Luke Wholers

Luke Wholers


Blues-Hearted Man. All I need is a guitar.


Born August 13, 1983 in the City of Puebla de los Angeles, Puebla, Mexico. At the age of two I went to live to Argentina and at age four I went to Spain. At age 6 I began to play with musicians in the street that played Blues, where my fascination for this genre and the electric guitar was born.

I went back to Argentina, there I could not continue playing, but dedicated myself to listening to music and my love for music kept growning. A year later I went to Mexico. At the age of 14 I returned to Argentina. I experimented with other musical styles, but finally took up the blues for good. From there the music took for me another meaning and a new value: The music itself became the means by whichto express myself freely and to feel well without mattering how I felt before playing. I stopped playing a single genre and started experimenting with others, to be able to define my own style.

After a month of finishing high school I left home and went back to Mexico with my two guitars, an amplifier, a bag, and $700 dlls. After six months of wondering through Mexico, I arrived at Guadalajara September 1, 2003 to take a course of Audio Engineering, same time I met Search. Later Search invites me to record Lia's demo. And Noos is born. After that, the story is in the making.