Laura Lost

Laura Lost


Laura Lost plays Indie/punk music. The band love surfing, snowboarding and make uptempo music with distorted guitars and lush melodies. They have enjoyed two UK tours, national radio play and put on a live show that could tear down a venues' walls


Laura Lost are a band from South England. They write music for extreme sports. They don't have a specific genre, but their style ranges from punk/indie to pop/surf. The band love to surf, snowboard and feel happiest playing at parties in the mountains and by the sea.
Laura Lost have been lucky enough to play the Austrian Snowbombing festival, The London Astoria before its closure and tour the UK and Europe. Their first ever self-released EP was aired on National Radio 1s Huw Stephens show and won the band a trip Ibiza for songwriting talents from Overplay. Laura Lost music is currently used by Freesports on 4 and Animal clothing.
The band is currently about to go into the studio to record their second EP with The Noisettes/Editors producer



Written By: Laura Lost

Paint yourself all 'round the town
All the colours that bring you down
You'll be happily confused today
I'll be happily amused today
Living your life on the edge
Turning into a right fuckin' mess
Paint yourself all round the town
All the colours that bring you down

Be my graffiti
Paint all over me


Written By: Laura Lost

Been sat here for a while
Trying to find a way to make you smile
Can't believe you won't be around
You're my only friend in this town

I know I'll see you again
Along the road my good friend
People say these things they happen

What happened to you

I know I'll see you again
Along the road my good friend
We've been a long time apart
You will always be in my heart

Hurts not to see you anymore
Leaving this old memory on the floor

What happened to you

I kind of lost it a little bit there
Its so tragic
What happened to you


Written By: Laura Lost

She's the sort of girl I see,
When I'm reading NME,
Knows everything about everyone,
Done everything there is to be done,

Hangs out at all the cool bars,
And knows all the rock stars,
And I will never be as good as Nancy, not even close,

Nancy I wish that you'd go away,
Leave me here to soak all day,
'Cos I don't want you around,
Nancy I don't need girls like you,
Coming into my imaginary room,
Where everything is crystal clear and blue

She's got the coolest hair,
And she could freeze you dead with that stare,
Spends about 3 hours on her hair, then another 10 on her makeup.
Gets in at Kokos every friday night, backstage pass! They won't even let me anywhere near the place! I'm not the sort of person that gets in anywhere, Nancy just walks in, and he loves her and I'm happy for 'em both..

And she thinks she's gonna be a star,
But I've heard her sing and shes not gonna get very far,
And she can have the coolest hair and the coolest shoes but shes still shit...


First ever EP received national and international airplay. Hoping to release single 'Tragic' independently in 2009. Several UK television channels have used Laura Lost music in their programmes.

Laura Lost EP - 2006
Tragic EP - 2007
Nancy EP - 2007
Tragic single - 2009

Set List

40 min set, original songs, Punk/indie

Missing Cali
The North Shore
For What It's Worth (Buffalo Springfield cover)
Teenage Dreamers
Ice Lady
Speak To Me