Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CAN

Crushing 4 Peice Stoner/Doom Metal band, that is surrounded by myth's of intrigue and danger. These superstitions are alluring to those who come under their spell of devilish power and peculiar intoxication...


Over the past 10 years, Lavagoat has seen several incarnations emerge and fold in on its self however not until 2009 did the band began to take on a solidity and a seriousness that would set it into motion with the forward momentum of an avalanche. Lavagoat began to embark on many gigs, tours and recording endeavours leaving wide swaths of death and destruction in their wake striking terror and metal induced euphoria into the trembling bodies of fans caught in their path. Sean (bass), Graeme (guitar), Jimi (guitar) and Graham (drums) are the four heralds of the apocalypse that orchestrate this onslaught of classic doom.

Across two decades, they have all played in many groups around Saskatchewan. Now having finally joined forces, they have come together to unleash their combined metal ferocity upon the masses with three bone crushing releases and another forthcoming storm now cresting the horizon. This latest release will add credence to that which has already become known to many as Lavagoat; heavy, crushing and groovy riff based Metal.


"TOWER OF THE ELEPHANT" Demo Released Sept 5, 2009
"LAVAGOAT" Full Lenght LP Released July 24, 2010
"MONOLITHS OF MARS" EP Released Oct. 1, 2011
"AGELESS NONSENSE" Full Length LP Forthcoming late 2013/early 2014

Set List

1.The Puritan
2.Tower of the Elephant
3.Shapeshifting Masters of Darkness
4.Ice Giants
5.Black Lotus
6.Old Man and the Sea
8.The Witch
10.Forge of Vulcan
11.Cursed Emperor
13.Ocean Lord
15.Beyond the Edge of Time
16.The House
17.Worms of the Earth
18. Galactic Dementia