Lauren Bevins

Lauren Bevins


My goal in songwriting is not to write something that is just musically correct but songs that touch people.


Born into a musically talented & creative family, Lauren was exposed to music and the arts at an early age. Lauren's Dad, himself a talented musician bought an instructional Mandolin video for Lauren who was trying to do a music project for school. That soon led to the purchase of a mandolin and she has been picking since age 14. Lauren played with Common Ground, a Charleston based bluegrass group for several years before graduating from high school. Lauren went to study bluegrass music at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, TN. After 3 years she has recently returned to her home town of Summerville, SC. Lauren cites her influences as "Nickel Creek, Mountain Heart, Seldom Scene, Cake, Hendrix, Bob Marley, Sam Bush, Bela Fleck, Bonnie Raitt, Ella Fitzgerald, Diana Kraull, Alison Krauss, Eminem, Adam Steffey, Chris Thile, and Johnny Cash". Fans have commented on the familiar qualities of Sarah MacLaughlin, Norah Jones and Rachel Yamagata as well. This young lady is a very talented singer, musician, lyricist and composer. With your help she will go a long way quickly.

Set List

Covers include a variety of artists from Sarah McLaughlin to Ricky Skaggs