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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Laurelle & Alexander – Life Underwater"

Laurelle & Alexander are the kids who met in the mountains in Whistler, BC Canada. If you listen to their otherworldly blend of dream pop, indie, folk, and electronica, you can believe it. The title track from their debut EP, Life Underwater, is super magical and out now for free via Boom Ting Recordings. It’ll make you want to run through forests in slow motion, to party by shimmering waterfalls (also in slow motion), and to run away and travel the world. Also worth checking out is an equally dreamy remix of the track by Demure. Get to know these guys, they’re the best! - Francesca Dunn

"Moon Kids (Etherwood Remix) - Laurelle & Alexander"

From their debut EP, "Life Underwater" I introduce a remix of "Moon Kids" done by Vancouver duo, Laurelle & Alexander and remix by Etherwood. Bandmates Laurelle & Alexander throw themselves into the "dream" genre which is perfect us up all nighters. There music takes your mind out of body with Laurelle's soft spoken vocals and Alexander's majestic touch to the keyboard. I most definitely will have them singing me to my dreams tonight. - UpAllNight

"Vancouver's Hippies Laurelle & Alexander Release Debut EP"

The Canadian duo Laurelle & Alexander - who tag themselves 'hippies with computers' - have been quietly creating a lush wealth of dream pop and which they have just announced the release of. As a result of their achieving 500 likes on Facebook, their debut EP 'Life Underwater' is now being made available for free download, released on November 30 thru Boom Ting Recordings.

There's a fresh breeze of the (Whistler) mountain air (where the pair first met) about their work, that encompasses pop electronica, and layers of synth interwoven with Laurelle's silvery toned vocals, to create an ambient dream palette.

The EP also features a collaboration with producer and Lana Del Rey official remixer Etherwood, who has remixed 'Moon Kids' here. Standout track comes last, 'Lost Stardust'. - Linn Branson


Laurelle & Alexander are a beautiful new dream-pop due from Vancouver, Canada. Unsurprisingly, the duo consists of... yup, you've guessed it; Laurelle and Alexander! They are signed to Boom Ting Recordings, a relatively new label founded in 2010 by the legend that is Jakwob (AKA James Jacob).

The pair have described themselves as 'hippies with computers' which would’ve been an awesome name in its own right! They've been slowly but surely building a nice back catalogue of dreamy pop music and have just dropped their debut EP 'Life Underwater', released on 28th November 2012. This is a completely free release in response to hitting 500 likes on Facebook so get it while you can. The EP consists of five stunning original tracks and three remixes and will leave you floating somewhere above the multiverse with very little to tether you to the real world!

One of our favourite new acts, this is a hidden gem to say the least but probably won't be for long so check them out now and share in the free love and good vibes man!!


"Laurelle & Alexander - Moon Kids"

Lush dream pop sounds from Vancouver boy/girl duo Laurelle & Alexander. Even though the sound has nothing to do with ”hippies with computers”, their debut EP is full of layered multi-color electropop songs and delicate pop vibrations to make your body shivering. Just like the downtempo grooves of Moon Kids where you can feel the soulful touch in Laurelle’s vocals tingling your palate…. - Sound Injections


Life Underwater EP - (Boom Ting Records)

1. Life Underwater
2. Life Underwater (Demure Remix)
3. DreamWave
4. Moon Kids
5. Moon Kids (Etherwood Remix)
6. Find A Way
7. Find A Way VIP
8. Lost Stardust

Way Back When - Single package

1. Way Back When
2. Pale Blue Trees
3. Neverland



Laurelle & Alexander are the kids who met in the mountains in Whistler, BC Canada. If you listen to their otherworldly blend of dream pop, indie, folk, and electronica, you can believe it. Their tasty debut EP, 'Life Underwater', features all this, plus a collaboration from fellow Boom Tinger, Etherwood.