Laurie Miller Band

Laurie Miller Band


Female Frank Zappa, Bob Dylan & Tom Petty. Bass player singer & songwriter. With the band Kilo we have been described as Zappa meets Primus. We have both positive lyrics, funky grooves, and some sarcastic lyrics - plus some punk hard rock, and pop songs.


I play bass for a living - it is a hard life, but I love it especially when I get to play with good drummers.
I had an original project Missing Children, but my guitar player had a psychotic episode and ended up in the mental hospital, we recorded a CD played all the origianal clubs with a great response, but after my partner/guitar player went crazy I pretty just played bass for other people for a while playing in usually 5 - 6 bands at a time, and did some touring. Currently I really dig the guys I'm playing with, they were coming to a gig I was hosting as a jam night, when their bass player went to jail they had me come play for them. Basically we've combined our bands, and we've just released a couple of CDs Laurie Miller & Kilo,
Kilo, and Laurie Miller 'I Like You'. I really enjoy our energy, and we are all 4 Tore asses (Taurus's).
My influences are Bowie, Jaco (bass), Primus,
Red Hot Chili Peppers, and all other great song writers Jimi and Dylan. For Dennis I think he likes Zappa? What sets us apart is our songwriting, our harmonies - Dennis & me, George's whistling, our sense of humor, and my purple toes.


Missing Children - Wants & Needs
Laurie Miller - Tall Tales
Laurie Miller - Fornicated Infinity
Laurie Miller - I Like You
Laurie Miller & Kilo
Kilo- Sneaky

Set List

I Like You
Tell Me Why
Just a Frog
The Heist
Have a Nice Day!
Loser Magnet
Jumping Up & Down
Inside Outside
Covers - I know about 3 thousand no lie
Red Hot Chili Peppers
etc. etc.