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A match struck in a darkened room--Laura Minor is indie-experimental country with soulful vocals, twangy, tricked out songwriting, and ambient live production. Live comparisons have been made to Jolie Holland and Neko Case...if they were produced by My Bloody Valentine and Screamin' Jay Hawkins


Laura Minor's "Let Evening Come"

"Who says you can't play torchy cabaret country songs with maracas and turntables?" Laura Minor asks. Her voice may summon Yoko Ono's primal scream, Bjork's space fairy, and the dark hymns of Fiona Apple, Lucinda Williams, and Hope Sandoval, but "Let Evening Come" isn't all about Minor's mesmerizing vocals. This solo debut, Let Evening Come (forthcoming on Stickfigure Records, Jan 2008) record combines fiery women's songwriting with laidback, drugged-out, and sexed-up psychedelia. It's an unlikely combo, but it's coming from a gal with a checkered past.

Before she ever sang a note, Laura Minor was a poetry teacher in the prison system, an office jockey, a P.A. on commercial sets, a grad student, a Kindergarten teacher, the host of an metal radio show, a server at a fine dining restaurant, a cook at a vegetarian co-op, a teacher of a course on the history of sexuality, a bartender, and a real estate stylist, dressing million-dollar Manhattan apartments. Nowadays, she adjuncts as a writing professor at various arty colleges in between finishing her first collection of poems, singing, and writing a new record. She has also volleyed between Florida, Atlanta, New York and Los Angeles. It's no surprise that when she found her voice, she had a lot to say.

Minor hails from the north Florida triumvirate of Tallahassee, Jacksonville and Gainesville, which carry a rich tradition in country music, and these local sounds heavily influenced her early songwriting. When she left her hometown for Atlanta, a friend found a guitar in the garbage and gave it to Minor as a going-away present. "It was a Hondo, but I called it my 'garbage guitar,'" Minor says. "It would go out of tune every 10 minutes. These songs became a record about transcending the everyday pains of life, and they were all written on something somebody threw away."

Minor’s first record, “Salesman’s Girl, garnered significant attention for its lyrical prowess and back story. Demo’d in Gainesville and sent to the Oakland record label, HighTone, they immediately flew out to meet her and she was signed within 3 months of singing her first note. "I was going to get a PhD. in English," Minor recalls, "but then I got signed to an alt-country label." Within six months, she was in the studio, recording her 2002 solo debut, Salesman's Girl, with David Lowery of Camper Van Beethoven and Cracker.

But that was just the beginning. Laura Minor's latest recording, "Let Evening Come," was co-produced with hip hop artists Oktopus and dälek (better known as the group, dälek) and Minor. "When I realized dälek’s overall vision for music was atypical, revolutionary really, I wanted to work with them. And finally, years later I got to make this record with them, which has become a labor of love. Instead of slow-food, it was kind of a slow-music movement. We took our time on picking the right sounds for these songs,” Minor explained.

Metal, however, is one of the few genres that doesn't make its way into the layered and elusive sound of "Let Evening Come." The record has a bossanova fluidity and a dub-reggae vibe, and Minor's strong love of country shines through, as does her affection of heavy, shoegazery walls of sound.

Let Evening Come features guest appearances by Eric Bachmann and members of dälek, Soldiers of Fortune, Clay Cook & the Torches, Jett Brando, and the Mercury Program.
"The Beast" is a melancholy duet featuring Eric Bachmann (Crooked Fingers, Archers of Loaf) and will most certainly crush you into tiny points of light. The consistent buzz surrounding the impending release of this record is ongoing. Remarkably, before its anticipated and pushed-back release, Let Evening Come, has been publicized online in Pitchfork, Xlr8r and Billboard. "Lonely Heart," an innovative instrumental track that is reminiscent of Jon Brion's latest cinematic scores, was licensed by the Canadian documentary on Greenpeace.

"Finally, I was able to make a record with all the things I love and create a unique sound that was my own." Minor says. "After the first listen to the finished record, we turned to each other at the last note and laughed. We said, 'What kind of music did we just make?'" Well, to answer that question, you'll just have to listen for yourself. Kara Zuaro, author of "I Like Food, Food Tastes Good: In the Kitchen with Your Favorite Bands"


"Laura Minor is the future. The Florida native's Let Evening Come is like My Bloody Valentine meets Lucinda Williams; a pretty blend of shoegazer country. Produced by hip-hop crew dälek, whose dark beats augment Minor's pristine voice, the excellent album is both soulful and haunting." – xlr8r

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Sure, you got to see the Knife. And Steve Earle and Cold War Kids. But we got to see Laura Minor.
The pleasure was all ours at Mo Pitkin's to catch this Georgia-native singer/song


"Let Evening Come," 2007 Ocean of Sound Records
Produced by dälek (Jets to Brazil, Rye Coalition, Oddatee, Zu, Brothers for Life, If When, Destructo Swarmbots, Mike Patton, and many more) and Laura Minor, all songs by Laura Minor.

"Salesman's Girl," Hightone Records, 2002.
"Salesman's Girl" was produced by David Lowery (Cracker, Camper Van Beethoven) and recorded and mixed by Brian Paulson (Beck, Uncle Tupelo, Replacements, Jayhawks, Soul Asylum, Husker Du).

Set List

varies, 45 min.