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Lauren Frost

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF | AFTRA

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF | AFTRA
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter




""Lauren Frost: She's a Spaz""

In terms of edginess, Chicago singer-songwriter Lauren Frost isn’t exactly Amy Winehouse. Hell, Frost’s bio -- star on Disney’s “Even Stevens”; experience touring and singing with Barbra Streisand -- makes Mandy Moore look like a badass.

But wait. What about “Wait and See,” the first track off Frost’s soothing full-length debut, “Words for the Birds.” It’s an upbeat soul tune that Macy Gray would be lucky to cover? Or the cool, Nikka Costa-esque funkiness of “Heavy in Your Shoes” and Corinne Bailey Rae-style glide of “Take it Slow”? Or the fact that, thanks to working together on “Even Stevens,” she totally knows “Eagle Eye” star Shia LaBeouf. Now who’s square?

In advance of her album release show at Double Door, which also kicks off a month-long residency, we met up with the 23-year-old Downers Grove native (and current Ukrainian Village resident) to talk about her brand of “white girl” funk and why both she and LaBeouf are huge dorks.

For a low-key pop record, “Words for the Birds” starts out pretty funky.

I can be funky, I think. [Laughs] In my own little white-girl way.

How is that different from the usual funk?

I just try to make music that I think suits my voice. People have said that I have a soulful voice, but I think that really just comes from the music that I grew up listening to. But I don’t by any means want to go overboard and do a James Brown song because that’s a little ridiculous for someone like me.

How does your stage presence compare to James Brown?

Seriously? [Laughs] ... I don’t think I’m anything like James Brown, to be perfectly honest. I guess I have these awkward dance moves that I don’t even realize I’m doing. My drummer says he watches me because I march and it helps him know my rhythm. Or sometimes I do a shimmy or whatever and I don’t even know I’m doing it. And all my friends make fun of me. I got a little funk in me, but it’s not to a James Brown degree.

What can people learn from these unconscious shimmies?

I guess just don’t be afraid to be a dork because I sure am [a dork].

But you’ve shared the screen with Shia LaBeouf!

Yeah, but he’s a dork. Shia was like a goofy, awkward kid who was just sort of a pain in the ass. I mean, I love the guy.

Pain in the ass how?

He was just a little turd. He was a little pubescent boy. Aren’t they all [a pain in the ass]? He was just a little monster. But amazingly talented actor. And he’s super-hot now. And very successful.

Was there ever anything between you and him?

Oh, god no. Shia’s a good buddy. Like I said, he was a little 14-year-old nerd.

I think the word you used was “turd.”

We were all kids. So we’d all have a crush on each other each week. And Shia was funny about it. ‘Cause he’d come up to me or Margo [Harshman] and be like, “Um, I like you this week.” “Ok, cool, thanks for the warning. Good to know.”

And nothing more happened?

No, there’s probably more punching and tripping and little-boy stuff … He was pretty cruel to me. He made fun of me a lot.

That means he liked you.

Well, maybe that was a good week. Maybe he had a secret burning love for me, ‘cause he was pretty good at making fun of me.

You’ve done a lot of music, acting, and acting in musicals. What would a musical about your life be like?

That’d be a really short musical because I’m not very old. It’d be like, [singing] “I’m born! And now I made a record. The end.”

Wow, a singing baby.

[Laughs] Sure, why not.

What would the musical be called?

“Lauren Frost: She’s a Spaz.”

If only all biopics were that honest.

I am a spaz. My parents remind me of that all the time. I was a weird kid.

“Lauren Frost: She’s a Spaz,” in the tradition of “Ray Charles: He’s a Drug Addict.”

No! I love Ray Charles. Although he was a drug addict.

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"Holiday Roundup"

Lauren Frost
Words for the Birds
Snowgirl Productions

5 discs (out of 5)

You'll probably remember the name Lauren Frost as the girl who played a young Barbra Streisand in the 2000 Timeless tour or from her Disney series, Even Steven's or from seeing her at's Standing Ovations IV Benefit. This is her first solo recording and it was not at all what I expected, but conceptually tight, with all but two songs written by Ms. Frost and Matt Scutt. The songs are clever, simple and very well produced and this is very definitely worth a listen. Fresh, fresh, fresh and not a showtune in sight. -

"RadioIndy Review"

