Lauren Barrett

Lauren Barrett


A soulful acoustic sound somewhere between Colbie Caillat, Michelle Branch, and Nora Jones.


Influenced by her father’s vocal capabilities and piano playing, at a young age Lauren Barrett, was exposed to great sounds. As a pre-teen she sang with the group “The Prescriptions” in live venues across greater New Orleans, her beloved hometown. During her time at University of Texas, Lauren began to play three to four nights a week at clubs in the Austin area. She had quite a following when she graduated and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career in 2003.

Things popped for Lauren when she won the Clear Channel/Epic Records contest with her soulful, soothing voice and pertinent and personal lyrics. This multi talented musician launched herself into the world of entertainment by teaming up with Mike Malinin of the Goo Goo Dolls and applied her contest earnings to the production of a few of her own tracks. Afterward she submitted the new music to the VO5 contest sponsors and was chosen to be a participant. When national vote totals were in once she came out on top! Opportunity to appear on full page spreads of Allure, Glamour, Teen, Vogue, Self, Jane and Lucky magazines instantly came her way as well as as being cast in Christopher Reeves last directorial film, The Brooke Ellison Story. Marshall Altman (Marc Broussard, Warren Barfield, Matt Nathanson, Zebrahead) joined in the excitement of this glowing new talent and has recently helped her record her new self titled L.P.

Lauren most recently has come off of a 10 day tour with the Friends of New Orleans, sharing the stage with the Randy Newman, Irma Thomas, and Anders Osborne, in Denver and Minneapolis during the National Conventions.


When It Comes to You

Written By: Lauren Barrett, Steven Fisher

Verse 1:

I’ve always been predictable, l calculate and plan my everyday
My eyes are always on the road two hands on the wheel and a foot on the brake
But my head shuts down
I’m unstable
I can’t be held responsible
I lose all control


When it comes to you I stop thinking I let go and
Fall into a different side of me I only find
With you I try to hold myself together, but it’s just no use
When it comes to you

Verse 2:

My eye was always on the prize, but the simple things in life were harder to see
I wasn’t one for compromise, but give and take with you comes naturally
For the first time
I feel complete
There’s nowhere else I’d rather be, any fool can see


Those other days are over
Can’t fight it any longer
I’m changed for good,
A new point of view

Double chorus

He's Everything

Written By: Lauren Barrett, Steven Fisher

I remember I was six, he was seven and we met in the summertime
I would sit on my front porch waiting as the sun began to rise
He’d show up, two gloves in hand, and a smile that spread for miles
And I’d race him to the field, laughing the whole time

Eight years later our bodies started changing but we stayed the best of friends
He’d bring my homework and soup from his ma when I was lying sick in bed
And when my heart was cheated on
He kissed my cheek, took me to prom
Next month we left for college
Guess he was moving on

He’s everything I thought I ever wanted and needed
But loving him just never crossed my mind

Now that he’s gone, I’m finally seeing that I’ve been so blind
He’s everything I’ve wanted all this time

Twenty two, both home from college, sitting on my porch again
He said he got an offer in Chicago and he planned on taking it
He dropped to his knee, and took my hand and asked me if I’d marry him
But I just wasn’t ready
Would I be losing my best friend


Ten years, two kids later raising them all alone
On the playground, he’s walking on over, with two kids of his own
He says he’s newly separated, I say I know I hesitated ten years ago,
But now I know

Chorus variation:

He’s everything I thought I ever wanted and needed
But loving him never crossed my mind
Now that he’s here I’m finally seeing that I was so blind
He’s everything I’ve wanted all this time

I realize (Now I know), I loved him all this time.

I Do

Written By: Lauren Barrett, Leah Andreone, Kevin Fisher

She is lovely, warm, and pretty; she knows how to make you smile

She is something, like the wind; keeps you flying for miles and miles

Her lazy hands and weightless words are holding you down

She call you love and sweet thing, why won’t she use your real name


She don’t know you, I do, I do

Doesn’t see you, feel you, heal you
I know how, so follow me
You’re allowed to let go, let go
I could grab you softly kiss you
Wind you up and then relieve you
Follow me, I can be everything that you need

She don’t know you, I do, I do


I see you mouth, I feel your grace, I see the room begin to fade

This time, could it be me, am I that smile on your face

I’m so excited, pulse is rising, the moment magnifies

We’re moving towards each other, cutting through the crowd

She jumps in, I fade way out



First you look at her and then you turn to look at me

Who do you see,

Do you see me?


Written By: L.Barrett, C.Flanders, P.Wolfe

There’s something about you
It’s not what you show me
But When I look in your eyes
There’s more than I see
And somewhere underneath
Theres’a missing piece

Whenever you’re with me
We keep getting closer
But I can’t help but feel
You’re walking a line
That I can’t define
What’s on your mind
To not let me know what your feeling would be so unfair
Whatever it is that your holding back I don’t care

I’m almost ready
I’m almost getting to a place where I can share, can’t you see I’m almost there
I’m almost willing
I’m almost feeling I can show you who I am, baby take my hand
I’m almost ready to fall

We’ve all got a history
It’s not always easy
But if you wanna know me
We can’t be afraid
To strip it away
We gotta have a little faith
To not give this all we could give would be so unfair
Whatever it is that your holding back I don’t care





This is Real, Self-titled EP (both available on iTunes)

Set List

Mostly originals, with a few covers of a similar style from Elton John to Jewel. I typically play 45 minute sets. For longer sets I insert a few more covers.