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Philadelphia, PA | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Philadelphia, PA | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Solo Alternative Pop





There’s no way to know where we’re going in life; the road is long, dark, and often full of unexpected twists and turns. We won’t always have full control over our car’s direction, but we can always choose who’s in there, riding with us. A grateful tribute to the ones who shaped us most, Lauren Marsh’s heartfelt “Take Me with You” takes a ride down memory lane to a not-so-lonely small town girl with big dreams – dreams she keeps working toward every day.

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Take Me with You,” the lead single off Lauren Marsh’s upcoming EP REVIVAL (out later 2018). Hailing from New Jersey, indie pop singer/songwriter Lauren Marsh fills her music with deep, simple truths and incredible relatability. Her song “Dear Love,” off 2016’s debut EP Veracity, earned Marsh her first hit – racking up over five million streams on Spotify, with prominent television syncs opening her music up to a wider audience and helping launch her career.

But the life of an independent artist – and any musician, for that matter – is never easy, no matter how many small or big breaks you get. You alone must be the one in the driver’s seat, always pushing yourself and believing in your work, not to mention making the most of every opportunity that’s thrown your way. Having seen a glimpse of success with her first EP and now embarking on her second one, Lauren Marsh is undoubtedly at a point of transition; hopefully, one that jettisons her even further into the public’s eye (and ears). “Take Me with You” is therefore an acknowledgement of how much it’s taken for her to get this far; it’s a poignant, powerful thank-you to everyone, and everything in her life. Full of warmth and sincerity, the early-Taylor Swift-esque pop song tells a nostalgic story of growth and change, expanding from a ukulele to a full band sound that brims with life and vibrant energy.

“Born out of nostalgia, “Take Me with You” explores the ups and downs of my youth compounded by having that first taste of freedom,” Lauren Marsh tells Atwood Magazine. “There is a definite sense of appreciation for the people who played a role in this experience, with late night conversations at diners and a willingness to see where the road could take us. Self-discovery is a lifelong journey, and it was at this point when we were just starting to unearth so much of ourselves. There is this realization that none of us were perfect, but we were always there for each other in our own imperfect way. “Take Me with You” is my way of saying thank you; thank you for being there for me and for always taking me with you.”
Sweet and bittersweet all at once, “Take Me with You” shines with a love for the life you’ve been given. It’s the song you put on to tell someone how much they mean to you – be it a best friend, a partner, a family member, and so forth. It’s a song that reminds us that we are never alone: There is always someone out there for us, and whether or not they’re able to support us right at this moment, they’re still there – and they always will be, time willing.

Marsh’s “Take Me with You” music video tells her story perfectly, reintroducing us to this dynamic singer/songwriter with a vintage Cadillac deVille, a classic American diner, and most importantly, Lauren Marsh: A name we won’t be forgetting any time soon. Stream “Take Me with You” exclusively on Atwood Magazine, and dive deeper into the music below as Marsh shares the story and meaning behind her video! - Atwood Magazine


Nashville, TN (June 22, 2018) – Rising singer-songwriter Lauren Marsh releases her new single “Take Me With You (When You Go),” following an exclusive premiere with Atwood Magazine. The track is the first to be released from her forthcoming EP REVIVAL set to be released Fall 2018. Adding to the excitement, the indie pop songstress has also released the bittersweet music video which reflects back on her days at the Jersey Shore and the memories of being a teenager. Watch it here.

In 2016 she released her EP VERACITY, which featured her breakthrough track “Dear Love” which amassed over 5 million Spotify streams and was prominently featured on an episode of NCIS: New Orleans.

Listen to “Take Me With You (When You Go)” here.

“My inspiration behind “Take Me With You (When You Go)” was driven by the nostalgic energy of summer,” shares Marsh. “Long, hot nights spent driving with no real destination and building friendships that, for the moment, seemed like they could last forever. We were all along for the ride, willing to see where the road would take us and maybe if we all stuck together, we might turn out okay. This is my way of saying, thank you for taking me with you.”

