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Reseda, California, United States

Reseda, California, United States
Band Americana Folk


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"Secret Heart Review"

"Secret Heart" - Lauren Adams - Review

Lauren Adams has A CD here that is infectious, the lyrics and sweet melodies along with some sweet slide work make you want to keep listening, a very well done recording. The opening track "Poor to Carry It" really is stoked with emotion, this slide just cuts to my heart, love the texture of her music. Produced by Nick Newell Kirgo, there are a lot of musicians from the LA scene on the disc.

"Evangeline" is a very good ballad with an edge. Lauren's vocals have a slight rasp which work well with these earthy Americana songs. This production has a quality about it that is realistic and not pro tooled. What I mean is what is there is there, Life is like that, it is real, I looked at a Blu Ray disc pic on a demo TV screen once and said to myself, this is too good to be real, it was beyond reality, Lauren has music like Alison Moorer that has an edge of reality to it. Another name that comes to mind is Kathleen Edwards, the Canadian alt/country gal.

"Smart Girl" is another outstanding song. These lyrics are about the tough realities of life, there are times that you need music that tells like it is. "Fear of Failing, Fear of Doing Too Well" , this song really is cerebral. " She was a smart girl, but she had it all wrong"
Real nice guitar with some tremolo on it.

"Everybody Else" is a song about the other people in life, some real nice harmonica and changing mid tempo rhythms. Real nice interaction with band members. Lots of influences in her music, country, folk, rock ,a lot like Lucinda Williams style. Or another gal from out that way, Lisa Okane.

"Thirsty" has a more acoustic sound, her vocals are more pure on this folksy ,alt/country song. Wow, what lyrics!!! That slide player is excellent, he plays with such emotion, such great tone and sustain. She goes up a bit in the middle of the song, (this is good). Oh, I'm just grooving, the music is so good on it's own, the instrument tones are awesome. "Can you pour yourself in, seep under my skin"
I'm not familiar with these guitar players, but they sure are beyond good. This song has a special intimacy about it.

"Secret Heart" , the title track has a bit more of a rock sound to it. . This song was written for an independent film. More background vocals on this song. The guitars take on another sound this track, lots of sustain on the fills. Nice organ parts on the song. Lauren tours in the Us and Europe promoting her music. This is a disc to check out.
- Country Stars Online - Jim Moulton

"Review January 2008"

"One listen and I was hooked. Superb, intelligent,
thought-provoking songs. Real songs for real people
wrapped in melodies that, promise to capture, inspire
and pull the listener in again and again. Songwriters
of Lauren Adams' level are few and far between.
"Secret Heart" not only begs to be heard, it deserves

Laurie Joulie
Take Country Back Magazine

- Take Country Back Magazine

"Lauren Adams' "Here Tonight" Review"

"...Adams roams the continent musically. You'll find her exploring the well-worn American inland where folk, blues and gospel predominate.....Adams aptly describes the gorgeous, dobro-laced El Milagro as a "rollin', drivin" song....a husky voice admits to disappointment but tough guitar strokes and bright piano convey the strength to survive." -Sean Piccoli - Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel - The Ft. Lauderdale News

"Singer follows her dream to big screen"

