La Verdad

La Verdad

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This group based out L.A. is the latin markets answer to black eyed peas.


The Truth! It’s the truth in music. The first group of its kind! A product harvested from talent developed through the years. When a project like this comes along that pushes further into unexplored territory. Music is changed forever! La Verdad is Raw beats layered with Latin instrumentation, rough and rugged rhyme styles to catchy hooks and sought after tracks. La Verdad’s got it covered! WHAT UP C-NOTE? He's responsible for Our baggin Tracks! HARVEST PRODUCT! We've opened up for some major acts like CYPRESS HILL, TONY TOUCH, DON OMAR, YING YANG TWINS, LIL JON FULANITO, PIT BULL, ALEXIS Y FIDO, MIMS, BABY BASH, & LIL ROB. We just did a 10 day tour in Japan where We opened up for LIL JON (YEAAAAHH). If You haven't been to a LA VERDAD gig yet, I recommend it! You'll have a good time!! We've performed on various T.V. shows like DESPIERTA SAN DIEGO on UNIVISION y THE DROP on SITV, TELEMUNDO ETC... We've had Our music placed on T.V. shows like BONES, THE SHIELD & DAY BREAK, Every detail of Our music and its production is at the heart and soul! We hope you enjoy our expression of Hip-Hop. Ya Llego!!!!


La Lucha-LP 2009

Set List

Set list is all originals. Apprx. 30-45 in length.