Laurel Lee and the Escapees

Laurel Lee and the Escapees

 Asheville, North Carolina, USA

A sonic honkytonk blast of original "instant classics", songwriter Laurel Lee and her dedicated Escapees knock out all the old boys.


Laurel Lee has your best Americana Honkytonk interests at heart. Handwritten and forged with sentimentality and sincerity, she has contributed to the Americana songbook with her years of dedication to the listeners.  She is known for her witty, wry, and touching lyrics that alternately expose the most precious secrets of one’s heart and hide those injuries behind a hardened Pioneer ethic.  She delivers these stories in a high lonesome or in unapologetic, strident, eyeball jab.

Laurel Lee and the band are currently recording her fourth original recording.

Live video of the full band: (Live “Why Don’t We Don’t Get Married”) (Live “Sorrow”) (Live “Rub It Out”)

Video for "Sorrow" 

Discography: Full length, all songs written by Laurel Lee

     Eastward Pioneer
     Why Don’t We Don’t Get Married

Laurel Lee and the Escapees have shared the stage and evenings with a wide variety of artists, including:

Wanda Jackson

Junior Brown

Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell

Mavis Staples

Southern Culture on the Skids

Daniel Romano

Sonia Leigh

This Frontier Needs Heroes

Ryan Bingham and the Dead Horses 

Unknown Hinson 

Gram Parsons Tribute and Guitar Pull, 2015, 2016

“On the Road” was featured on NPR’s popular program “Car Talk”, June 3, 2006, show #200622 

Our band:

Laurel Lee, songwriter, guitar, vocalist

Matt Daniels, guitar

R. Scott Murray, pedal steel guitar

John Dickie IV, multi-instrumentalist

Claude Coleman, drums



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Written By: Laurel Lee Welch

written by Laurel Lee Welch

I think your heart’s got a little rock in it
And if you don’t mind me saying it it keeps you from rolling with it
Now I’m sittin’ here kinda stupidly
Waiting for a rock to grow into a tree
Oh, I think your heart’s got a little rock in it

The old lady said, “Girl, I think you need some glasses.
Is this the kind of measure of a man now that passes?
Ever since you gave your heart away
Your black hair has turned to grey.”
The old lady said, “Girl, I think you need some glasses.”

Oooo, Sorrow
Oooo, Sorrow

Tomorrow I’m gonna drink until I drown
My body’ll float down river ‘till it can’t be found
I can’t wait until I can be free
There’s fewer complications out there in the see
Oh, tomorrow, I’m gonna drink until I drown

The Devil’ll say, “What the Hell have you done?
What kind of idiot loses what can’t be won?”
And I’ll say, “Hush, I would do it twice,
I had a couple minutes there in Paradise.”
Oh, the Devil’ll say, “What the Hell have you done?”

Oooo, Sorrow
Oooo, Sorrow


Full Length:

Why Don't We Don't Get Married
Eastward Pioneer

Set List

Our set is made of roughly 80% originals and 20% classic country covers.