The Lauren Taylor Band

The Lauren Taylor Band


Country Rock. Three girls, two guys. Songs with southern and urban themes. Songs about cheatin' and drinkin'.


Combining classic storytelling, a little twang and rock and roll, Lauren Taylor writes songs with southern and urban themes, songs about cheating and drinking.

Originally from the coast of North Carolina, Lauren Taylor grew up with big city New York dreams. With both of her parents from Alabama, her love of storytelling and music was instilled on frequent twelve hour all night drives from North Carolina to Alabama listening to country radio stations. Taylor explains, “I’ve never been able to sleep well. So when I was a kid, while Mom and my little sister slept in the back seat of our family station wagon, I would sit up front with Dad and absorb all the stories and melodies country music offered while the black night highway raced by.”

This love of storytelling is apparent in Lauren Taylor’s EP Almost Charming. The first track “Think Of You,” is a bittersweet story of love lost, all the while wishing the best for your ex-lover. “Dry County” was written for Taylor’s cousins who grew up in Hamilton, Alabama. “The first question asked when out of ear-shot of my grandmother was ‘You want to go to Tupelo?’ I knew then we’d be making that half hour drive for a case of Bush Light,” Taylor muses. The third track “Bad Spell” emotes that feeling of isolated depression to which we can all relate: when nothing is really wrong, but things sure aren’t right. “Trade Your Heart,” a song about wanting what you can’t have and “Poor Melissa,” Melissa’s side of the story to the Allman Brothers’ classic tune, (tracks four and six) were co-written with Taylor’s good friend and mentor Al Maddy, who also plays lap steel on the recording. Maddy’s resume includes stints with Island Records’ recording act The Nitecaps and Joey Ramone. “Gabriel” was written, “because we all need angels.” And “Good Game” well, “It’s about getting played.”

Almost Charming was mastered by another of Taylor’s close friends, punk legend Ivan Julian who is now a sought after producer and engineer. Julian was a founding member of Richard Hell and the Voidoids and has worked with such artists as Mathew Sweet and The Clash.

Backing vocalist Sara Genn, using her G5, recorded the album in her New York City apartment.

Lauren Taylor plays out frequently in New York and has developed a dedicated following.

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Think Of You

Written By: Lauren Taylor

When you walk down the street, please don't think, don't think of me. When you talk to yourself, please don't speak, don't speak of me. When you stand in crowded rooms, please don't look, don't look for me.

Because it wouldn't surprise me if you couldn't recognize me and I'd miss the love you gave to me.

Don't think of me, like I think of you. Don't think of me. Think of you.

I hope she loves you better than I could. I hope she holds you tighter than she should. So that when you sleep, you don't dream of me. Cause I dream enough for the both of us.

Because I miss the interstate and I miss the porch swing and I miss the love you gave to me.

Don't think of me, like I think of you. Don't think of me. Think of you.

I'd rather be the one you left, than to become someone you regret. You can blame me for setting you free, but I don't blame you for anything.

Just don't think of me, like I think of you. Don't think of me. Think of you.

I think of you. I think of you. But don't think of me. Think of you.

Dry County

Written By: Lauren Taylor

I'm on the road to Tupelo to buy a case of beer
And I wouldn't be so all alone if he were sittin' here
But I crossed a line and he lost his mind
And there ain’t no getting him back

It’s a dry county
It’s a dry dry county
It’s a dry county around here

When I get back from Tupelo I'm gonna find myself a chair
And I’ll sit right there and quench my soul 'til the Bama sun goes down
Cause there’s a fine line between wanting more and wanting out

It’s a dry county
It’s a dry dry county
It’s a dry county around here

I've been crying endlessly since he left me but I know where to refill my tears and drown my misery
I'm gonna drive to Mississippi

It’s a dry county
It’s a dry dry county
It’s a dry county around here

And I'm on the road to Tupelo to buy a case of beer

Trade Your Heart

Written By: Lauren Taylor

Nothing needs to stay the same
I spent enough to pay my way
I don't need to go astray
But there are days when I have to roam

I like it when I'm in your site
You say she doesn't keep you satisfied
I don't want to be that kind
But in your style I find my way

They say that there’s only one

I Run away
I Catch my breath
You watch me leave with someone else
Could it be
That we love
The ones that are so wrong
Back and forth
I've had enough
Can just anybody love
Does it matter what they say
Or can just anybody love
In love
I've had enough

Hit the beach and swam away
Crashing waves filled the silences
Now the need is on the way
And I forgot how I washed up here

And they say that there's only one

Look at me trade your heart
I used to think that I was smart
And the nights they're so long
You're standing all alone in the dark
And you said "I believe"
But I can't believe no I can't believe
Look at me don't want to fight
Let's throw it all away today away

A way to believe
I believe you belong to me

A way to believe in love
But I've had enough


"Almost Charming" - Seven Songs 2005

'Poor Melissa' single released by Reel to Reel Records June 2005

Set List

Think of You
Dry County
Bad Spell
Trade Your Heart
Poor Melissa
Good Game
I Saw Him First
Baby Done Gone
Chained To Your Memory
Go Home
Sweet Rotten Blossoms
Deisel Engine
Dead Flowers