Singer/songwriter Lauren Frost has created a fine collection of memorable pop songs with "Words For The Birds," an outstanding set featuring skillful musicianship, clean production and most notably, her soulful vocals. "Wait & See," "Take It Slow" and "Hello Lovely" are all great examples of her polished and refined sound, intelligent writing, and soaring vocal ablilities. The supporting cast of musicians is very talented, providing exceptional solos and support throughout. Listen to the funky swagger of "Heavy In Your Shoes" and the melodic pop of "Sangria Tale," where Frost's infectious personality really shines through. Another highlight is "Little Boy," which features a percussive groove and showcases Frost's ability to blend harmony and melody so beautifully. The remix version of this track will have you ready for the dance club. "Cheezits" offers a look into Frost's humorous side, and she gives a witty, entertaining performance by once again injecting her personality and style into the track. The album also includes the tender moments of "Whatever Happens" and "Drop Off My Heart" which are expressive, soulful ballads that showcase Frost's immense vocal range. This is an impressive release from a very talented singer/songwriter that is highly recommended for fans of female vocalists and melodic pop. -Rodney and the Reviewer Team - RadioIndy

"Barbra Streisand"

"She’s the sweetest person, with the most beautiful voice. She’s a very spiritual human being and very pure. She’s a real person with a real gift…She’s the Glorious-Voiced, Lauren Frost!" - Timeless Tour

"Marvin Hamlisch"

"She’s really something very special. She’s the type of person that you want to get when you want to work with a professional, and this is what you call TRULY one of the great talents. I have more respect for her than just about anybody...the fabulous, Lauren Frost." - Kennedy Center

"John Mauceri"

"She’s known to millions of people for playing the young Barbra Streisand on Ms. Streisand’s most recent tour. Lauren Frost is the voice of our future!" - Hollywood Bowl

"Chicago Sun Times"

“Lauren Frost has a glorious voice that leaves you wanting to hear more.” - Hedy Weiss

"Pittsburgh Tribune"

“Lauren Frost gave the most breath-taking simulation when she sang (with the POPS Symphony) with the brassiness of the young Streisand.” - Mark Kanny

"New York Times"

“…the gifted singer, Lauren Frost, is used to fine dramatic effect…as Streisand chimes in and the two join voices.” - Stephen Holden


(Frost’s) “…clarion, multi-textured voice is one of her greatest gifts – most evident in her strikingly mature rendition…Frost certainly demonstrates no short supply of talent.” - Lucia Mauro


The Oakdale Sessions EP

Words For The Birds LP



Classic yet cool, sophisticated yet quirky, Lauren Frost lands in the light with quiet confidence and tasty sass; she’s a Chicago girl, through and through, with her blue collar work ethic balanced by the finesse of her jazz roots. This delicate blend is perfectly apparent on her much anticipated debut album “Words for the Birds” which encompasses the aces of Lauren’s artistry: Her voice, her experience, her writing, and her character.

Compromise has never been an option for Lauren. Early in the game, she placed her feet on the only path she knew, with forward being the only direction to travel. And now, with a decade of experience, Lauren’s resume is as varied as it is impressive. She’s performed lead roles in Chicago musicals, starred in Disney Channel’s "Even Stevens", and has even shared the stage around the world with Ms. Barbra Streisand.

These accomplishments not only seasoned her, but armed her with a dedicated passion to write and record her own music free from the hype and cliché of the mainstream scene. Lauren’s songs capture the energy and heart of young love, fused with an intelligent wit. Her lyrics sing like natural thoughts, sometimes contemplative, sometimes humorous, but always with a delicate honesty, and always very uniquely her.

Pure but not innocent, with a tone that brings melody to life, Lauren’s voice glides easily through her songs, with a clarity the listener feels. She tastefully maneuvers the melodies, complimenting the music with a charming control and a sensitive strength.

“…when you find your passion, you don't have the need to stop and consider who, what, where, when, why... you just do it and hope somebody digs it. I never want to lose my sense of 'play', and acting allows me to play pretend and be somebody else for a while,” says Lauren. “Writing my own music, I get to be myself in the truest form of personal expression. The greatest gift is when I put my inner most thoughts out there, and someone comes up to me after a show and says, "That's exactly how I feel."”

Lauren has already developed a devoted following of fans and friends, people of all ages and walks of life who relate to who she is and are inspired by what she does. Lauren will continue to carve out this multifaceted career for herself, in whatever way her passions lead her; but forward, always forward, the only direction she travels.

Lauren's debut album, "Words For The Birds" is now available at and iTunes. Recorded at Deaf Dog Music in Chicago, the much anticipated album has been compared to Steely Dan's "Aja" and Fleetwood Mac's "Rumors".

What people are saying:

"Watching Lauren sing is like seeing a black & white movie come to life."

"Lauren reminds me of a young Minnie Riperton."

"If she played (and sang) Streisand...she's got to be good!"

"Lauren Frost sounds great. Her songwriting is very cool. Really nice to hear a young artist with such depth."

"It's refreshing to hear a young talent sing her own lyrics. This is a great first album for a talented young artist!!!"

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