Laura Meade

Laura Meade


Soulful and passionate music with catchy melodic hooks in the great tradition of Joni Mitchell and Kate Bush


Hailing from Long Island, NY, Laura Meade is a talented vocalist who has a penchant for writing catchy songs and haunting melodies that spotlight her amazing vocal abilities. Laura has performed on stages around the world in the theater and has been a featured singer in the progressive rock group, IZZ, since 2002.

Meade made her songwriting debut on IZZ’s 2004 release "Ampersand" with a stripped-down live version of "Best Defenses," a song that has been re-recorded and re-arranged for her debut EP. In 2005, Laura was featured prominently on IZZ’s "My River Flows" CD to glowing reviews.

Laura Meade's self-titled debut CD will be released on January 16, 2007 by Doone Records. From the first chords of the hook-filled opening track "Charming," Laura Meade immediately brings the listener into her world. And a beautiful world it is – breathtaking vocals, haunting lyrics, intricate harmonies, eclectic twists and catchy melodies abound on a CD that promises to catapult Laura Meade onto the world music stage. From the vocal acrobatics of "Best Defenses" to the beautifully simple "Then I Could See" to the catchy "Kerri’s Song," Laura Meade’s debut EP is a beautiful glimpse into the world of a rising vocalist and songwriter.

In 2007, Meade will begin performing regularly in support of her new release.


Best Defenses

Written By: Laura Meade

I’ve kept things hidden tight from you, my love
Locked away, no more harm can be done.
You’ve kept things hidden tight from me, my love.
Locked away, just waiting for the right time to come.

Hold on for your life.

And now I don’t care about the consequences.
You’ve torn down my best defenses.

I’ve been burned
tinder in flame.
You’ve kept dark
shadows in the rain.

Hold on for your life.

And now I don’t care about the consequences.
You’ve torn down my best defenses

I will wait for you
(Please hold on to me)
I'll surrender it all
(Please hold on to me)
I'll hold back all your fears
(Please hold on…)

I’ve kept things hidden
You've kept things hidden
We've kept so many things, my love


Written By: Laura Meade

Think he's done me wrong?
Well, you're wrong, I've done this to myself.
Do yourself a favor, stay out of this mess.
Think that you're gonna save me now?
Well, I'd like to see you try.
Get in line behind all the other suckers for a damsel in distress.
You'll wait. You'll try.
I dare you to.

Sweep me off my feet to your castle far away.
What have you got that the other princes don't?
They all climb inside my window and try to save the day.

I have no use in my life for a foul-weather prince,
showing up in the nick of time when the going gets rough so you can show your stuff.
Come save my life.
I dare you to.


So, dramatic, like a movie, you come rushing to my side.
Lamenting is your siren song.
Use all the right words to save me.
Only you can now.
But where will you be when you find that I am gone?


Save the day.
Save the day.


"Laura Meade" - EP

"My Best Defenses" - Ampersand Vol. 1 - IZZ

"Charming" - The Dividing Line Broadcast Network:

Set List

Originals, including:
-My Best Defenses
-Kerri's Song
-Plucking Whispers
-Little Song
-Your Way

-Blue (Joni Mitchell)
-Linger (Jonatha Brooke)