Sun, Jul. 09, 2006 Singer follows her dream to big screen From humble beginnings at Nova High, a local musician found her way to the Southern California music scene and the silver screen.BY JULIE LEVIN Special to The Miami Herald - Even as a child growing up in Plantation, Lauren Adams knew she wanted to make music for others. For the first time, moviegoing audiences everywhere are getting a chance to hear Adams sing. Her song, Thirsty, is on the soundtrack of a new movie starring Nick Nolte, Peaceful Warrior. The film was released by LionÕs Gate June 2. ÒItÕs not just white noise in the background. You can definitely hear it,Ó said Adams, who now lives in Southern California. ÒI was thrilled.Ó The movie is the first real national exposure for the singer/songwriter, who has maintained a lifelong devotion to music and performing. From her early days at Nova High School learning the clarinet, Adams has been a mainstay in the Los Angeles songwriting community for nearly 25 years. She produces and hosts The Americana Music Circle, a live monthly show at KulakÕs Woodshed in Hollywood, Calif., that features both local and touring acts. She also produces the Spud Film and Music Festival and is managing director of the Performing SongwriterÕs Boot Camp in Driggs, Idaho, every summer. Then there is her own music, categorized as ÒAmericana,Ó which Adams says is a fusion of country, folk, rock and blues. She released her debut CD, Here Tonight, in 1999. Her follow-up, Thirsty, came in 2001. It includes a song called Sunshine State, a tribute to South Florida. She writes about the Everglades, South Beach, walking on the beach and eating local delicacies.ÒItÕs a remembrance of growing up there in the Ô70s,Ó said Adams, who returns to South Florida several times a year to visit family and friends. Her mother still lives in Plantation, in the house where Lauren grew up. Born at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Adams graduated from Nova High in 1973. ÒThere was lots of great fishing and stuff to do as a kid. It was beautiful,Ó she said. A marriage and a desire to pursue her music career led her to Los Angeles. ÒI wanted to be out here where it was happening,Ó she said. Her music came close to landing on several other soundtracks but always ended up on the cutting room floor in the end. Through a friend who is a film editor, director Victor Salva heard Thirsty and found a place for it in the film. The song, which she co-wrote with Matthew Mars and actor Richard Masur, plays on a jukebox during a quiet bar scene. ÒI have no idea what they even said in the scene,Ó Adams said, laughing. ÒI was only listening to the song.Ó Despite her brush with Hollywood, Adams says her career has never been about commercial success but making the music she loves. She is in the process of finishing her latest, still untitled CD, which she hopes to take on the road. ÒI get to play and people enjoy it and they buy my CDs, so thatÕs really all I need for reinforcement,Ó she said. For information and to hear AdamsÕ music, visit - Miami Herald

"Press Release-Secret Heart"


Los Angeles, CA: Independent singer-songwriter Lauren Adams will host a pre-release party for her latest CD “Secret Heart”. The no cover event will be on October 13, 2007 at Molly Malone’s Pub in Los Angeles, running from 7:30-9:00PM PST. Lauren has been a vital part of the L.A. music scene, currently produces and hosts the monthly show, The Americana Music Circle, held at Kulak’s Woodshed in Los Angeles, CA and chose to release her latest album, “Secret Heart” in her hometown before it will be distributed worldwide. She chose to hold this special party in honor of the loyal fans who pre-ordered “Secret Heart” to help finance production and manufacturing costs for the CD. Adams has found the generosity and unwavering support of her fans staggering, and wants to express her heartfelt gratitude at this celebration. Come out for this talent packed show!

“Secret Heart” is already garnering much attention from the music industry. With the stellar musicianship on the CD, it's no secret as to why. Produced by guitar veteran Nick Newell Kirgo, the album is a virtual who’s who of the L.A. music scene. Kirgo and Adams provide extraordinary guitar work along with the likes of David Sutton (Lucinda Williams, Tracy Chapman) laying down bass, Gary Mallaber (Steve Miller Band, Eddie Money, Van Morrison, Bruce Springsteen) manning the drums, John “JT” Thomas (Bruce Hornsby) rounding things out on keyboards, and Jesse Valenzuela (Gin Blossoms) on harmonica.

“You'll find her exploring the well-worn American inland where folk, blues and gospel predominate . . . a husky voice admits to disappointment, but tough guitar strokes and bright piano convey the strength to survive.” -Sean Piccoli, Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel

Lauren Adams just received two honorable mentions at this year’s International Songwriting Competition for both “Thirsty” and “Secret Heart”. “Thirsty” was also recently featured in the Lion's Gate movie, Peaceful Warrior, starring Nick Nolte. The "Secret Heart" track was written exclusively for an improvised film in the works, The Canvas. Adams is actively involved in raising money for local charitable organizations including, Children of the Night (rescues runaway teens in Hollywood) and Hep C Aware (Hepatitis C awareness group), and benefits for fellow musicians in need of health care just to name a few.