About Lauren Marsh
Mostly raised in Hopewell Township, Marsh discovered her preternatural sense ofmelody as a little kid. After taking up piano at age 11 she began putting those songs to music and finding her voice as a writer. After cutting her teeth at those Jersey Shore coffee shops, Marsh headed off to William Paterson University to further sharpen her craft. During her time in college, she also took up ukulele, partly as a way to make her act more portable.

As Marsh steadily built up a following, she began scoring more and more gigs around New York City, including shows at iconic venues like The Bitter End and Rockwood Music Hall. In addition to her City Winery gig with Don McLean—an opportunity that came her way after her performance at The Outlaw Roadshow, a musical showcase co- curated by Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz—she’s also shared stages with artists like Andy Grammer, Gavin DeGraw, and Howie Day in recent years.

In 2016 she released her EP VERACITY, which featured her breakthrough track “Dear Love” which amassed over 5 million Spotify streams and was prominently featured on an episode of NCIS: New Orleans. Her highly anticipated follow up EP REVIVAL is set to be released in Fall 2018. - Elicit Magazine

"EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Lauren Marsh"

Rising US artist Lauren Marsh is currently gearing up for the release of her brand new EP ‘Revival’ which will be dropping later this year and she has just dropped her latest single ‘Take Me With You’ which is her first release in two years.

Here we chat exclusively to Lauren Marsh to discuss her new music, upcoming EP, future plans and more:

Growing up who inspired your love of music?
My parents are the inspiration behind my love of music. I grew up watching my dad play guitar, while my mom sang. They used to tour around their hometown outside NYC, playing weddings and different events. There was always some kind of music playing in our house and as kids we were encouraged to join in. I was about 4 or 5 when my parents got me a karaoke machine. It was a real amplifier with a microphone, none of that kid-toy stuff. I totally fell in love with singing and performing.

Who are you currently listening to at the moment?
Recently I’ve been listening to The War on Drugs. I got to see them last summer in Philadelphia and being that we’re both from that area, it adds another layer of excitement going out and supporting them. The Paper Kites are another go to favorite of mine right now, but I’ve also been diving into incredible vocalists like Kehlani.

How would you describe your own sound to new listeners?
The sound on my new EP ‘Revival’ is a good dose of stripped down alternative singer-songwriter style balanced with full band energy. Both sounds are mixed into each song. There is a lot of solo acoustic presentation in the beginning of each song, and then the band sneaks in to push and build energy throughout the tracks. This acoustic/band style has really allowed for the songwriting and storytelling of the songs to be kept at the forefront of the creative process.

When did you first decide to pursue music as a career?
I was wrapping up my first semester of college when I realized I was
spending more time writing songs than studying for my classes. Songwriting was the one thing I looked forward to everyday and I was always trying to squeeze it into my schedule. I completed one semester of college and then made major changes to switch my focus over to pursuing music as a career. The only other job I would want is playing with cats and dogs all day, and with my music career, I get to do music and play with my cat each day!

Your new single’Take Me With You’ is out now how excited are you to be sharing the track?
So. Excited. (omg!). My previous record came out in January of 2016, so
needless to say, I’ve been counting down the days. It means a lot to hear excitement from fans. They’ve been with me and really supported me on this journey. I have them to thank for the ride that I’m on and I’m really looking forward to sharing this next project with them.These past two years have included a fair amount of soul searching, figuring out where I want to be as an artist. When I first started out, there were so many things I thought I had to be artistically, but my fans taught me that wasn’t true. My fans showed me that all I have to do is walk out on stage and just be me. It’s the greatest gift I could have ever asked for and I will always be deeply grateful for that. Now I’m doing everything I can to give my fans what they’ve been asking for and it starts with this first track.

