Lauren Cupp

Lauren Cupp

 Guntersville, Alabama, USA

You’ll Want More Then A Sip, You’ll Ask For A Refill! Pop princess Lauren Cupp's music is upbeat and inspiring.


13yr old Lauren Cupp is in love…I’m talking about, in love with music. While most girls her age have boys and sleepovers on their minds, Lauren is infatuated and beyond passionate about her dreams of being a singer and role model for young girls across the country. With such ambitions, a strong sense of determination and commitment, it only helps that she is blessed with the talents of voice and song. Lauren Cupp is small in size but has big things to offer the music world. Recognition is being processed throughout the music industry, and Lauren’s fan base is multiplying daily. Not only can she sing- Lauren is a performer. Bubbly, with an intriguing sense of humor, Lauren Cupp is exactly the best friend every young teenage girl is looking for. Adorable and full of what it takes, this “Cupp” is to the brim with energy and is recording in studio with respected writers and producers. Lauren is not afraid to stand out, to be bold; while most people her age are struggling to fit in, fitting “in” is the last thing she is after. So keep checking in on Lauren, for she has just taken off on her flight of super-stardom.


Single - Everywhere I go