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Laura Scarborough

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"Austin Music Awards"

Laura Scarborough in top 10 keyboard list 2001, 2003, 2005 [Austin Chronicle]

Laura Scarborough in top 10 vocalist list 2001 [Austin Chronicle]

Lila's Medicine - placed #5 best electronic band 2005 [Austin Chronicle] - Austin Chronicle

"Lilas Medicine review"

"Lila's Medicine electrified the stage with their deep, chi-turning beats and seductive musical beckons..." - Feeback Magazine (2005)

"Laura in Bali"

"Laura Scarborough bringing her own unique blend of electronica to Bali... performing with Italy's celebrated saxophist Marco de Cotiis... her performance was expressive and captivating..." - The Beat Magazine (2004)

"Piano Review"

The leisurely pace with which Laura Scarborough brought her piano to tune and her music to life made it seem as if the low-key Highlife Cafe, adequately populated with people involved in books and conversation as it is on most nights, was in for an evening of pleasant background music. But this mellow introduction was merely a warm-up, and after Scarborough set up her mike and amp, the room took on a different demeanor. Not to say that all activity ceased -- of course not -- but for those who sat and listened, or even looked up periodically from what they were doing, from the time she started in on "My Funny Valentine," Scarborough's performance was more than simple ambience. Her selections wandered through some jazz standards like "Summertime" and "Solitude" as well as a number of original compositions, all of them carrying well the delicate and classical bent of this local musician's piano playing. Straight chords played full and true with a few tasteful variations and improvisations, going a half-step off for impact and mood, coming back in a smooth slide. Her singing is reminiscent of Billie Holiday; packed into the high and wispy strains of her vocal lines are the simultaneous vulnerability and power that Lady Day made her own. Of course, this was a quiet show, so the depth or magnitude of her voice was never an issue, and thus never determined. A certain stoic resolve permeated the direct lyrics of her own songs, like the confrontational "Face Up" and "Deception," as well as her instrumentals -- waltzes and blues alike. As the room filled and the volume of the general murmur rose, Scarborough didn't try to compete, preferring instead to sit, play, sing as though she knew they were still listening. And if they weren't, it didn't really matter. Whether she was interpreting Claude Debussy or Jeff Buckley, or offering up her own recent writings, the total focus and inhibited swagger with which she approached every tune suggest that Scarborough's voice won't remain in the background. -- Christopher Hess - Austin Chronicle (2001)


"an image of a slinky singer oozing herself across the platform of a fearless technological edge... -


Chapter One: Desire (2000)
Laura Scarborough Project (2001)
Lila's MEdiCiNE EP (2005)



Pianist, vocalist, keyboardist, laptop artist, composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, hula hooper, musical adventurer Laura Scarborough has been performing locally in Austin, TX, in the US and abroad for 8 years. Voted #5 in the 2005 and 2003 Austin’s Music Poll Top 10 Keyboardist List, many locals have seen her frequently played video performances on Austin Music Network as well as her live shows.

Aside from performing live in solo and band configurations, Laura’s endeavors have also included producing multi-media showcases – incorporating dance, video, puppetry, fire, and live painting with live music for large events including - WAVELENGTHS [2002] SYNESTHESIA [2003] and ART OF SYNTHESIS [2004]. She also has written and performed music for dance organizations including fire troop Sangre del Sol [2001-2005], Chitlin in Grits Partner Acrobatics [2003-2005] Scandalicious Burlesque Show [2004], and Stillpoint Modern Dance [2004-2005]

Currently Laura has spent her time developing eklectronik music project LilA’s MEDiCiNE with laptop artist Bildeaux This year they were also voted #5 for Austin 2005 best electronic/DJ Music Awards. Music and videos are available via the website

Laura has released 2 independent records, but has also recorded on various records and compilations including work for world music artist Govinda [2003], SeedKnowledge Records [2004]
hip-hop DJ Nick Nick [2004] , Gibby Haynes & his Problem [2004], most recently singing for UK producer Gus Till’s upcoming trance record [2005].

Summer 2005 she was again invited to perform a month long residency in Bali, Indonesia, where she performed her unique blend of sultry jazz mixed with original electronic down-tempo blends as a solo one woman show. “Nina Simone meets Boards of Canada” one fan said after seeing a recent show in August 2005.

Currently Laura continues to develop her solo set – infusing beats created in Ableton Live Software mixed with vocal exploration, Nord Electro Rhodes, MicroKorg synthesis, accordion, live effects, and live sampling. “Music Makes it Better” she calls it as she continues forward with new ideas, sounds, grooves, discoveries, and passionate expression. “An eclectic live show not to be missed.” More about Laura at