Laura Younger

Laura Younger


It’s Contemporary Acoustic Songwriting with an English edge..."The kitten has claws..."


Think KT Tunstall, John Mayer and Amy Winehouse locked in a caravan on a farm in the middle of Suffolk, with just an acoustic guitar and a microphone…What you get is the sound of 18 year old Laura Younger. A country girl with jazz in her soul, soul in her sound and fervour in her fingers. She vamps out the chords on her guitar as her voice weaves “haunting melodies” and she tells it as it is. Her lyrics are often philosophical – admitting her inexperience in love and life and picking apart the ugly social habits of the girls in her local town...

Her performances are passionate and real. “Brimming with the confidence of youth” she thrives in intimate settings where in the candlelight her audience can listen to her stories or playing in the fresh air from an open-sided lorry or in a dark smoky pub full of bikers and goths. Her songs contain “some wonderfully cutting lyrics” and conjure some beautifully artistic imagery that permits you a glimpse of her dark side. A hint at the character of the next album - not quite as sweet as she may first appear - “the kitten has claws”…


WINNER: FLORIDA MUSIC FESTIVAL 2007 - Laura was selected to showcase at this year's FMF. "This year's selection panel made a difficult decision listening from a record-breaking number of submissions from more than 45 states and 10 countries. The committee included music editors, radio personalities, venue booking staff, A&R from two major labels and two indie labels, as well as a few independent promoters and entertainment attorneys, and represented all of the major Florida markets."

BOSTON TOUR: In April this year Laura toured Boston and New York USA with Boston band "Fluttr Effect"


WINNER: CMEAS OCTOBER UK TOUR 2006 - In May 2006 Laura played a support slot for some American bands who were touring her area. Her talent was spotted by the tour manager, founder of The Chicago Music Explosion and she was encouraged to apply for the CME UK tour in October. Apply she did and she was selected (through Sonicbids) from 450 applicants, soloists and full bands alike, from around the world along with Boston punk-rockers Kalvin Koolidge and funk band Big Baby Ernie from New Jersey.

DEBUT ALBUM "NOTE TO SELF" - Laura Younger's debut acoustic album "Note to Self" has received radio airplay around the East of England and some fantastic reviews. ( See Press section )

FUTURE GIGS - Since the tour last October, Laura’s live schedule has blossomed. She has played several theatre, college and festival dates over the summer including gigs at prestigious music venues such as The Barfly in Camden (London), High Barn (Gt Bardfield)- one of the UKs finest Acoustic venues, and The Virgin V Festival in Chelmsford. Admittedly it was only in the Viva a Vida charity Marquee and not on a real stage but still, the V Festival is the V Festival.

There are plans to get out to Australia and play from Sydney to Melbourne for a couple of months over the christmas period in 2008 and hopefully Laura will return to America next year to tour New York/Boston with Fluttr Effect; New Jersey with Big Baby Ernie and also Minneapolis, Minesota with Brother Big Bad. Unfortunately the UK Tour with NYCO set for October '07 has had to be postponed until spring '08. On a fairly spur of the moment decision Laura will be joining Big Baby Ernie for the South Western stretch of their UK Tour this week...

Laura is also looking to tour Europe at some stage so any promoters out there with some useful tips regarding Acoustic venues in Europe, please send us a message!

FUTURE RECORDINGS - Laura's songwriting has gone from strength to strength and her newest material, due to be recorded next year, is a fine example. The songs for this album are more mature and her own individual style has developed along with her maturing voice and guitar work.


