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Lauren DeRose

San Diego, California, United States

San Diego, California, United States
Band Alternative Pop


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"The Great Demo Review 2005"

Lauren DeRose, 3-song EP: DeRose says she's influenced by Ani DiFranco, Tori Amos and Linda Perry. There's a little PJ Harvey there, too-more so on the live CD that came along with this EP (you can frequently catch her at Twiggs). Fuck influences-it's just nice to hear a strong female musician because God knows we need more of 'em. “Fade Jane Fade” is anthemic. Give this girl a stage. -Kelly Davis
- San Diego City Beat

"Look & Listen"

San Diego musicians take center stage for our springtime fashion issue. (One of 6 local musical acts chosen for fashion shoot and music spotlight) - March 8, 2008 - San Diego City Beat

"LDR&TheKates create a buzz with their new album"

Locally formed indie phenomenon LDR&TheKates, formerly known as Lauren DeRose and band, has taken its talent to the studio and come forth with a full length album. "Broken, Sweet..." is now available on CD Baby and PayPal via myspace. Word has it you'll see it on iTunes sooner than expected. People can also call and request LDR&TheKates on 94.9 and 91X in San Diego. Visit this trio with a message at Also, mark your calendars for a live performance of LDR&TheKates at the 7th Anniversary Event of Lavender Lens magazine on September 20. We caught up with them just before the big frenzie (sic) began...

Lavender Lens: How long have you been in band formation?
LDR: The three of us have only been playing since November 2007. Kate the Great (the Drummer) and I have been playing for a year and a half. But the "trio thing" is very new.

LL: Can you tell me about your song selection process?
LDR: Well, it really depends on three things. 1. Where we are playing. 2. The vibe we get from the people that night. and finally... 3. What we feel like playing that night.

LL: Where are you (Kate and Kate) from?
Kate the Great: I was born in Washington State and moved to Southern California when I was six.
Kate the Bass: I was born in Sacramento and then I moved to San Diego when I was six as well.
LDR: Weird. Ha.

LL: What was the inspiration for your album cover?
LDR: I wanted it to be left for interpretation. Everyone has their own ideas about it. I like to hear them. I feel like it represents awkwardness and being humble. I hate to show my face sometimes. It was one of those days. I hate being photographed. I want the listener to imagine what I look like and then be greatly disappointed or vise versa. Music shouldn’t have a face, especially now in this time and place we live in.

LL: How are you at blogging? I read that you didn’t know everyone could read it. And I remember something about an olive eating contest…
LDR: I suck at blogging. I only can blog when the spirit moves, the mood strikes, insomnia sets in, and when the room is 78 degrees exactly. No. I didn’t. I was blogging and delusional. When I wrote that I think I was on my third night of not sleeping. Sorry. Sorry to disappoint you.

LL: You describe your album as sounding like, “a bipolar painter trying to find the right shade of blue.” Is the painter bipolar, the brush bipolar, or are the actual colors on the palate, bipolar? What qualities distinguish bipolar either as a state of mind, feeling, or lifestyle?
LDR: Well, it was just the easiest way I could describe the music on the album. A fever spike. The perfect buzz. Giving up. All these things at once. It is like telling someone you loathe them, but smiling the entire time. Everyone takes turns. The voice. The guitar, the song itself. We all share as well.

LL: How did you Lauren meet the Kates? How did you [the Kates] meet each other?
LDR: I met Kate the Great at Bourbon Street through a very close friend. I had never seen her before because she just turned 21. I met Kate the Bass through… well… let’s just say I have always seen her around. I knew she was in a band called The Dooms Day Device and that she was quiet. That is all I knew. I thought she hated me cause she was so quiet. We were introduced many times by different people. Finally my friend Reese started dating her and recommended that we played music together. Now we are super close.
Kate the Great: I met Kate “the Bass” through my girlfriend.
Kate the Bass: I met Kate the Great at Bourbon Street about a year and a half ago. I remember talking about music with her and now over a year later we are playing in a band together.

LL: Do you have any special show dates that you would like your fans to know about?
LDR: We are trying to venture out into the world outside of San Diego. We are planning to book a summer west coast tour. Our shows and updates are always posted on our Myspace, so check it out!
- Lavender Lens Magazine

"The Great Demo Review 2008"

Lauren DeRose, Broken, Sweet: With equal parts acoustic ditties and riot-grrrl rock, Lauren DeRose's debut often sounds like Joan Jett, Ani DiFranco, Kelly Clarkson and Corin Tucker are having a battle of the bands in her head. That's not necessarily a bad thing, even if it's a little scattered and not always pleasant. Avril Lavigne would kill for the pleasant pop-rock of "A Miracle Design for Inducing Failure," and songs like the gorgeous "Me & My Earthquake" reveal a pop-rock diva in the making. Or at least the next Linda Perry. MS/laurenderose - Seth Combs - San Diego City Beat


2008 - Broken, Sweet (LP)
2005 - 3 Song EP & Live Recordings



Lauren DeRose's style, both in her writing and in her performances, ranges from brooding and contemplative to energetic and animated. What you get when you hear her music is an eclectic blend of styles, often edgy, always heartfelt, incorporating many genres into one sound all her own. Her songs cross the spectrum of pop, blues, funk, punk, rock, and folk, involving every listener and allowing them to connect with her words through their own experiences.

Growing up in the small town of Amsterdam, New York, 25 year old singer/songwriter Lauren DeRose began writing songs at age 15. A self-taught guitarist and percussionist with an interest in every aspect of music, Lauren attended Berklee College of Music as a saxophone student. It wasn’t long, however, before she realized that her true passion was vocals and songwriting. Once she transferred to the voice program at Berklee, Lauren felt she had found where her heart was. This marked the point at which she started to pound the pavement and begin her career as a singer/songwriter.

In 2003, Lauren packed up and moved to Southern California and is now based in San Diego. After performing steadily for several years with a loyal and enthusiastic following, Lauren worked for several months in 2007 with friend and producer Beth Ladwig to create her first full length album. “Broken, Sweet” was released on January 3rd, 2008. Songs from this LP can be heard on local San Diego radio stations 94.9 and 91X. Also in 2007, Lauren appeared on the new Jason Mraz single “I’m Yours”.

Lauren is backed by a full band with Kate Geddes on drums and Kate Ballenger on bass. The coincidental names has led fans to create the nickname “LDR and the Kates”, a moniker used everywhere from chants at shows to local media interviews.