2008 sees Progressive/Hardcore titans Lavondyss return with their astounding new Mini-Album 'Nibiru'. The record was releases on the 04th of August and has been met with critical acclaim from Kerrang, Big Cheese & Metal Hammer not to mention countless online reviews.


Lavondyss are a hardcore quintet from Rugby. They enjoy countryside cottages, evening strolls and above all, cups of tea. Or brothels, hit and runs and constant alcohol abuse, which ever you think works best.

Beginning at the beginning. 2006 saw Lavondyss form, write a set and begin to jump around in front of people. Putting on, from the very first show, a set of technical musicianship well beyond their years and an awe-inspiring energy constant from the first click to the last note, if there’s one thing their home crowd learnt in those early months watching Lavondyss, it was Don’t Blink.

Two years down the line and Lavondyss had toured the country relentlessly still putting on an energetically entertaining live show and progressing musically with every new track. Headlining the Birmingham Barfly, opening up for Architects, releasing their first demo EP ‘Available For Children’s Parties’ by themselves, receiving positive reviews from various websites and zines for said homebrew CD and a number of impressive live reviews from BBC reps, somehow finding themselves on Channel 4 touching Alex Zane inappropriately and playing more shows in more places with more people than any of them would like to remember, all caught the attention of Shropshire’s A Wolf At Your Door Records.

After playing a few showcases for the label, the band had proved their pudding, so to speak, and the label offered them an EP and two-album contract. Recruiting Klash Music Management, the band decided working with WAYD was the way they wanted to go.

As musically the band evolved adding a much more progressive edge to their over all sound, proggy/hardcore interspersed with poppy, sing-along parts and taking influence from The Fall of Troy, Protest The Hero and Alexisonfire. The live set became ever more relentless, now a full showcase of energy, ever daring the audience to out last the performers in physical exertion.

With a record label and full management company behind them Lavondyss began to work harder than they ever had before. Heading off to record their new Mini album ‘Nibiru’ with ‘Devil Sold His Soul’s Jonny Renshaw at his private studio, with Matty O’Grady (The Arusha Accord, You Me At Six) having mastered the record, the band are looking to this CD to portray them as the musicians they are today, with a nod to the future and the continued work-hard-play-harder attitude that got them to this stage.

Having shows with Architects, InMe & Bury Tomorrow already under their belts and many more scheduled for the future, a brand new Mini-Album and a new set that most fear has the destructive force of Coke and Mentos 2008 will be the year Lavondyss make themselves heard. Even if that means calling off an evening stroll.


Nibiru - 2008 (A Wolf At Your Door Records)
Available For Children's Parties - 2007 (Self Released)
Reborn Into Disaster - 2006 (Self Released)

Set List

...Meanwhile...Back On Earth
A Giant Warned Me
For Future Reference
Were It So Easy
Scooby Doo
Interval At A Ghost Show