Laure Péré

Laure Péré


Laure Péré is a French-Italian singer songwriter. She writes her songs in Italian, English and French. Her music is a fusion of folk and musical traditions from around the world, creating its own "métissage". She has just released her first album, "L'Altr'Alba" (the other dawn).


Born in France on the South-West Atlantic coast, Laure Péré started her musical journey at age four when her mother found her tapping away at the stove in the living-room. She got her first piano at six, started to take music lessons - classical piano, singing and choir – and continued her musical training for the following ten years.
From her French father and her Italian mother she took on an inclination for travel and languages. Being immersed in both the French and Italian cultures, she expresses herself in both languages with equal fluency.
But let’s continue the journey... At 20, Laure travelled throughout Canada and fell in love with the province of Québec. She settled in Montreal where she took singing lessons and joined various stage bands. In 1994, she founded "Black Nag", a Celtic music trio with vocals, violin, guitar and percussion. The trio performed regularly in Quebec for four years, enabling her to gain considerable stage experience until she decided to give her career a new turn by composing her own songs.
In 1998, the "Canada Council for the Arts" awarded Laure a grant for research and composition. During this period she also met new musicians, explored Flamenco, African, Arabic and South American traditional musical trends, which still influence her compositions today. She gave her first series of performances as a singer-songwriter in several venues throughout Quebec, including various “Maisons de la Culture” (Cultural Centres) in Montreal. In 2002, She received a grant from the "Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec" for research and composition.
Laure has created her own personal style and her repertoire has grown considerably. Her songs, with lyrics in Italian, English and French, tell us stories where the full moon, nature and old souls meet. Her music is a powerful meditative journey that fuses folk and various musical traditions from around the world: Flamenco rhythms, Celtic melodies, African percussion...creating its own "métissage".
Accompanied by outstanding musicians, Laure has just released her first album, "L'Altr'Alba", with Erik West-Millette as co-producer (Marijo Thério; Bïa), a project for which she received grants from the "Canada Council for the Arts" and the "Fondation du Maire de Montréal".


"L'Altr'Alba": released on oct 22, 2007

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