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Lawless Breed head to Germany and UK in October 2008 after a string of shows in Australia with The Screaming Jets, The Butterfly Effect and Kevin Borich showcasing their addictive hardcore rock.

Following their return to Australia in November, the band heads to Thredbo for The Snowy Ride 2008 and annual event staged to raise money for The Steven Walter Foundation in the fight against Children's Cancer.

On stage, searing performance by vocalist Steve Mulry, brother of legend Ted Mulry, leave people in awe with many of his peers sighting him, with full respect to Ted, as a superior vocalist. Steve is backed by a powerhouse rhythm section featuring George Muscat on Drums and Laurie 'LOZ' Marlow (Ex Heaven) on Bass the band is fuelled by the unadulterated fire brand guitars of Ross Flynn and Kane Starkey (Nathan Cavalieri) in the engine room.

Individual members of Lawless Breed boast the experience of opening performances and touring with Kiss, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Motley Crew, Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Rose Tattoo, The Screaming Jets, The Angels (Angel City), The Radiators, Diesel, Swanee in their previous respective bands and are excited to be taking their new music across Australia and onto Europe.

With a new album in the studio and enough tracks to sleeve a couple, the signing with Blue Tongue Management (The Angels Band) and their first international tour with world distribution through EMG (Germany), 2008 holds exciting times ahead for the band and the benefactors will be lovers of traditional hardcore rock.

Bring It On!

Bring It On!


The individual members of this band have recorded well over 20 albums between them but this band is about now.
Addicted - Single May 8th 2008

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