BandEDMHip Hop

An electro-style dj bringing new sounds to the modern EDM scene through producing bootlegs and originals and often mixing the old with the new. Although relatively new to the local scene LAV3R FLAVE has grown a significant fanbase over a short period of time on both twitter and soundcloud.


Lover of all music and any food covered in smothered cheese, this path (in music) has been one I've wanted to take since day one. Born and raised in Truro, Nova Scotia and while growing up I didn't have any specific mentor to point me in a specific direction but always had a burning desire to pursue the creation of music. It started with keyboard and guitar at an early age and eventually moved to dj-ing in high school. I was always the type of person that'd be asked to throw their ipod on at a party and when I decided to buy my first set of PA speakers my position was as the dj was solidified (having a set of 15" tops at every party went a long way for high school parties). So that eventually switched from throwing an ipod on to using software and borrowing when controllers when I could. By grade 11 I was doing a handful of weddings throughout the year as well as proms/ school dances in the area. By the time I got to University I was dying to get my hands on some top quality equipment, That's when I met our campus dj at the time (has since graduated) Dj HRBT). That'd when I played on CDJs for the first time ever and I was hooked. He introduced me to some people who have been very influential in my dj and producing future. After deciding cdjs are what I really wanted I made the bold decision to live up North (Inuvik, NWT) to afford a top quality set of dj equipment and soon enough I had my own set of cdjs and mixer. I had the equipment for less hen two weeks when I had the amazing opportunity to play at StFX's frosh week's outdoor dance event with Dj Extremity and Dj Harttbeat which had aprox. 1200 attendance. Attendance wise that is the height of my djing caree (hopefully not for long!). Since the I have worked a lot more at producing while dj-ing on a semi regular basis in both Antigonish and Halifax.


2013: On The Square Ep