Laura Kitt

Laura Kitt


"He broke her heart, now she's going to break yours."


Originally called Laura Borealis, she has three records out and has been playing since '93 in Halifax, Chicago and Toronto.
Her songs are achingly romantic , moving, and beautifully written. Beautiful harmonies from her band (members of Rolls, Wailing Sounds, Leather Uppers).
Like Neil Young her voice goes right to the heart.
Laura has also directed music videos for indie champs Sebadoh, Eric's Trip, The Super Friendz and Thrush Hermit.
Laura is a professional healer and psychic, actress, independent movie director, and mother.
She is currently writing and recording a new album with Max Mallinick (Rolls) producing.


10" pink vinyl Snob Shop, Pick of the Week '93
CD Funderful songs by Laura Borealis '01
CD Jupiter Tapes , 5 Virgos 8 Songs '02