On October 6th, tune in at 8:00AM PST to hear Lauren on KCSN-88.5FM in L.A. during Larry Wine’s “Tied to the Tracks” radio show. The show will also stream live on their website at:

Her U.S. & European tours are scheduled for early 2008 to coincide with the official release of the new album, “Secret Heart”.

Advance copies of the Lauren Adams CD, “Secret Heart” will soon be available for purchase at CD Baby, iTunes, Yahoo Music, Best Buy, Rhapsody, MSN Music, and DigStation.


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1999- "Here Tonight"

2001 "Thirsty

2008- Secret Heart a new CD featuring "Secret Heart" - (Honorary Mention -International Songwriting Competition 2007) for the film "The Canvas" and "Thirsty" from the film "Peaceful Warrior" Starring Nick Nolte-(Honorary Mention -International Songwriting Competition 2007)
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Los Angeles has more than its share of stars, but every once in a while, one outside of the famed inner circle shines above the hoopla. On L.A.s indie music scene, Lauren Adams has developed a reputation for giving her heart and soul to her music. Adams music is a fusion of rock, folk, country, and blues, which is better known as Roots or Americana. Her sound is undeniably unique, but others have dubbed Lauren as Lucinda Williams meets The Eagles. She has combined her dedication to keeping things real and her spirit of giving back to others in all of her efforts. By doing so, Adams became one of the most widely respected singer-songwriters in California.

This genuine artist has been a vital part of the L.A. music scene, and continues to do her part in giving back to her community. As host of the long running Americana Music Circle (Kulaks Woodshed, Hollywood), she has shared the stage with some of the greatest talent from every corner of the globe. Shes showcased at high profile events like SxSW (Austin, TX) and the Los Angeles Womens Music Festival. More importantly, Lauren has been actively involved with local charitable events, including Hep C Aware (Hepatitis C awareness group), the House of Hope (shelter for women & families), Children of the Night (rescues runaway teens in Hollywood), along with benefit shows for musicians in need of health care.

Laurens own life experiences have shaped this generosity. This Florida native caught the music bug when she was little, which prompted her to attend the Berklee College of Music in MA, before moving out to California. Adams, like most folks, learned far more from the school of hard knocks, but the experiences have left her with a sense of gratitude. She truly appreciates any of the successes or accolades she receives, in being able to live out her dreams by doing what she loves: writing and performing music.

Adams has previously released two albums, Here Tonight and Thirsty. Lauren nabbed national exposure with Thirsty when it was selected for the Lions Gate film, Peaceful Warrior starring Nick Nolte. The track also received Honorable Mention at the International Songwriting Competition. Laurens latest album, Secret Heart, is already garnering similar attention. The title track Secret Heart has received Honorable Mention at the 2007 International Songwriting Competition, and was written exclusively for an improvised film in the works, The Canvas.

With the stellar musicianship on the CD, and production by guitar veteran Nick Newell Kirgo (David Lynch, Julee Cruise, Nels Cline, Vonda Shepard), the album is a virtual whos who of the L.A. music scene. Kirgo and Adams provide extraordinary guitar work along with the likes of David Sutton (Lucinda Williams, Tracy Chapman) laying down bass, Gary Mallaber (Steve Miller Band, Eddie Money, Van Morrison, Bruce Springsteen) and Lynn Skins Coulter manning the drums, John JT Thomas (Bruce Hornsby) rounding things out on keyboards, and Jessie Valenzua (Gin Blossoms) smokin on harmonica.

Lauren will tour the U.S. and Europe to promote her new CD, Secret Heart, and will continue to give audiences what theyve come to expect from her: real, honest, vivacious, soulful, and thought provoking music performed from the heart.

In L.A.s indie music scene, there are many stars fighting for attention, but after seeing her, theres really no secret as to why Lauren Adams shines above the rest.

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