Kaye’s website: or her MySpace page: - Northeast In-Tune

"Review of Gravity"

Laura Kaye is a very unique and unusual artist. Her blend of great, straight forward tock-n-roll and acoustic material is very appealing. Her soulful and very well controlled vocals are quite appealing. Her vocal style and control allows her to bring her voice, and the listener, through an array of emotions and sound. Laura most certainly has it together!

Starting her music career as a teenager through her current material, she has toured extensively as the lead vocalist for the LAURA KAYE BAND. Laura was also a featured soloist for the 20-piece rock-and-roll choir “New Voices Of Freedom.” Her commanding presence, talent and hard work has allowed her to reach for dreams and grab them like most of us reach for the TV clicker; with ease and without anything holding her back!

Other dreams Laura has made reality include (but are not limited to) contributing to soundtracks and videos for U2, Lenny Kravits, Sean Lennon, and Mark Wood. Laura’s vocals we also heard on the Emmy-nominated composition “Dare to Dream” featured on CBS Television at the opening ceremonies for the 1998 Winter Olympics broadcast.

Laura’s lyrical content is original and well composed. She surely has a way with words. Best off all, she also has the talent to structure great music around those lyrics to develop appealing songs that live on in your head long after the song has stopped playing.

There are quite a few truly awesome musicians that lent their talents on Laura’s latest CD titled “Shake Off The Gravity.” Talent such as Mark Wood, Al Pitrelli, Jane Mangini, Alex Skolnick, and David Z from Trans-Siberian Orchestra, along with drum legend Joe Franco (Good Rats, Widowmaker, Van Helsing’s Curse) and guitarist Tristan Avakian (Trans-Siberian Orchestra, currently touring with Cirque du Soleil). With these fine musicians, Laura’s uniquely awe inspiring vocals and a lot of hard work, the music on the CD is equally impressive as the guests that appear and/or who worked behind the scenes.

I suggest you check her out! I think you’ll enjoy what you hear. Laura’s website can be accessed at: - Northeast In-Tune

"Shadoe Steele"

"Laura Kaye kicks the hammer into overdrive with a tour de force of ultra-94 octane production paralleled by magnificent and emotional rock vocals. Precise electric violin orchestration courtesy of string-guru hubby Mark Wood boosts this work into the creme de la creme of classic rock. Backed by a wish-list of rhythm-section and support personnel, Laura elevates these tracks to the next plateau. "Shake Off The Gravity" creates the template by which other compositions should be judged. If Joplin were alive, she'd be contacting her attorney!"
--Shadoe Steele, Entercom Radio/Westwood One/Sirius Satellite Radio (December 2006) - Entercom Radio/Westwood One/Sirius


Shake Off the Gravity
With tracks on these Mark Wood CDs:
Portrait of an Artist
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Voodoo Violince



Laura Kaye, the rock and roll chanteuse whose take-no-prisoners voice invokes the likes of Steven Tyler and Aretha Franklin, but with a lyricism and musicality all her own, has released her latest CD Shake Off the Gravity which truly showcases the entirety of her talent. The CD features eight innovative, original songs that range from driving rock & roll (like Hot n Nasty and Get on Board�) to the intensely personal (like the haunting title track, and Complicated World, Laura's heartfelt and conscious response to September 11th), and includes covers from Aerosmith, Humble Pie and Led Zeppelin.

But never to be put into a box, cuts like Slice of Life and Waiting for the Light to Change show that Ms. Kaye has a style all her own. She describes the CD as
"the truest and most accurate representation of everything I hold dear musically. It is a tribute to every musician who has ever inspired me." That tribute reaches out across both her rock and her r&b influences, and does so with style AND substance.

Many extraordinary musicians lent their talents to the project, including Mark Wood, Al Pitrelli, Jane Mangini, Alex Skolnick, and David Z from Trans-Siberian Orchestra, along with drum legend Joe Franco (Good Rats, Widowmaker, Van Helsings Curse) and guitarist Tristan Avakian (Trans-Siberian Orchestra, currently touring with Cirque du Soleil) all the while, Laura Kaye's powerful vocals pull it all together into one cohesive package.

Collaborating with Laura (as producer, musician, co-writer and husband) is award-winning composer and performer Mark Wood. Mark is also the inventor of the Viper electric violin, which he plays on most of the tracks on Shake Off the Gravity. This one-of-a-kind instrument produces tones and effects that perfectly complement the richness and versatile strength of another one-of-a-kind instrument: the unforgettable voice of Laura Kaye.

Over the course of a career that began when she was a teenager, Laura has toured extensively as lead vocalist and songwriter for The Laura Kaye Band (which was featured on WAPP-FM's New York's Best Bands Album - the same series that helped discover Bon Jovi and Twisted Sister). She was a featured soloist for the 20-piece rock-and-roll choir New Voices of Freedom, and has contributed to soundtracks and videos for U2, Lenny Kravitz, Sean Lennon, and the aforementioned Mark Wood. She sang on the Emmy-nominated composition Dare to Dream, which was featured by CBS Television during the opening ceremonies of the 1998 Winter Olympics broadcast. Her previous CD, Sanctuary, a collaboration with Mark Wood, was released in 2001.