Laura Scarborough

Laura Scarborough


Between Rachmaninoff and Bjork - Laura Scarborough stands on the fearless technological edge pouring sound of passion, fire, power, originality, vocal swoons, skreeks, keyboard expertise, live laptop control and on the fly sampling. MEOWW wiTH a DiGiTAL YUM YUM. PLUS she's a hulA-HOOPinG WonDER


Pianist, vocalist, keyboardist, laptop artist, composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, hula hooper, musical adventurer Laura Scarborough has been performing locally in Austin, TX, in the US and abroad for 8 years. Voted #5 in the 2005 and 2003 Austin’s Music Poll Top 10 Keyboardist List, many locals have seen her frequently played video performances on Austin Music Network as well as her live shows.

Aside from performing live in solo and band configurations, Laura’s endeavors have also included producing multi-media showcases – incorporating dance, video, puppetry, fire, and live painting with live music for large events including - WAVELENGTHS [2002] SYNESTHESIA [2003] and ART OF SYNTHESIS [2004]. She also has written and performed music for dance organizations including fire troop Sangre del Sol [2001-2005], Chitlin in Grits Partner Acrobatics [2003-2005] Scandalicious Burlesque Show [2004], and Stillpoint Modern Dance [2004-2005]

Currently Laura has spent her time developing eklectronik music project LilA’s MEDiCiNE with laptop artist Bildeaux This year they were also voted #5 for Austin 2005 best electronic/DJ Music Awards. Music and videos are available via the website

Laura has released 2 independent records, but has also recorded on various records and compilations including work for world music artist Govinda [2003], SeedKnowledge Records [2004]
hip-hop DJ Nick Nick [2004] , Gibby Haynes & his Problem [2004], most recently singing for UK producer Gus Till’s upcoming trance record [2005].

Summer 2005 she was again invited to perform a month long residency in Bali, Indonesia, where she performed her unique blend of sultry jazz mixed with original electronic down-tempo blends as a solo one woman show. “Nina Simone meets Boards of Canada” one fan said after seeing a recent show in August 2005.

Currently Laura continues to develop her solo set – infusing beats created in Ableton Live Software mixed with vocal exploration, Nord Electro Rhodes, MicroKorg synthesis, accordion, live effects, and live sampling. “Music Makes it Better” she calls it as she continues forward with new ideas, sounds, grooves, discoveries, and passionate expression. “An eclectic live show not to be missed.” More about Laura at


So They SAY

Written By: Laura Scarborough

so they say that love’s for fools
just a game – with no rules

so I play all the time
in my eyesight I’m still so blind

it’s just a game of love.

show me where and I’ll go
I’ll play clean I want you to know
I want you. that I want you.

so they say we never know
when love comes or why it goes

but I’ll still play
I’ll still play.
the game called love.
let’s play love.


Written By: Laura Scarborough

Silence was a brand new voice
It came with love and not by choice
Quieted the intuition said
don’t listen don’t listen

Silence was a state of grace
It became my favorite place
Conquering the world around me
make it lonely make it lonely


Silence is a place to hide
some people say it’s like a lie
and what you hold becomes quite heavy
as you carry as you carry

Silence is an easy weapon
use it instead of confession
to the one who may abuse it
we choose it – and we use it.


This is for forever after
now is now and now is never
all or less – it’s just the best that
we remember we remember we remember
that we can let go
let go.

Silence is the way I watch you
from afar with or without you
all the thoughts that scream and dream and
keep thinking keep thinking

Silence I say to the voice
don’t go past the better choice
stop you now or live you later –
I know better I know better….

This is called forever after
now is now and now is never
all or less – it’s just the best that
we remember we remember we remember

Into the Light

Written By: Laura Scarborough

In an instant she took the world down
not thinking to look or turn around.
Lost her wit, but not her good face -
Followed her instinct into the crawl space.

Looking forward not right or back -
Inside the tunnel she had an attack.
Invisible she couldn’t breathe but what she did see
was all the things she didn’t want to leave.

Into the Light.

Slipping drifting - no wings to rise
she discovered others with shadowed eyes.
Looking for new ways to strive and hold on
To live life right - to live life strong.

She knew she had created her circumstance -
She knew she was given another chance -
She knew time – could take it or space it -
She knew why it was time to embrace it.

Into the Light.

Just one instant to turn her mind on –
things created thru manifistation.
Even though she carries her past –
she knows she picked herself up before she crashed.

Everyday is a new day for someone
Everyday someone chooses to hold on.
Everyday someone chooses to move on
into what’s right – Into the Light.


Chapter One: Desire (2000)
Laura Scarborough Project (2001)
Lila's MEdiCiNE EP (2005)

Set List

ComBO - SOLo / ELECTRONiK SET ::: typically 1 houR
inTO the LIGHT
No LimIT