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Laura McMillan


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Gonna Fall

Written By: Laura McMillan

I'm watching you walk
On the railroad ties
While I follow you down
To where the river runs wide
And tracks run so high
Above the water below
I hang onto you tight
But I already know...that,

I'm gonna fall
Fall for you
Took one look into your eyes
There was nothing I could do
But just let go...ooh
And drown in you..
From up here above it all
I'm gonna fall

verse 2
Sitting side by side watching
The weeping willows below
Dropping stones to make ripples
Where peaceful waters onced flowed
You came out of nowhere
My green-eyed girl next door
To knock me off balance
Make me feel like I've never felt before...
So I'm not gonna hang on anymore...,

Repeat Chorus:

Through currents flowing
Swift and fast
My love is strong
And made to last