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Lauren Harding

Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Pop Singer/Songwriter




"Stereo Subversion"

Lauren Harding’s Heart in a Box is an interesting listen. Between the piano-led pop and rock tracks, which feature their share of funky sounds and create moods perfect for a seedy portion of a musical, and Lauren Harding’s alternately small and big voice, the album plays like one long pleasant surprise. - Brian Palmer

"10 Mile Stereo"

Lauren Harding’s stellar EP “Heart in a Box” is a quirky mix of sex appeal and casual pop. There is an intimate nature to her vocal delivery that makes one feel like they are right next to her, inhaling the smokey misgivings of her past relationships. Check out the sultry and sexy video for her single “Shooting Stars” and make sure to visit her site for the whole EP. - Melissa Vigil and Andrea Polonijo

"JP's Music Blog"

Her vocals become the main focus on the slow jazz of “Shooting Stars” and “My Heart Flies.” The passion in Lauren’s vocals are felt in the EP’s opening song “Give It Away” as the beat of drum gives the song an extra appeal. It’s great how Lauren disguises the dark subject of the “Poison” with her sweet sounding voice. The album closes with one of the few upbeat moments in the jazz/folk song, “Sunset.” - JP

"Music Perk"

Lauren’s EP Heart in a Box is a fairly strait forward foray into the retro rock of yesterday, but there is something remarkably genuine about Lauren’s delivery. Even tracks like the campy rocker “Poison” possess a wonderfully unpretentious vibe. Perhaps the difference is Lauren is really having fun making this music and it has found its way into the recordings. Either way, it is pulled off with class and style.

It is a lovely listen and indicative of Lauren’s strengths as a performer and musician.

Harding’s full length LP is due out early 2013 and is sure to please fans from Carol King to Katy Perry - Gregory Calempore

"Sergeant Sparrow"

It is a piano driven set fueled by Lauren’s strong vocals. Electric guitar gives the somewhat soft sounding songs a bit of an edgy vibe. Influenced by David Bowie and Cabaret, she isn’t shy about belting it out vocally. - Sergeant Sparrow

"Behind The Scenes"

There is a great blend of music also where she has a mix of vocals ranging from Gwen Stefani to Amy Winehouse. A great jazzy/blues mix with "Poison".
Not to put pressure on her but these are merely comparisons. She/others may disagree with my statement but she has a comparable range, not pop music styling - this is deeper than that.
She has a style her own, like keeping the opening for "Sunset" then into the great mixing of voices for the backups with the great beat as well. This is fantastic stuff folks - and surprise coming from me, this is not heavy metal music.

- Anthony Nadeau

"Paper Wings"

The EP is a collection of 6 piano-driven songs, held together by a very tasteful production and “less is more” arrangements that truly work to push the songs, rather than slowing down a perfect performance with the weight of an overload of futile ornaments.
The dominating sounds on these recordings are definitely Lauren´s vocals and keys. The rhythm section dives in smoothly, with a minimalistic approach and a jazz-oriented vibe. The performances are all very organic and dynamic, captured in a way that was definitely inspired by the old-school of sound recording (think warm compression, spacious and dark vintage reverb tones…)
“Heart in a Box” is also an emotional outlet for the singer, who filled the songs with heartfelt and emotional lyrics about life and relationships. The songs manage to remain very introspective without sounding too melancholic, keeping the music dynamic and colorful throughout the release. - Paper Wings

"Piano pop release isn’t a show stopper, but proves a worthwhile listen"

Lauren Harding’s Heart in a Box is an interesting listen. Between the piano-led pop and rock tracks, which feature their share of funky sounds and create moods perfect for a seedy portion of a musical, and Lauren Harding’s alternately small and big voice, the album plays like one long pleasant surprise. You don’t always know where she is going to go with a song despite the ready focus on love and relationships throughout, and while this album isn’t likely to blow you away, more often than not the results are pretty good.

“My Heart Flies” is a start-and-stop, upbeat sort of piano pop number about the effects a certain person has on Harding. “Shooting Stars” is the sort of dramatic song that would fit in well in a scene from Rent, while “Poison” mixes light and suggestive piano with abrasive guitars to great effect as Harding sings about how a relationship that seems so right can be so wrong at the same time. This last one sounds like something that would be played in a cabaret or a dimly lit club. The mid-tempo piano pop of “Front of the Line” switches from sounding mournful to elated as Harding goes back and forth between having moved on from an old love only to feel love’s sting again when that person returns. The creepy piano keys and percussive rhythms “Give it Away” fill the track with brooding distrust, while “Sunset” is perhaps the most radio-ready of the tracks.

This is a neat little record. Harding definitely isn’t reinventing the wheel here — but she’s not lathering, rinsing and repeating, either. Vocally she injects her tunes with a tortured sort of passion without steering too far into melodrama. Musically this album is a bit like listening to a less upbeat version of Sara Bareilles, and lyrically she treads on familiar territory with enough creativity to keep you from losing interest. Heart in a Box isn’t a show stopper, but it’s well executed and stands strong as a worthwhile listen. - Brian Palmer

"Wendy Woo at The Soiled Dove Underground: Concert Review"

The evening opened at 7:30 with The Steal Hearts, which isn’t actually a band, but rather three female songwriters from southern California (namely, Lyndzie Taylor, Lauren Harding and Mallory Trunnell) who are traveling and performing together. Their half-hour set consisted of a variety of songs in the pop/rock vein, at times quirky and whimsical, at other times angst-driven, but at all times passionate. A great opening set that introduced the crowd to some fresh talent.
- Jeff McQuilkin @


'Heart In A Box' is Lauren's first solo release



Lauren Hardings music is a direct result of a youth spent lying awake at night consuming David Bowie, Elton John and a bit of cabaret jazz. This musical symbiosis is the bedrock of her first EP, Heart In A Box, a love torn confessional filled with radio friendly hooks and smoke-filled speak easy vocals.

Harding moved from Massachusetts to LA to attend The American Musical and Dramatic Academy and pursue her passion in the city of dreams. Indeed, she dreamt up her whole EP while enduring her first months of congested LA traffic. A slight reprieve to visit her family in Cape Cod allowed her the time and space to organize and select what tracks she would pursue in the studio.

In 2010 she entered The LA Producers Club to track the six songs at breakneck speed over a long weekend. Delirious late night sessions were aided by strong lattes and Hardings unyielding focus on capturing her musical vision.

There is a somewhat old fashioned tone to Heart In A Box, eliciting comparisons to Sara Bareilles with an indie edge as well as such greats as Fiona Apple and Ingrid Michaelson. Lauren's voice shape-shifts from breathy coo to a Stevie Nicks like rock and roll purr, all the while exuding a classic confidence and sexuality.

Lauren has been on the road for her Steal Hearts Tour' since she completed the recordings, where she has been silencing rooms across the country. Her passion and dedication to her music is apparent in her unrelenting tour schedule and her growing number of fans around the world.

With a solid EP in the bag and a full length on the front burner, Ms. Harding has readied herself to shoot for the stars.

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