Laura Ranieri

Laura Ranieri


Laura Ranieri is a new country artist with poprock roots based in Toronto Canada. With a powerful voice, sassy style and intelligent lyrics she brings fun, humour and energy to shows she's packed through Ontario and in Nashville.


For the last five years, Toronto singer-songwriter Laura Ranieri has been bringing her powerful voice, intelligent lyrics and unique pop country rock style to stages in both Toronto and Nashville.

Back in 2002, Laura, already a writer and accomplished classical stage and TV actress, made her first foray into the folk rock music world with her debut 6-song EP "a little of that". With little promotion, songs like Magic, Simon and Lifetime found their way into the top 10 Toronto mp3 pop/rock charts that same spring and Easier that Way went all the way to #1 on Toronto's mp3 blues chart. Throughout 2002 she wrote, played and gainedunexpected publisher interest during trips to Nashville and Boston (where she studied guitar and songwriting at Berklee). Her “C’est What” Toronto EP Release party in July 2002 was a sell out.

2003 through 2005 she honed her songwriting skills, formed her Band Reason and expanded her reputation and fan base playing venues from Free Times, Holy Joe’s, 3rd Floor Riley’s. Hugh’s Room and Girl’s with Guitars at C'est What in Toronto to the French Quarter and Broken Spoke in Nashville Tennessee. She also formed collaborative partnerships with other strong Toronto and Nashville-based singer-songwriters.

Her background is diverse. A University of Toronto English/Drama grad, she wrote lively tongue-in-cheek for musicals and revues on and off campus. Winner of several performance and academic scholarships,she also took on a myriad of leading roles in classical plays and later hosted a TV travel show. As well, she was a member of the offbeat comedy troupe The Six Flying Hamsters, whose sketches and satirical songs aired on CBC radio – and who did a comedy pilot for FOX TV. Laura has also written musical numbers for Second City and other comedy productions

In 2005 she released Southbound, a country/pop album that falls somewhere in between Sheryl Crow and Wynona … but with Ranieri’s unique folk-rock country style. It has already garnered publishing interest… and rave online reviews.

Most recently she played large festivals in her home town: Toronto's Winterfolk and City Roots... Her new demos reflect her great new collaboration with producer Brian Gagnon.
She is planning a month in Nashville this August to write and play.


Crazy bout a cowboy

Written By: Laura Ranieri

Verse 1
I’m through with city dudes
Starbuck cards and Armani suits
Boardroom bigshots not my match
I need a man who can run a ranch
I’ll try a fireman, maybe a mounty
But I’m crazy bout a cowboy

Crazy for a cowboy
A man who’s rough and rowdy
We’ll ride off in the sunset
And I can lose my city blues
I’ll lasso me one someday
Maybe at the rodeo on Sunday
There ain’t no doubt about it
I’m crazy for a cowboy

Verse 2
Big hat – I like that
Spurs that jingle and boots on my mat
Strong hands – a country drawl
Call me ma’am and yell “yeehaw”
I’ll bat my eyes you bet he’ll look my way…
I’m crazy bout a cowboy


Hey cowboy I’ll make your Stetson spin
Let this city girl get under your skin
With my high heals and your horse sense
We’ll rustle up some true romance

Small Town Life

Written By: Laura Ranieri

Verse 1
I’m done with chardonnay and diamonds
Kickin off my manola blaunicks shoes
This “sex in the city” world’s a lonely island
Gotta lose my cosmopolitan blues

So sick of city games
Businessmen men are all the same
Farewell fortune and fame

I want a smalltown life
I want to be a country wife
Under a big old Alabama moon
Gonna dance small town style
George Jones on the radio dial
Laid back – good times – I’m gonna live a smalltown life

Verse 2
I met prince charming at a truck stop
When my SUV broke down in nowhere land
Never knew cold coffee could be so hot
Sparks flew when I touched his hand

So now we’re countrybound
Lookin for some fertile ground
To lay some roots down
I’m gonna live a smalltown life
I’m gonna be a country wife
Under a big old Mississippi moon
Gonna dress small town style
Faded levis and a smile
I’ll be a girl next door type -- I’m gonna live a small town life …

Cross me off your nightclub list
No “Mr. Big” I need to kiss
Give me cattle farms and church bazaars
A downhome friendly kind of bliss
That’s my wish

Small town life -- barefoot and pregnant wife
Under a big old Carolina moon
I’m gonna walk a small town mile
Green fields and open sky
Clean air, feels right
I’m gonna live a small town life

Laura Ranieri

Written By: Closer I Get

Verse 1

I've had my share of solo restaurant nights
Lonely days and matinees and breakup fights
I still have faith one day I'll get love right

But it's like trying to catch a firefly
It just flickers into the night and I wonder why..

The Closer I Get
The Farther I am
as soon as I taste happiness,
it slips away again
Hello lonely, my old friend
The closer I get, the farther I am

Verse 2
So I'll dust off my saddle for another ride
Roll with the punches on this road of life
Gotta keep my eye on that horizon line
Over that next hill could it be
True love waiting for me
It's always in reach

Chorus repeat

Someplace, somewhere, somehow
I'm gonna find that perfect man, who's gonna love me well
And when I see his smiling face
I know my heart will have a resting place.

(Chorus repeat and instrumental to end)

Gravel Road Prayers

Written By: Ranieri/Hash

Gravel Road Prayers
© 2007 Laura Ranieri/Joe Hash

In a town with barely 2000 souls
From his front porch he sees that gravel road,
Stretchin' through the cornfields tall and wide
He sets off beneath an open sky
Runs a country mile before daylight
And then another two… until the sun breaks through

He says it makes a man believe, in powers he can't see

He gives thanks for the crops and the rain
Every step is a psalm or a praise
He says when God misses church, he's out here with me
In every breath of fresh air.
These are my gravel road prayers; My gravel road prayers

Now it's Sunday morning round the crack of dawn
Reverend Bill still has his bathrobe on;
with his paper on the porch he sees him run by
He steps back in with a smile and wave
The missus asks do you think he's saved?
He says I couldn’t say… and I shouldn’t anyway

“Cause only Jesus knows; out on that gravel road”

It’ not pews or stained-glass windows or amazing grace
He feels closer to God with the sunrise on his face


Praise God out on that Gravel Road…My Gravel Road Prayers.


A Little of That - EP 2002
Southbound -- album 2005

Set List

Generally originals. But occasionally covers of Sheryl Crow, Blue Rodeo, LeAnn Rymes etc.

Generally play 12 originals.