Laurel Premo

Laurel Premo


Laurel Premo shares a music full of life that draws from Appalachian, Celtic, Contemporary folk, Cajun, Bluegrass, and Scandinavian roots. From haunting old ballads to feverish instrumental compositions, her music is made for all ears.


Laurel has been a part of the folk ensemble White Water since age six. They travel around the Midwest, performing about 70 times a year for private concerts and public festivals. White Water has performed at such venues as The Ark in Ann Arbor Michigan, and the Kaustinen Folk Music Festival in Kaustinen Finland.

Drawing inspiration from those roots, she also now performs as a solo artist. Laurel composes instrumental music for many of her instruments, as well as writes songs with lyrics that reflect an open and true view of the world.

Laurel studies in Ann Arbor in the Performing Arts Technology Department of the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre, and Dance. In this program, she is working in composition and recording with digital audio, and also studies art.


Laurel's musicianship is featured on several of White Water's recordings:
Steep Side of the Hill, 2005
Family Album, 2002
White Water Live!, 2001
First Snow, 2000
Four in Accord, 1998
All Strings Attached, 1995