Laurence Cooper

Laurence Cooper


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I'm Laurence Cooper. I sing and play guitar, solo and with other musicians as well.

I've released 2 CD's so far "56 Coopers Lane" and the last one "Phosphorescence" so called after the phosphorescence I saw one night at Brontes Beach (a fantastic place in Sydney Australia).The CD's front cover is of a New Zealand Beach with the back cover Brontes Beach

Some of my tunes from Phosphorescence are on this site. I hope you like them. The CD was really a labour of love, taking 4 years and several trips to Australia to do it. One of the great things I enjoyed about recording the CD was being in Sydney and enjoying lattes and muffins from the local deli close to the studio with my friend Dave who recorded and provided the technical prowess doing the CD. And visiting the beautiful surf beaches in Sydney especially Brontes Beach.

I am still trying to get the CD out to as many people as possible as I feel by doing that it makes it all worthwhile, as it was quite a journey doing it.

Laurence Cooper


Goin' South

Written By: Laurence Cooper

I was travelling
On a North bound train
I was thinking about you
Can't remember your name

I was dreaming
Of a woman in white
Can't remember the place
But I remember the night

And I don't think
I'm ever goin' South again
Now only the song remains

It gets so hard
Living this gypsy life
Then I come to my senses
Leaving all my strife

On a North bound train
I'm dreaming of you
Memories of a woman
That I once knew


2 albums -"56 Coopers Lane" and "Phosphorescence"