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Written By: Laura Knight

By Laura Knight

(ay or ay or ahhh)

Verse 1
No matter how hard we try,
Every single one of us will go through bad times,
No matter how hard we try,
Every once in a while,
We will all break down and cry,
But one thing is to remember we still gotta try,
Look at what you got inside,
But one this is to remember,
It’s not the end of our lives,
And we will always get by,

(Coz it’s a..) Different story for everybody,
We all go through the rain,
We all go through pain,
But it’s a different story for everybody,
Nothing stays the same,
And the sun will shine again,

(ay or ay or ahhh)

Verse 2
Everybody’s got a different story to tell,
Yeah everyone’s been from heaven to hell,
Life can be good and life can be bad,
It’s a bit of a mixture,
But hey, life can be good and life can be bad,
But you gotta look at the bigger picture,
Everybody’s got questions,
Life’s a puzzle to be solved,
But we get so involved,
We go too deep, we cannot see,
That we gotta move on,
Yeah we gotta let it go,
Coz if we stay low, you’ll never ever know,
If you can reach the top,


The sun will shine again.