Lauren Heenan

Lauren Heenan


I like to write songs about things that happen to or around me. I'm inspired by alot of different things, and I would say the most important part for me is making the feel and emotion of the song musically match the lyrics that I write.


I first picked up a guitar when I was 13, and my Dad taught me a few basic songs to get me started. I jammed with lots of different people, and learned a lot about music all through high school. I started writing my first songs in the middle of first year university and finally found a way to express myself through it. I currently try to play about 3 or 4 open mics a week, depending, and hand out CDs as much as I possibly can.


Set List

Lynch's Window
Show Me The Way
Home From the Dream, Pt. 1
Home From the Dream, Pt. 2
Bow & Lyre
Untitled (Instrumental Jam)

I do a lot of Neutral Milk Hotel songs, as well as a bunch of Brand New ones. A lot of the time I like to choose random pop-rock songs from the 90's and jam right out. I do Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus alot.