Laureta Meci

Laureta Meci


Official website Laureta Meci is an Albanian artist and she is releasing her first new hit single Respect Me!


Laureta Meci is an immigrant from her native Albania. She was born in Kucove, where she lived until completing her high school studies. Her and her family moved to Athens, Greece in 1995.
In 1998 she came to the United States to pursue her college studies and in the past three years has begun to follow a career path in performing arts. She has completed courses at the prestigious Stella Adler School of Acting in New York City and continues to advance her career in acting, singing, and modeling.
Laureta has been involved in several productions in America such as her song and music video "Respect Me" and Shadow Kill. Other projects include being a featured model in several national print advertisements and promotional videos, such as a campaign for American Culture Hair Care Products. Laureta has been interviewed and photographed for several magazines and newspapers, as well as being featured on TV.
Laureta is currently working on more songs as well as completing the feature length follow up to Shadow Kill.


Respect Me (Single-Usa)