Lauren Norton

Lauren Norton


The Wandering Rocks write songs that read like poetry, and that sound like the eye of the storm. Swelling harmonies with tidal piano and guitar accompaniment create some of the most gorgeous tunes on the Dublin scene. Their melodies are destined to wash up on the shores of many hearts.


Sean approached Lauren after hearing her poetry in a quiet room of a Dublin pub. Two weeks later they sat down together to play some jazz standards, and found in each other the perfect audience for their own private scribblings. Before the month was out, they were wowing a hushed crowd at Cassidy's pub, before staking out new territory with Naked Lunch, and within the cavernous confines of Eamon Doran's.

Music was not the obvious destiny for Sean, the PhD student and scholar at Trinity College Dublin, where Lauren has just finished her honours degree in English Studies. She is determined to ensure Sean does not become the geneticist his years of study have prepared him for, and that his powerful songs are heard outside of his Trinity lodgings.

Lauren has been singing for longer than anyone would care to remember, and discovered an intense desire to write songs while listening to John Prine. She is as happy singing Tallis as she is choking on a Tom Waits tune, and has been recognized for her extraordinary range and intuitive feel for melody. With Sean she has found the perfect songwriting partner.


Currently recording our first EP together, due for release August 2008.

Set List

Book of Right On
Jenny's Song
The Namesake
Piano Keys
Red Dress

This is the core of our set list at the moment, including a cover of Joanna Newsom's Book of Right On