Lauren Braddock

Lauren Braddock

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Reviwers on debut CD: "story songs that brim with spunk, wit and passion...if you want to know what happened to that kid born at Woodstock, Lauren Braddock is your answer." "Intelligent songwriting in a style between Ricki Lee Jones and Sheryl Crow" "The Cardigans Meet The Beatles"


Lauren Braddock is a songwriter and actress who grew up in Nashville, the only child of legendary Country Music Hall of Fame songwriter Bobby Braddock.
Lauren connected with her friend Grammy-winner Don Henry to create two unique and eclectic CDs that showcase clever lyrics and diverse influences from country roots to folk-alt-rock to flower-power.
Her debut CD, Lauren Braddock/Lauren Braddock, received critical praise and resulted in one of the songs being recorded by country music superstar Blake Shelton.
The second, A Journey to the Son, is a "folk-rock opera" all about a rocky road to becoming a mom that has become a one woman show.


Growing A Mother

Written By: Lauren Braddock/Don Henry

Growing A Mother

I pray to the mother Goddess of
fertility and abundant love
Plant the seed inside of me
Make me who I'm supposed to be

Growing A Mother, growing....

Heal my heart and orphaned soul
hold my hand and don't let go
help me find what isn't there
creating magic from thin air

Growing a mother, growing...

I don't know if she understood
the joy and pain of motherhood
so I'm making it up as I go along
writing the words as I sing this song

Growing a mother, growing....

Spit Happens

Written By: Lauren Braddock/Don Henry

Spit Happens

What a way to start 'em
with post-partum
Spit happens
It's all ad-lib,
so grab your bibs
Spit happens

I pity the fool
who can't take some drool
life if a mess
so just do your best

but horrified
spit happens
Time to clean our little
poop machine because
Spit happens

Leave it to fate
to regurgitate
and dribble on you
what your parents went through

Sex and passion
are out of fashion
spit happens
we'll make a date
for when he graduates because
spit happens

They say that we'll laugh
at old photographs
of belches and burps
all over our shirts

The moons a'peepin'
we ain't sleepin'
spit happens
the day's dawnin'
we're yawnin'...
spit happens

December 11

Written By: Lauren Braddock/Don Henry

December 11

Lavendar oils fill the air
groovy music everywhere
turning this old birthing room into a dream
He'll have the most amazing birth
a gentle welcome to this earth
I planned it to be perfect, peaceful and serene

The heartrate drops
the love-in stops
my heads a swimmin', spinnin like a top
Beulah the doula, says "bring your baby to ya"
Give me epidural, a little dab'll do ya
December 11 at 2:07, a new moon looms up heavy in the heaven's
when he came out blue
we were too
The dr. said, go ahead call NICU

Happy birthday,
the best and worst day
babe your first day
takes the cake
Happy birthday
I hope that someday
this will be a fun day
to celebrate

Blood starts gushing
the staff starts rushing
what's going on, why is everybody fussin'?
Another vital check, IV in the neck
prepping me for surgery
I'm a nervous wreck
in the white hallway
the chaplain starts to pray
nurses were cryin' and i heard somebody say
The baby should recover, let's hope he has a mother
hurry up, kiss your wife, tell her that you love her!

Happy birthday
the best and worst day
babe your first day
takes the cake
Happy birthday
I hope that someday
this will be a fun day
to celebrate

Happy birthday
the best and worst day
what a wild way
to begin
It may sound crazy
but when I see you baby
you know I'd do it
all again


A Journey To The Son, Lost Dawg Records

Lauren Braddock/Lauren Braddock, Lost Dawg/Love Child Records

If I Was Your Man.....Blake Shelton, Blake Shelton, platinum-selling CD, Warner Brothers Records

If I Was Your Man....Don Henry, Flowers And Rockets, Love Child Records

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