Laura McNeil

Laura McNeil


memorable, intelligent songs; Laura's voice is a mix of raw, passionate soul and poignant tenderness. From 1920's style piano and cool classic jazz to modern ballads and r&b, her intimate style draws the listener in.


A veteran performer, Laura hit the road at age 7 with a family trio travelling throughout NB. Winner of the international Competition "Teen's N Talent' at age 17 in Urbana, Illinois, she studied music briefly in college then split her time between teaching music and travelling with various bands as a keyboardist/bgv and featured soloist throughout Canada and the US. She has appeared live on TV and received radio play for several cuts from the "Thirst For You" CD co-written and recorded with husband Mike Biggar.
She opened for Astrid Young in 09 in Hampton, NB and performed on stage as a bgv on the recent Matt Andersen Live at the Phoenix DVD. Her much anticipated CD project of originals is due for release in mid-2010.


Thirst for you, 2004
"Keep the Fire burning" and "Thirst for You" maritime radio play.