Laurel Wiley

Laurel Wiley

 Portland, Maine, USA

Haunting, personal themes of love and loss carefully woven within lasting melodies.It has a celtic sound with an ethereal edge. You can go to itunes to purchase music or cd baby. All proceeds go to children`s cancer organizations.


The music of singer/songwriter/guitarist Laurel Wiley garners it's strength and charm from a perspective that is distinctly feminine, yet at the same time draws on the universal truths of love and loss. From introspective themes carefully woven within lasting melodies, she evokes an ethereal sense with an ironic and sometimes haunting twist. Nancy Wilson of Heart supplements this timeless music with her renowned guitar driven sounds and delicate harmonies.

Wilson's production talents draw enticing colors of sound within the overall musical texture of Wiley's musicthrough integral use of the concert pedal harp and electric cello, along with a seasoning of non-traditional instrumentation. This CD is available through Chameleon music at

Wiley also has over 20 years experience as an actress. Her experiences as an actress include many roles alongside some of Hollywood`s biggest names.
She has played Al Pacino`s younger wife in "Ocean`s Thirteen",Tom Cruises doctor in "Vanilla Sky",and recently was the lead across from Tom Arnold in "Just Sue Me" that will be released soon. Some of her television roles include"The New Dark Shadows" and "The Young and the Restless".

Wiley is known mostly for her dramatic talents in film, but has a strong comedic side also. She has worked with Tom Cruise, Al Pacino,Micheal York, Micheal Madsen,Elizabeth Hurley, Heart, Ben Cross,Morgon Fairchild, Oliver Stone, Cameron Crowe, Steven Soderburgh, Christopher Walken,and many more.

A singer-songwriter, musician, as well as an actress, the sum total of this rare combination results in an other-worldly, yet truly fresh blend of music from an enticing young artist - Laurel Wiley.


self titled EP, 'Laurel Wiley'. Produced by Nancy Wilson of Heart.

Set List

My Kingdom, There Goes My Heart, Life After Life, Sacrifice, Goddess, Atom`s Eve, Endless, Fallen Off Your World, Letting Go.