City Girls

Written By: Laura Younger

He took a city girl
Into the sunlight
He let her lay there
He said “City girls are lovely
But they burn too bright for me”
Oh! Drink from the vein
And when the circus cradles the lame
Then maybe I will taste this again
But ‘til then no no no no

I want to take you out and
Show you the world through my eyes
I want to take you out and
Show you the world

City girls
They like the high life
They like their neon lights bright
City life is lovely
Honey save some smoke for me
Oh man she’s got a knife
And when she’s choppin’ sugar, suckin’ the dice
She likes to roll out the chocolate spice
Just tell her no no no no

City girls
They like to make a scene
Not the most beauteous of things but
The clouds are lookin’ pretty
In a sky that’s grey and green
Don’t go into the white
Because you can’t leave without a fight
Unless you join with the girls of the night
Oh honey no no no no

I want to take your girlfriend
And tell her what happened Sunday
I want to take your girlfriend
She’s better lookin’ than you anyway

Confessions of an Attention Seeking Slut

Written By: Laura Younger

Harsh words but they needed a mention,
Got me thinkin' about the way I behave and if it's so wrong to crave the attention.

The truth hurts so here's a brief explanation,
Your idea of the truth puts my name in the dirt but honest I'm just a flirt with ambition.

Now I don't like to lie but the sins that I hide and the thrill of deceipt makes it hard to provide a confession,
I've learnt my lesson.

I'm here now to plead the case for my own defence,
I'm held back by my fear I'm too scared to love because I'm too scared to lose independence.

I deny love to try and save me from sorrow, guess I'm scared that maybe you won't feel the same or maybe I won't feel the same tomorrow.

Now I know how I get when I am alone with someone it's no fun, I get bored to the bone with the tension, and the dull conversation

Hearts break so sorry if I seem guarded, I'd be some kind of fool to open my heart leave me set to be hurt and out-smarted

Help me now,
Cos I picked a fight with myself and I lost,
I'm not quite as tough as I thought that I was.

And it hit me as I picked my weaknesses out of the dust,
I don't need attention I wanna feel love not just lust

Oh, this is a confession, I don't need the attention. Just a bit of recognition, is that too much to ask? Is that to much to...ask?

I'm Not Sorry

Written By: Laura Younger

Well the letter of the day came from, Mr "I came on too strong"
Just apologise to me when I see ya, Save your "Querida conejita mia"
I remember waiting on the platform, for an escape from the country air
We talked just for the sake of talking, could you tell I didn't care?

Watching the Feilds flash in the akward silence,
Become council estates in the rain, oh oh, yeah

And I'm not sorry that this love was a lie,
No I'm not sorry I'm laughing inside,
Oh I'm not sorry cos I had fun,
It was such a great day it's a shame,
that you're so dull...

So I followed you in London as we made our way to Camden,
Pointed out the eye-sores on the chance I'd missed 'em and held me in the swarm of the underground system.
And I said "What a lovely day" the rain came crying on my face and we took shelter in the market hall and we kissed on the balcony above the stalls.

Your hands found my waist, held me close in this land of cheap souvenirs and Thai cuisine,
Oh oh, yeah


Into the Thames I saw the sky cry and you saw my stubborn side for the first time.
We kissed on the bridge and again by the river, there were shops that sold fire toys and Clash memorobilia.

Got home to your message but I didn't reply cos I was already out on the town,
Oh oh, yeah



Debut Acoustic Album: "Note to Self" 2006 Troll Records (independent label - now Red Scorpion Music)

City Girls
Note to Self
What If?
Best Friend
Faded Dream
Maybe Never

All the songs are original words and music, copyright Laura Younger. The album is available for £10 at gigs and through Paypal and various other online stores see for details.

Set List

Laura currently performs solo and acoustic, just her and her guitar. Her set comprises mostly of self-penned originals but can include covers. Laura can play sets of up to 2 hours.

Recent set-lists have included:
I'm Not Sorry
Get Off My Back
City Girls
What If
Maybe Never
Righteous Creep
Best Friend
Jane's Song
This Girl
Faded Dream
Note to Self
Ironic - Alanis Morissette
You were meant for me - Jewel
Summer Breeze - Jason Mraz version
Put Your Records on - Corrinne Bailey-Rae
Son of a Preacher Man - Dusty Springfield