Lauren Echo

Lauren Echo


Lauren Echo a passionate, emotional singer and memorable performer, her strong, smoky voice reaches from the stage to touch your soul. Piano or guitar her creative blend of jazz, blues and pop crafts a perfect soulful groove to convey vulnerable lyrics of award winning and critically acclaimed songs


Born and raised in New York City, a child star, Lauren has been in the recording industry since she was 10 years old. As an established jingle singer and voice over artist, she has taken many turns in the business. Always a performer, Lauren has taken the reigns of her career and has independantly toured the states as well as London, promoting her two band albums and solo acoustic EP. She is a true singer, and what sets her apart is her LIVE performance. Though captured on CD, Lauren LIVE is an extraordinary and captivating experience. A vocalist with the dynamics and passion of true rock and roll royalty.


Some Days

Written By: Echo and Kinigson

Everybody's somewhere hoping to find
Their own piece heaven and some peace of mind
I'm a young girl braving the cold world
Holding on to nothing but the stories that I own
One thing I know...

Somedays are better
Somedays are worse
Somedays I feel a little under rehearsed
Somedays they hurt

Some things make sense move swiftly in time
Some things break down and you leave them behind
Some poeople live like there's got to be more
Some people love like never before
One things for sure...

Somedays are crooked
Somedays are straight
Somedays are so damn good I can't wait
Somedays I hate...

Somedays I'm crazy
Somedays I'm insane
Somedays I'm lazy, but I use my brain
Somedays I'm a woman
Somedays I'm a girl
Somedays I'm a rebel
Somedays I'm a pearl
Somedays I sleep in late stay in bed
Somedays are for lying, but I'm truthful instead

Somedays are better
Somedays are worse
Somedays I feel like I'm falling head first
Somedays I curse

Somedays are wicked
Somedays I come clean
Somedays I don't like what I've seen
Somedays you know what I mean

Club of Fools

Written By: Lauren Echo

Club of Fools

Paint is chipped
The dee jay's stoned
Every song you hear delivers a trance of its own

The air is thick
The chairs are old
Once you have taken a seat you know someone's been there before

Come on by at midnight
I'm sure they'll let you in
Somebody's always at the door come in

Membership’s free
All you need's a heart
One that's been taken away and torn apart

No one will ask you
Or make you wrong
For loving a little too much, a little too strong, too long

So come on by at midnight
I'm sure you'll find a friend
The doors will open at midnight
Club of fools come in

You're not the first one
You're not the last cry
You're not the only one here that's tangled and tied
It's not the first time you've crossed that line
Knowing what's wrong and what's right caught up in your own disguise
The doors will open at midnight
Club of fools come in

Like the sting of the sun when it gets too strong you may belong

The smoke has cleared
You can hear last call
Maybe it’s one for your baby and one for the walk back home

Come on by at midnight I’m sure you’ll find your way
Somebody’s always at the door
Come on by at midnight you know they’ll let you in
The doors will open at midnight
Club of fools come in
Club of fools come in


"Still" released 2004
"Lauren Echo Acoustic" released 2004
"Reflection From a Surface" released 2003
"Sunglass Stories" released 2002

Set List

Whether Lauren is an opening act for the likes of Steve Forbert or Taylor Roberts, or headlines the show, a typical Lauren Echo set is approximately 45 minutes and primarliy consists of guitar and piano originals from her two albums "Still" and "Reflection from a Surface" along with some newer and unreleased tunes. When needed, a few covers ala Bonnie Raitt are thrown in; again, it all depends on the venue. When Lauren plays 3 hour sets, she mixes in covers of tunes that represent her vocally and ones that she loves to sing.

Typical 10 Song Set List:
Eden's Hands Are Burning
Mona Lisa Smile
With You
Give Me A Reason
Are You Here
That's Enough
Wild For You
Some Days
Little Bit of You