Laurra Fitzgerald

Laurra Fitzgerald


Primarily I am a Contemporary Christian artist but also write secular songs. My genre leans toward Folk Rock with some songs comming across as Celitc or Blues. I can perform solo with my guitar or with a band depending on the venue. I have over 15 yrs experience in performance arts.


I have been singing since I was in elementary school. Music became the one thing that set me apart and made me popular because my home life was a mess - dad left, mom left, etc. I put music on hold for a long time to concentrate on raising my family so I wouldn't do to my kids what was done to me. Just when I thought I would be able to immerse myself again, when my kids were older, I developed very serious nodes on my vocal chords that were threatening to become cysts. I had surgery and then spent the next 4 years in vocal therapy with an additional 2 in speech therapy before I finally had a voice again. This was a very dark time in my life - I hadn't realized how important it was for me to sing. I began to develop my guitar skills and songwriting skills during this time so I could stay musically active. I guess what sets me apart is that I never gave up - even when I reached an age that was beyond the interest of the professional music community. I am so happy to be able to sing again that I do it every chance I get. I'm so excited by music that I have a hard time sticking to one genre of songwriting - it's all so beautiful to me. My main genre is Folk Rock - most people that hear me sing songs I've written tell me it has a cool "retro folk" sound. I tell them - "retro nothing! It's the real deal!" My voice lends itself in a strange way to Celtic and Blues as well, so I have written in those styles too. In my day job I have had the opportunity to produce some production music as well. I am a Christian who is a musician. I write music that honors God whether it is a spiritual song or a secular song.


What Does It Matter

Written By: Laurra Fitzgerald

A long time ago
In the depths of our souls
We were rocked to the core
That's all nothing more
You went your way, I went mine
Seeking the divine
In seperate places

You are who you are
I've become who I am
The same flash in the pan
I jumped out, you stayed in
Counting our "what should have beens"
Your hemmmed out, I'm hemmed in
In seperate places

But what does it matter
It was way back then
This sensless chatter
Of what might have been
Let's stop being ghosts of days gone by
And get on with life
What does it matter anyway?

I know I am right
You think you're right too
All we ever do is argue
How important is the truth
This great divide
Is going to swallow us whole
In seperate places

Repeat Chorus


Written By: Laurra Fitzgerald

Our lives are like fragments of shells washed ashore
Pieces of beauty and grace not the whole
The mystery of the missing may never be solved
But look at the fragment you've found

See the beauty of the piece in your hand
The graceful lines
Of artistry Divine
The design is incomplete
But what is there, so lovely and rare
This fragment you hold in your hand

We get so distracted by the piece we can't find
Our attention is drawn from the one in our hand
We miss all the beauty we hold
So look at the fragment you've found


This fragment may be all you'll ever know
Of what you were meant to be as a whole
The mystery of what is not there
Lies in the piece in your care
So savor the fragment you've found


Risk vs Hope

Written By: Laurra Fitzgerald

I know you think this life you love is over but it's not
I'd like to think of it as a new start
Your so worried that you might receive a broken heart
The fear of risk that has you rooted to this spot
So you stand there with your hands shoved in the pockets of your jeans
Avoiding the extreme

I feel things differently I'm not like you
What you're running from
I run in to
I don't like the insulation
Of self segregation
I may be blind
But I know life will not pass me by

Your feigned indifference3 will not take you very far
At some point you'll have to let down your guard
The judgment of your life you make with such impunity
Smacks somewhat of serious uncertainty
Instead of taking leaps of faith acquiring what you want
You just say "I can't"


So you hide behind discussions laced with sure vapidity
It's quite an unattractive quality
You talk about God as if he can't hear a word you say
If you close your eyes He might just go away
You work so hard avaiding self-fulfilling prophecy
Your heart breaks anyway


I Wonder

Written By: Laurra Fitzgerald

I heard today
That you had passed away
As someone who was once your muse
It was distressing news
I feel deep sadness even though
I knew you very long ago
So I wonder...

Did you dream big?
Did you love true?
Or did your demons get the best of you?
Did you get to lands unknown
Or were you perpetually at home?
Did you discover
what really mattered?
Or did you exit this world in tatters?

Did you rise above
What held you down?
Did you find the truth
Did make you strong?
Did you fly to heaven or
Sink to hell?
Did you mostly take
Or did you love well?
Was there anyone left to weep
When so soon life went to sleep?


Were you confident
Of what you knew
Or did doubts and darkness
Torture you?
Did you become what
You thought you would
Or would you have changed you
If you could?
Were you alone when
You breathed your last
Or did someone leave you
With a kiss?



I have 1 cd that is available thru I tunes called "Youre Not An Orphan.
I have 3 fully produced singles:
"Eye For Beauty"
"Help My Unbelief"
They are not streamed anywhere as of this time
CD #2 is due to be released next year

Set List

My typical set list tends to be 3 - 10 songs, but I've done less and more.
Following are the titles of all my original music
I remember
Psalm 33
The Body
You are My God
Children of My Heart
You're Not An Orphan
Prayer of a Servant
Get Behind Me Satan
The Gift
You're the It
I Am Home
What Does it Matter
Eye For Beauty
Help My Unbelief
Adopted By the King
Risk vs Hope
Prepare to Meet My God
You Are Enough
Come By Here
Dance on the Feet of the Father
Throne of Glory
Prince of Peace
Back in Bethlehem
Riding the Whirlwind
In Your Mercy
Once Again
If You Were Here
When I'm on My Knees
My Refuge, My Sanctuary
Fall in the Arms of Jesus
Sing Over Me
Let Your Beauty Wash All Over Me
May You
Praise the King
All Fall Down
If I Had Faith
I Wonder
I have over 200 Christian worship songs and hymns under my belt