Lauren Danielle

Lauren Danielle


Heartfelt, emotionally driven vocals paired with lyrics of the same calibur; with the soul of traditional Gospel coupled with the modern groove of today's Rhythm and Blues...or should I say...Rhythm and Praise?


Lauren Danielle Dickerson wanted to become a famous singer ever since she sang 'Jesus Loves Me" as a 1-year-old, waking her great-grandmother at 2:00 in the morning. Pretty soon, Lauren was involved in every school and church choir possible. She quickly made a name for herself amongst her family and friends, taking classical voice lessons, and singing at talent shows, weddings, and for personal enjoyment. However, she realized that singer stardom was merely a silly dream, and remained satisfied with singing along with everyone from Whitney Houston to Lauryn Hill to Alicia Keys; from Prince to Michael Jackson, from Fred Hammond to Israel Houghton, and any old school (1970s and back) song imaginable. After graduating from the University of Michigan with a BA in Screen Arts and Cultures in 2007 (which included 4 year tenures with the Michigan Marching Band and 58 Greene Co-ed A Cappella Group), her life lost focus when she noticed the real world required making a huge adjustment. Fortunately, she regained focus when she heard Dr. Creflo Dollar minister on finding God's purpose for your life. She then realized that every extra-curricular activity, interest, and reason for her existence was music-related. Lauren knew that what was once a dream with trying out for different talent shows, including American Idol, was her calling and her ministry. She rededicated her life, and her voice, to the Lord.

Lauren's ultimate goal is to express God's unconditional love for us through personal experience, true emotion, passionate vocal delivery, and a funky beat!



Written By: Lauren Danielle

Calling all superheroes
Will you be my superhero?

You can't be talkin to me
You can't be talkin to me
Naw, You can't be talkin to me
No, no You can't be talkin to me

Verse 1:
Now maybe someone like David
Who defeated a giant
Or maybe someone like Moses
Who parted the Red Sea
Someone like Abraham and Sarah
Who birthed many a nation
How bout someone like Daniel
Who interpreted dreams

But naw, You can't be talkin to me
I haven't done anything
That would classify as noteworthy
But I keep on hearing


Verse 2:
Now maybe someone like Mary
Who mothered a Savior
Someone like Paul and Silas
Who shook shook up a jail
Someone like Matthew, Luke, Mark or John
Who wrote the Gospels
How bout someone like Jesus
Who saved us from Hell



Not me
You've got the wrong girl
I'm just ordinary
Leave me in my ordinary world

1: You can't be talkin to me
2: Oh, yes I am, I'm talkin to you
1: Oh, no You can't cuz I've messed up in the past
2: Don't you think I know that fact?
No one's perfect but I'll perfect you
Give me your paths and I'll direct you
1: Why do you want to use me?
2: Cuz I made you fearfully and wonderfully
1 and 2: You need me and I need You
So many people we've gotta get to
2: Won't you answer my call
1: I will take on Your call

Last Chorus:
I will be Your superhero
There is someone out there who needs me
Won't you be God's superhero
There is someone out there who needs you

I know He's talkin to me
I know He's talkin to me
And you know He's talkin to you
Oh you know He is talkin to you

Calling all superheroes
Won't you be God's superhero

Crying Out to You

Written By: Lauren Danielle

Verse 1:
My life keeps spinning out of control
And though I don't show it, it hurts me, hurts me down to my soul
Abused, confused, so torn up inside
I can't tell my up from down and my left from my right
Everything's crashing down around me
I've tried every remedy in the world
So with tears in my eyes
I'm looking up to heavenly skies

I'm crying out to You
I'm tired of the things I do
All the while I've been looking to fill this empty space
And all I needed to do was seek Your face
I'm crying out to You
Show me what I need to do
I know that You have a better way
And I'm willing to learn

Post Chorus:
Starting today
I know that You have a better way
Today, today
And I'm willing to learn

Verse 2:
I don't wanna live this life
I'm so tired of this fight
When it's clear I'm losing the battle
I just wanna do what's right
Take me on Your winning side
Give me what I'm truly after


I'm crying, oh oh
Don't know what I'm doin, no
This empty space
I'm looking out to You, Lord
What do I need to do
Won't you teach me

Post Chorus

I am crying out to You
Though You've been crying out to me
Open my eyes that I may see
Set me free, set me free


