Laura Sawosko

Laura Sawosko


Laura's songs are raw and personal, but at the same time - will stick in your head and remind you of one of your favorite artists.


Laura Sawosko began her solo career in 1999 and has released 3 albums under her independent label, LOLO Records. She just released her 2nd full length album, Piecing It Together, which will be sold online through distributors this June.
Although she does not like to compare herself to other artists, her influences include: Tori Amos, Ani Difranco, Sheryl Crow and Dar Williams.

What sets her apart from other musicians? It's very simple. She is the complete package. Not a voice led by a pack of suits on American Idol, nor a top 40 Diva wanna be. Her songs not only reflect her own journey, but force you to see your own through ruthless honesty and childlike images. Her vocal technique is original and passionate which parallels her guitar, while the piano introduces another layer of technical and melodic grace. She creates an intimate setting at her powerful live performances and uses that precious time to relate to her audience.

"My music in general is evolving every time I perform or compose a song and am excited to share my discoveries with the world".

From performing at the 1999 Phoenix Lilith Fair with Sarah McLachlin and Sheryl Crow, to composing the original musical score for the acclaimed independent film, An Intimate Friendship, she puts her entire self into the music she creates. It doesn't matter if she's performing in front of 10,000 people or a captive audience of ten at a local coffee shop.

You may have also seen Laura on NBC's #1 rated show, Fear Factor. In a brave attempt to promote her music and possibly win $50,000 to assist her career, she had the rare opportunity to ride a bull and eat cow brains. Unfortunately, she was unable to finish the required amount of brains in the designated time.

Laura just completed her first West Coast tour and will be promoting her album Piecing It Together this Fall.

"If I can touch one person's life, then I have succeeded".


Up and Down

Written By: Laura Sawosko

I want to live passed the line of boring and safe. I'm tired of playing by your rules in this game. You're falling in and out of love sipping your tea. I want to be the one to plead insanity.
And you say, "if you love someone, you'll let them go. And if they come back to you well you'll know it was so."
You are the most selfish person that I've ever met. You deserve yourself so leave me alone.

And I'll go up down, up down, baby steps till I hit the ground. I'll do the dancing you can buy another round. Up down, up down, doing 25 downtown - driving between the raindrops with the top down, up and down.

I'm at the mercy of Murphy's law and bad timing. My life is not a nursery rhyme. I can't seem to hold onto my pick. And I'm so tired of you talking about the size of your...

The car in back is going five miles over. And the car in front is going five miles too slow. This is the most intimacy I've had all day - sitting in traffic on the damn 101 expressway.


"You got to have a manager to get a gig here". "Do you have experience for me to manage you dear?" I'm a dog chasing my tail what do they know? A song is not a song until a suit tells me it's so.

"I love you, oops - I changed my mind. I don't want to come home to you every night." It's the same old story different page. After all these years you're still just the same. Up and down, up and down.

copyright Laura Sawosko.
9-02 (BMI)

One Day at a Time

Written By: Laura Sawosko

I want to be your goodnight kiss. I want to be the one you hold.

I want to see you when you're full of life. I want to love you when we're old.

I want to know all your favorites and all the in-between. But you my love, I may never know - those days we may never see.

You're losing me one day at a time. Every moment that your arms aren't in mine.

And the second became the minute that soon became the day. I wonder if you realize just what you've lost along the way.

Along the way to more.

(verse 2)
I wonder if you're happy. I wonder if you miss my face.

Do you ever watch couples on the street and want to take their place?

I'm sorry you look back and hear the fighting when you're all alone. But it was me just missing you and wishing you'd come home.


I have nothing to show for all the love that I gave. Except the love itself I learned along the way.

And I have no doubts, I have no regrets, no tears for the time I spent.

For love is always enough and please - don't ever forget.


copyright Laura Sawosko


Fall From Home (1999) LP
Last Brave One (2002) EP
Piecing It Together (2003) LP

Set List


Fall From Home
Never Compromised Me
To Pause
I'll Remember For You
Last Day
Last Brave One
Up and Down
One Day at a Time
Too Much
After The Bad
One - But Not Alone
No Words


Bobby McGee, Janis Joplin
Icicle, Tori Amos
Happy Phantom, Tori Amos