What is the inspiration behind the song?
‘Take Me With You’ came from a place of nostalgia. Looking back on summers spent driving around with friends, we never really had an exact destination, but we were all committed to seeing where the road could take us. While soaking in that first taste of freedom, I never realized how fragile it all was. None of us were perfect, but we were all there for each other in our own imperfect way. In the end, being there for someone meant more than having everything in life turning out okay. There’s always a way through something when someone is there for you. This is my way of saying, thank you for being there, thank you for taking me with you. - Celeb Mix

"Lauren Marsh Wants to Take You With Her"

After her Runaway Success with "Dear Love," Lauren Marsh Returns with a Single Full of Melancholic Nostalgia.
So says Lauren Marsh of her latest single, "Take Me With You (When You Go )." This songstress is one to watch. With her breakthrough single, "Dear Love," blowing up last year, she is currently launching her follow up, and it's an ode to a time gone by. With regards to her life so far, that's quite an ode to write. From the Jersey Shore through to NYC open mics, past collabs with Don McLean, Adam Duritz, Andy Grammer, Gavin DeGraw, and Howie Day, this girl has done a lot in the time given to her. This new offering maintains the quality of her work to date, and provides us with another ample serving of that which we know her best for. Heart.
At the core of the track is the ukulele, plucked persistently all the way through. The chord structure is simple enough, almost as if you're in the room with her as she is writing the song. It reflects a straightforward honesty, a no frills approach… at least to start. Once the song kicks in to high gear it overflows with melancholy and nostalgia, aching passionately for a past that has passed, unreclaimable, yet so easily and painfully within the reach of memory. The figure she sings to in her song, and toasts with a "here's to you", seems to be both one specific person, and everyone she ever knew at a point in her life. It speaks to the universality of looking at an old friend's picture and remembering every single happy memory with them, tainted by the knowledge that you can never see them in quite the same way again.
Her video for the song reflects this too, painting Marsh isolated in Americana. Driving in an old Cadillac down green streets, searching a map for direction, playing her uke and reflecting on times gone past. Blue skies speak to an optimistic outlook for the future, but clash with her reflective demeanor and the content of the song. She writes words down on paper, possibly the lyrics of the song, possibly a letter to someone. Possibly both. The titular refrain "Take me with you when you go" speaks to a wish, as if it's something she could have said at one point, but didn't, and will now for ever wonder what those words unsaid might have lead to.
Marsh has been proving herself over and over again the past year or so. With a steadily growing online following, over five million listens on Spotify, and her music being featured on NCIS: New Orleans, she's cruising at an altitude many aspiring singers only dream of. If she continues writing songs like this, she will continue to soar ever higher. Her upcoming EP REVIVAL (due out in the fall) will be the next test of this and we cannot wait to be proved right all over again. Start falling in love with Lauren Marsh now, it will save you time later. - Pop Dust

"Singer-Songwriter Lauren Marsh Releases New Wistful Single 'Kids'"

Rising singer-songwriter Lauren Marsh releases her new single and video “Kids,” across all streaming platforms. The track is from her forthcoming EP REVIVAL set to be released Fall 2018. In “Kids,” the indie pop songstress sings about her hometown was formative to who she is today and how she will always carry those times with her. The nostalgic music video is laced with videos from her childhood and follows her in present walking around reflecting back on those days. - Music Like A Lady

"Lauren Marsh breaks out with 'I Need You Now' (Watch)"

Indie pop artist Lauren Marsh is on to something with her latest single "I Need You Now." Listen to the track in its entirety by playing the video above; you can also download it on iTunes and other online retailers, and stream it on Spotify. It's an excellent pop ballad to go into the weekend with.

The New Jersey-born singer and songwriter is only 26 years old, but her music sounds like she's lived a lifetime already. Maybe she has because according to the single's press release, Marsh's resume includes serving as the opening act for the legendary Don McLean, Gavin DeGraw and Howie Day, to name just a few. She's already racking up the songs as well; "I Need You Now" is the fourth single she's put out this year, after "For A Moment", "Take Me With You (When You Go)" and "Kids." For someone whose debut EP only came out two years ago, she's accomplished quite a bit.