Oh, I've been cryin and cryin
But, today, I have decided
That I don't have to cry no more
No no no no no
Cuz You have given me an open door
So I'm turnin away from my old ways
And I'm gonna do it

Last Post Chorus:
(Today, today repeats throughout)
I'm willing to learn, starting today
And I'm gonna do things Your way
Oh, won't You come on in and fill this empty space
And I will continually seek Your face

Give It Up

Written By: Lauren Danielle

You know I don't rap, right?
But I'ma spit anyway
The way I know how

Verse 1:
I know it's commonly said that words never could express
My gratitude for what You've done but I'll give it my best
I can't think of a greater love than the one You've shown to me
Created me, died on Calvary, even live inside of me
Guide me, walk beside me, take the time to see
That my visions and dreams become a reality
You're the one who's great, yet You view me as an investment
Since You've poured so much in me, let my life be a testament
A statement and tesimony that You only are worthy of glory
I'll keep You first place, no one goes before Thee
I can't get over the fact that You would do so much for me
I'll forever sing Your praises and keep the worship flowing

Ending 1:
I could never repay You for everything You've done
Guaranteeing in life's war, I've already won
So for everything so far and the things yet to come
You alone are worthy of praise
I've got to give it up

Verse 2:
I can't sit here and tell you that my whole life's been crazy
In fact, most would argue that my life's been gravy
Confessed at an early age that Jesus was the one who saved me
Didn't deal with abuse and violence like some on the daily
My concerns were extra-curriculars and gettin into higher learning
Graduated pre-school to college ready for that higher earning
But there was a sinful yearning that turned this good girl bad
Severed ties with friends, the Church, even my mom and dad
After college, no direction caused me to fall in depression
Leading to a life of destruction, alcohol, and sex sessions
Nothing's worse than the feeling of not loving yourself
So you look for love in wrong places like in someone else

Ending 2:
But God still loved me after every single thing I'd done
Cuz I knew if someone was goin to Hell, I was the one
He dried my nightly tears and showed me agape love
Said, "You don't have to live this way. Please, give it up."

Verse 3:
I know you're out there somewhere in your house or in your car
But listen, don't just nod your head to the bars
Maybe, you feel like your life's been Hell so far
Or, maybe you're havin a struggle with who you are
When God created you, He had this big plan for your life
And satan knows that so he fills your head with all kinds of lies
He wants to get you into self-destruction and fallin into strife
So he sends evil things your way and gives it a disguise
Like fornication as manhood
Or drunkenness as it's all good
Bein real as bein hood
But you've got it misunderstood
Seems like fun now, but it will kill you in the end
And you don't wanna be a loser cuz satan never wins

Ending 3:
It's not too late to turn away from everything you've done
We got a second chance at life when God gave us His Son
Don't try to figure it out, He's just telling you to come
So you can walk together, what do you say? Your old life, give it up

Give it up for the One who gave it up for you
Forget all the lies, it's time to get the truth
Won't you be the empty vessel God wants to use
Give it up for the One who gave it up for you

Won't you give it up for the one who gave it up for you
You've got everything to gain and more and nothing to lose

Big Things

Written By: Lauren Danielle

Verse 1:

Don't look at my size
I'm a giant champion in God's eyes
Don't ignore my voice
I'll say the words and sing the songs of God's choice


God knew me before I was born
And said I can do anything
With God by my side
With God in my life
I'm destined to do big things


God can do big things
God can do big things
God can do big things
Through little old me
As long as I'm listening
As long as I'm willing
God can do big things
Through little old me

Verse 2:

Don't count my age
God said He had a plan for me and that ain't gonna change
Don't judge my experience
God's word for me is just enough




Jeremiah didn't know what to say
God put the right words in his mouth
David had to fight Goliath
God gave him the power to knock him out
Esther had to save her people
God made her a queen to set them free
Mary had to have a baby
So Jesus could die for you and me
Don't tell me I'm just a kid
When those kids did some great big things
I'm proud to say I'm a kid for life
Cuz children of God can do anythiing
Oh, don't tell me I'm just a kid
When I'm destined to do big things
That's why I'm a kid for life
Cuz children of God can do anything

Chorus (repeats twice)

Ending Part 1 (repeats twice):
I can do all things
Through Christ which strengthens me

Ending Part 2 (repeats 4x):
God can do big things
Through little old me