lauren mary longo

lauren mary longo


"the gentle notes of her harp always conjure up dreamy images of a beautiful sunset or some enchanting Shangri-La... No matter how harried I may feel, her artistry never fails to transport me to some soothing, magical land" - Dick Jacobs, Arizona


Lauren holds a Ph.D. in Music from the City University of New York. She creates, designs, & integrates all aspects of the recording process: coordinating harp, keyboard, and voice into an original work. Influences are as varied as the Beatles, New Age, Celtic, Minimalist, and Catholic repertoire.....woven to create a magical tapestry of sound.


CDs :
AngelCalls- solo harp 2005

Glory Be- harp & voice, 2007; tracks played at

Miracles - 2008; "Butterfly Returns" played on Celtic Roots Radio

At the Manger - 2009

Set List

Will create one to order!