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Lauren Flaherty

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Rock Singer/Songwriter




"Performer Magazine Studio Diary"

I began 2011 snowed in with Imogen Heap. Well, not really. It’s more accurate to say I started the year hiding from the back-to-back snowstorms clobbering Boston since Boxing Day. Like any good New Englander, I grabbed some Bailey’s, then curled up to watch “Everything In-Between: The Story of Ellipse” a documentary detailing Heap’s latest album. Scenes of Heap recording independently in her remodelled childhood playroom inspired me to attempt my own home recording. If it worked, I would have a new EP in my hands made on a shoe-string budget. If it failed, I’d at least stave off Winter Madness for a week or two.

I hadn’t meant to record most of the album on my own. I’d actually led a successful day of recording basics (drums and bass played by Fabio Pirozzolo and Jason Prokorym) at New Alliance in November. While I loved the live drum sound we achieved, I was restricted by my tight budget (and desire to stay indoors). I was also concerned about playing the bulk of the guitar parts on my own for the first time. I wanted to be patient with them, not worrying about the clock or feeling self-conscious about anyone hearing a bad take.

Since I wasn’t sure how things would work out, I kept my investment in gear to a minimum: I purchased a M-Audio Fast-Track and used it to record my Fender Strat through my Pod. It felt pretty strange to spend my nights watching adolescents give YouTube tutorials about Garageband, but fortunately the FBI did not seem concerned.

After about 40 hours of tracking over a few weeks, I began experimenting with vocals by recording on the same mic I use for live shows, a Sure Beta 58. Despite not being an engineer or having an expensive microphone, I was surprised to discover the vocals came out well. Not having to travel and being able to chose what days to sing or not sing based on how my voice felt (a major perk during cold and flu season) made a huge difference. It was also liberating to do my own edits since I know my vocal abilities and limitations better than anyone.

The extra time I spent began to pay off as the vocals grew to have an electronic flavor, spicing up the energetic rock basics. I found myself taking new risks, letting things marinate and not being afraid to go back to the drawing board. As the weeks went on, recording at home became not only productive, but an exciting way to spend winter weekends.

I continued to embrace new technologies and telecommuted what I couldn’t do on my own. I downloaded Greg Massi’s guitar solo through Sendspace. I asked Facebook friends to suggest songs for inspiration when I was stumped. I tweeted about misadventures in my home studio and received encouragement. I even made mixing decisions over email.

My new EP, tentatively scheduled for a summer release, is entering the mixing phase. I am excited about the increased post-production budget I can now afford. I can’t wait to share the results online and at shows. I know the challenges of stepping up as a guitarist, engineer and producer have been worth it because of two things: I don’t feel burned out and the early mixes RAWK. - Performer Magazine

"4 Star Review in England!"

"Boston's Lauren Flaherty veers more toward rock music on her powerful debut WHAT MAKES AN ANGEL (4 STARS). A florid vocalist she burns rubber on the driving "Show To Me", slows everything down nicely for the gorgeous piano ballad "Slowly", a performance that won critical acclaim from Billboard Magazine, then turns to modern folk with a live acoustic version of the title song. A neat album that's well worth seeking out." - Maverick Magazine

""Local Singer-Songwriter Gets Boston Rocking""

On May 7th, there was a release party for her latest CD, You Don't Know Me, at Felt Boston. Flaherty's appeal was on full display. Throughout the set, her enthusiasm was infectious. But, what was particularly remarkable was her desire to engage the audience and invite the members to share her passion.

As her profile continues to rise in the music industry, this talented local intends to keep a level head. ... Building a career upon such a solid foundation, Lauren Flaherty will undoubtedly keep Boston rocking for some time to come. - Rachel Miselman for Boston Page One Examiner

"BMI March Line-up for Songwriters-In-Residence"

"Boston's Lauren Flaherty takes the stage March 20 to show New York audiences just what Beantown's music scene is discovering. This Berklee School of Music grad has an intricate yet involving songwriting style that is winning her fans and followers." -

"Good Music At A Great Price At Felt"

It's not every night you get to listen to a night of great music for just a $5 cover. But this Thursday is special.

That's when Felt True Music Thursdays will host an exciting night of female-fronted bands. This one-night-only concert features three eclectic hours of rock, pop and jazz from local bands Fugitive Kind (who will be celebrating the release of their album Give In), the Maria McNeil Group and the Lauren Flaherty Band... - John Black for Boston Now

"Angel On High"

"Boston Native Lauren Flaherty is influenced by a range of female musicians, from Rock divas such as Shirley Manson and Hole's Courtney Love to melodic piano peddlers such as Tori Amos. Flaherty's first album, "What Makes An Angel", shows this range with a mix of guitar-driven songs and slow tracks, including the single "Slowly" and the sultry rock song "Some Man's Girl"... Tonight Flaherty celebrates her CD release with a free performance at the Virgin Megastore"- Boston Globe Sidekick (cover) - Boston Globe

""Flaherty’s Vocals Are As Cool As Ever""

"I’ve reviewed a previous record by Lauren Flaherty, since then she seems to have toughened up and it suits her. Opener Closer Than Close roars with rock’n’roll energy and the vocal soars like a banshee wailing... Flaherty’s vocals are as cool as ever. Just Rain is softer, Flaherty proving as good at a ballad as she is at rockin’ out. Her silky voice caresses the sad words with real feeling. It could be a radio hit with the right support. The album holds together well and Flaherty seems to have a bright future ahead." - Swedish Journalist Anna Maria Stjärnell:

"Top 5 CDs of the Month"

"... Singer-songwriter Lauren Flaherty wails supreme on her new CD, You Don't Know Me. She's a beautiful looking gal with a powerful rock & roll voice who displays a penchant for turning her day-to-day observations and life experiences into memorable songs. Filled with catchy hooks and mesmerizing riffs, Flaherty is equally at home singing a power ballad as she is tearing it up on a full-throttle rocker. Her lush, muti-layered vocal arrangements give the songs muscle and mass, making for a huge, arena-rock style delivery. Give Lauren's songs, "Shoes", "Ghost Town" (inspired by Beantown's famed Kenmore Square) and "Someone Else" a healthy spin and see if you don't agree that Flaherty is a feminine tour de force to be reckoned with. Good stuff!" - Douglas Sloan for Metronome Magazine

"Scottish Podcast!"

"Lovely, powerful female vocals" - DJ Ewan Spence

""There aren't many voices out there with the power of Lauren Flaherty""

"Think of her as an updated Pat Benatar, a voice of incredible range that likely could have done opera. Instead, Flaherty turns her attention to rock, adding a much-missed level of sophistication above the ever-rocking backbeat." - Tom Kidd of Music Connection Magazine


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