Modern all instro surf band that caters to a wide spectrum of music fans of all ages. Sets include original material as well as classic and rare surf standards. Live shows present with a retro-pulp vibe that is positive, highly congageous and encourages crowd participation during performances.


Introducing surf music into a new millennium, The Lavamen bring a refreshing change to the music scene. Entrenched in watery tone driven guitar reverb and wave pounding drum and bass rhythms, The Lavamen offer a unique performance that is fun to listen to and watch without being overpowering or demanding. As an all instrumental four piece surf rock and pulp-drag band, the Lavamen have been thrilling audiences since 2005. The Lavamen blend a fantastic selection of rare surf covers and bold originals while maintaining a heavily influential pulp surf vibe that is exciting, exotic, and fearless. The Lavamen's ever-present surf tone creates a sometimes heavy and sometimes light and watery voyage for audiences and listeners alike. Influences include The Ventures, Dick Dale, Daikaiju, The Mermen.
The Lavamen create an ever-evolving visual presentation that continues to suprise and entertain with every set. In 2007, The Lavamen introduced the "Reverbo-Destructo-a-go-go" dance troupe to enhance their show's already retro-pulp-party atmosphere. The band also collaborates with artist DJ Spell Play with visual stage effects.
Currently The Lavamen are set to record their first full length album at Cash Studios and plan a release date before October 31st.
The Lavamen's live instrumental performances appeal to a wide range and variety of music lovers. Their catalog includes many rare surf-rock standards while also offering exciting original material that is conductive to a fun, diverse age thrilling experience.



Written By: LAVAMEN

Sorry folks, no lyrics.
We are an all instrumental surf band.
The only lyrics are on a couple of covers we do occasionally.

Plus this is the longest song we could get to upload on here.

We will get some sample clips of different songs soon.


Stand alone ep Reverb 100. 8 song disc available at concerts, or by request. Cost is $5.00

Streaming available at

Set List

Sets can range from between 30 min's. to over and hour and a half, depending on venues or private parties needs or requests. Some songs include:
Racer X, Low Tide, The Bump, Miserlou, Journey to the Stars, Mr. Moto, Pipeline, Wipeout, Neptunes convoy as well as other classic and rare covers and plenty of original material. Currently we are at 36 songs for a full 2 hour set.