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"Laurens Press Reviews"

Van Zandt County Line magazine.
December 2005

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Might be a little early for all that but I guess it all depends on what time of the month you find this magazine on the newsstand doesn’t it. At any rate, Happy Holidays!!

Now, down to business.

I often have that honor and privilege of hearing new music before anyone else does. Besides making me feel important, it puts me on the ground floor of what, in some cases, could be something great.

Such was the case when I was approached by Mike Alexander to listen to the freshly mixed album project his daughter Lauren Alexander had been working on for months. The wear and tear of months of studio work was showing on his face as he handed me an unlabeled CD that was still warm from being fresh out of the CD burner. He told me that the studio had just finished 53 hours of mixing.

FIFTY-THREE HOURS!!??? Holy cow!

If anybody can stare at a recording console that long, they deserve the opinion of a radio programmer. We popped the CD in and the music started flowing.

I had heard Lauren Alexander before. I had been there when on a talent show she got up and won a battle with shyness to timidly perform “Cowboy’s Sweetheart” at the tender age of 10 years old. I was there two years later when she WON a singing contest belting out that some song.

What stood out to me was how determined he father, Mike, was to make this dream happen. But, like with all young teen stars, I was curious. Was it her dream…or his? I had the opportunity to speak to Lauren alone just before she went on stage at that singing contest she won. “Is this what you really want for your life…to be a singer?” I asked. And with sincere conviction she told me that it was and that she enjoyed it thoroughly. This was definitely HER dream!

That was proven when a few months later I had Mike sitting in my office as we listened to her new CD. Lauren wrote two of the songs on the album, herself. “Lil’ Sis” is a song about her friendship with her little sister, Jessica. Lauren’s other writer contribution is “Goodbye”, which is a soulful well-produced epic, which stands out among all the other cuts on the CD as the one she probably “felt” the most. Hearing the masterful writing of this young girl makes me curious as to what the song was about.

Other highlights include Lauren’s take on Miranda Lambert’s “What In The World” and two surefire hits, “You Love Me” and “Fairy Tale”. Stations playing Texas Music will likely spin the leavin’ song “Run From Your Memory”.

Lauren and her writers and producers at Rosewood Studios and Salt Creek Records have put out something that far surpasses anything that any other local artist ever produced at this stage in their career. Rosewood is that same studio Leann Rhimes still uses for all her Curb Records releases and Gary Leach is one of the top writers and producers in the area. This album has the same or better production quality as anything you’ll get out of Nashville these days, and it is done while remembering that this is COUNTRY music and this is a young COUNTRY girl performing these songs. The songs were masterfully chosen. None of them are about subjects beyond Lauren’s experience in life and they are all within her vocal capability. In other words, she is not trying to show off her pipes with a tired rendition of “With A Broken Wing” like so many young female artists feel the need to do.

Lauren is well aware of her age and her experience, but the powers-that-be at Salt Creek Records haven’t used the worn out “She’s Only Thirteen” gimmick that we heard SO much in the years following Leann Rhimes rise to stardom. They wisely put good music out by a girl who just happens to be only thirteen.

I’ve said it before and I will beg you again to support independent Texas Music and get a copy of Lauren’s CD. This girl is going places very fast. Besides, if you just want something really good to listen to, this album will take up a space in your CD changer for quite a while. Get Lauren’s product and read all about her at

Country Roads Bob Mauldin


Texas Music Fest January 16, 2005

12 year old Lauren Alexander has already spent half her life on the stage. Hailing from Bullard, Texas Lauren began singing at the age of 6 and has since logged hundreds of performances , Between performances, Lauren attends school and works on her guitar and songwriting skills. This in one to watch as she takes the Texas Music scene by storm.


Ennis Daily News, Friday January 14 2005

Red Moon hosts Lauren Alexander

Lauren Alexander has already spent half her life on stage. she began singing at age 6 and hasn't stopped since . In 2004 Lauren logged more than 100 performances an impressive total for a twelve year old girl from Bullard. But once listeners here her voice, the understand why this girl is in high demand. Ennis residents will have a chance to chec - Various as Listed


*Alexander's self titled CD was released in early 2006, and is already gathering rave reviews.
her second cd due out fall 2007



Singing publicly since 6 years old, Lauren Alexander has spent more than half of her life on stage! A promising guitarist and songwriter, she has performed at over 200 venues in just 2 years. This driven young lady has also been featured on ABC, CBS and NBC.

Lauren said, “There are so many artists these days who make a record and hope it gets heard. I believe that you have to take your music to the people.” She has had a full time band since the age of 11, and has played hundreds of venues.

Lauren's single "Good Bye You" spent 14 weeks on the Texas Music Chart & her second single "Five Miles Outa Austin" is currently climbing the charts

Besides opening for Pat Green, Lauren has shared the stage with many other talented Texas artists: Dan Seals, Asleep at the Wheel, Tommy Alverson, Morrison-Williams, Ed Burleson, and Deryl Dodd, just to name a few.