What is the secret to her success? With "I Need You Now," Marsh demonstrates a knack for making the intangible seem tangible. So many love songs talk about concepts that can't be easily defined, from the pain of a heartbreak to the emotions of a being in a romantic relationship. In this single, Marsh is speaking about something that's hard to pin down: how one moment between two people can change someone's life. That's a big statement to make, and it's difficult to put into words. But Marsh's lyrics are able to get the point across to the audience, in all its grand glory.

She is earnest and open, romantic and charming. Marsh's music is simple, straightforward pop that should be listened to by anyone who wants their spirits lifted because that's the place that she was writing the song from.

"The idea that one look, one touch, or one moment can change everything has always seemed a bit crazy to me. But I guess you just really don’t understand until you experience it for yourself," Marsh told AXS in an exclusive email statement. "In an instant, everything feels different, the world shifts and you just know exactly how you feel about someone. It’s my own experience with this that inspired 'I Need You Now.'"

"I Need You Now" is now available on iTunes. Lauren Marsh has two upcoming tour dates in support of her recent music. She will perform at the White Horse Winery in Hammonton, New Jersey on Sunday, Aug. 26 and at Rockwood Music Hall in New York City, New York on Wednesday, Sept. 5. More information about both concerts is available on her tour page.

For more on Lauren Marsh, visit her official website. - AXS

"PREMIERE: Lauren Marsh – “I Need You Now” (Video)"

New Jersey artist Lauren Marsh has been steadily building a following the past few years, and now she’s back with a new batch of great songs. On her new EP Revival, the 26-year-old singer/songwriter expands on the sound she first honed as a teenager—a piano-driven brand of folk-pop recently revealed in her surprise hit single “Dear Love” and in opening up for legendary “American Pie” singer Don McLean in New York City. Today we’re thrilled to premiere the video for her new track “I Need You Now.” The video features nice visual effects and has a cinematic touch showcasing Lauren in a variety of different locales. The track itself is a massive pop gem guided by Marsh’s beautiful vocals. - Ground Sound


"Talk" - Single - (2022)

"Two To Tango" - Single - (2021)

"Silhouettes" - EP -  (2019)

"Revival" - EP - (2018)

"Veracity" - EP - (2016)



Forging her songwriting roots with the multi-platinum record selling production talents of Bobby Studley and Jordan Yaeger, Marsh unleashes her new single Talk on Friday, February 11th. Honing her songwriting prowess to deliver this vulnerable reflection, Marsh cuts right to the post-breakup months where memories of simple conversations can leak into a quiet living room, exposing the void that a heartbreak can leave in its wake. 

​To bring this raw creation to its intimate sonic resonance, Marsh collaborated with producers Studley and Yaeger, co-founders of the Nashville - New York City based JB Music Group, whose client list includes Anna Kendrick, Disney, Netflix, Snoop Dog, NBC, Universal and more. Studley and Yaeger’s production is intricately unyielding and elevates each moment, advancing the emotional journey of Talk.

​Widely known for her original song Dear Love, which featured on NCIS: New Orleans (Season 2, Episode 16) and currently exceeds 8.9 million Spotify streams, Marsh is a true songwriting and performing veteran. She has appeared as the opening pre-show entertainment for artists like Andy Grammer, Gavin DeGraw, Don McLean (American Pie), Air Supply, Sutton Foster, Howie Day, and Anna Nalick.

​Marsh has taken the stage at iconic venues such as The Bitter End, Rockwood Music Hall, Bowery Electric, NYC City Winery, World Cafe Live, Trocadero, and Hard Rock Cafe. Hand selected to perform at Adam Duritz's (Counting Crows) Apartment Showcase Series in NYC, she has appeared as a spotlight performer at music festivals like the Bethlehem MusikFest, RedGorilla Music Festival, Richmond International Film and Music Festival, Outlaw Roadshow, Jersey Shore Music Festival, and the Beta HiFi Emerging Music Fest.