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LAWLESS aka "The LAW" is a mainstream Hip Hop artist that can blur the line between secular and spiritual genres. LAWLESS is talent as a tongue twisting MC can only be matched by his ability to write thought provoking songs. Known for his integrity and professionalism LAWLESS lays down the LAW!


LAWLESS is a LA area rapper originally from the tough streets of Gary, Indiana. He specializes in "Reality Based Story Telling," that blurs the lines between secular and spritual based music. After escaping the street life of Gary, LAWLESS fine tuned his vocal skills in the hallowed halls of Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. He then blended his unique mix of club, academia, and spiritual sounds in the LA music scene. LAWLESS is virtually a "one stop shop" with a variety of Hip Hop talents. The LAW and brings an "God Awareness" to Mainsteam Hip Hop and brings "Street Cred" and pratical application messages to Gospel Hip Hop. He is known in the industry as a consumate professional that can taylor a set or write a theme song for any audience. The sky and beyond is the limit for this young man as his stature in the music community grows with every show and new relationship. His new album LAWLESS vs. The LAW due 1st Qtr 2010 will showcase his well rounded style and pits good vs. not so good. LAWLESS is a bonafide star in the making!!


"The Candy Song" EP
June 2009
April 2010

Set List

Sets Range from 10 minute club and openers both mainstream and spiritual genres

Also have the capacity to play full 45 minute sets with or without full band