Laurelle & Alexander

Laurelle & Alexander


Hippies with computers.


Laurelle & Alexander are the kids who met in the mountains in Whistler, BC Canada. If you listen to their otherworldly blend of dream pop, indie, folk, and electronica, you can believe it. Their tasty debut EP, 'Life Underwater', features all this, plus a collaboration from fellow Boom Tinger, Etherwood.


Life Underwater EP - (Boom Ting Records)

1. Life Underwater
2. Life Underwater (Demure Remix)
3. DreamWave
4. Moon Kids
5. Moon Kids (Etherwood Remix)
6. Find A Way
7. Find A Way VIP
8. Lost Stardust

Way Back When - Single package

1. Way Back When
2. Pale Blue Trees
3. Neverland

Set List

Climbing Trees
Jetspeed Nebular Nectar
Way Back When
Life Underwater
Find A Way
Not Lost in Time
Moon Kids