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"Celtic Beat Magazine Review"

Jethro's Revenge has ten tunes, eight of which are instrumentals. The tunes range from beautiful instrumentals to love songs. From quietly contemplative to upbeat. The guitar playing is excellent. "Edinburgh Waltz" and "You are the One" have a Celtic influence. "Edinburgh Waltz" is a pretty song about long lasting love. You may find yourself humming it as you go through your day. "Wasatch Sunset (The Porch Dream)" sets a great mood of relaxing on the back porch to watch the sunset after a long day. "If You Go" is another favorite that seems to be influenced by classical Spanish guitar and has a change of tempo. All the tunes are written by Lawn Jockey. Jethro's Revenge is a folk-like recording, not strictly Celtic, but if you like excellent guitar playing this is a CD worth buying. Ann Hazen, Celtic Beat Magazine, Boston, Massachusetts
- Celtic Beat

"The Critical Review - "Jethro's Revenge""

This is an act new to me. Of the 10 tracks on the CD, each song has its own unique character. Usually when you get two acoustic guitarists on their first album, you get a monotonish sound where all the songs will tend to sound alike. You also get lots of repeated chords, the 2 and 3 chord rock or strumming that immediately tells you that the players are rank amateurs. NOT so in this case! Here there is picking, strumming, chords, and finergwork that is at times clearly not easy. The result is nice sounding music. The recording quality and level is excellent, the music clean and intimate. Their production is solid as well. "You are the One" 3:49 opens the album. The feel somehow is Irish, the vocals decent, and the pickin' good. On "Flowers for Mel" we get a short work that presents some very nice sounds. "Hot Dog Water" 2:12 is a tiny tune but the playing is fast and tight. A track that has some very nice moments is "Riverstones". The playing is nuanced, the tones very clear, and the feel is up close. Then comes "If You Go" a song that has an exotic feel, maybe Spanish in places with very interesting notes being played. The feel is also somewhat mystical. One of my favorite cuts was "Wasatch Sunset" which clearly painted pictures in my mind. I was reminded of water going over and around rocks in a bubbly brook. An excellent song. Then there is "Edinburgh Waltz" 3:46, a selection that has vocals and has a sort of sad melancholy sense to it. "I Lost Myself" 3:42 is another number that presents the nice interaction between these two artists. Another of my favorite cuts, as they create some very fresh sounds from their guitars. I've heard hundreds of guitarists and after a while they seem to sound alike, especially when you have 1 or 2 with acoustics. Not here. This was a nice effort. On "Homecoming" they sound alright. "Jethro's Revenge" ends with a song titled "The Running of the Jackalope". Here they play lots of rhythmic sounds and end the project on a nice note. This is a nice relaxing acoustic album, no fluff, no tricks, no effects. It offers good guitar work from a solid duo. Check it out. Armando Canales, Editor, The Critical Review, El Paso, Texas - The Critical Review

"Pennsylvania Musician Magazine Review"

Lawn Jockey is an acoustic project featuring veteran musicians/guitarists Tom Henry and Scott Stokes. If you are a fan of acoustic guitars, tasteful playing, and thoughtful and melodic Folk/Easy Listening sounds, you'll find plenty to cheer about here. "Jethro's Revenge", .. a nice display of melody, acoustic guitar finesse and artistry well worth checking out. Rating 9.3/10.0 Jim Price, The Pennsylvania Musician - The Final Cut - WBXQ 94.3FM, Altoona, PA. - Pennsylvania Musician Magazine


Two Full-Length Albums:

"Jethro's Revenge" from 1999 includes ten songs which have received international radio airplay. "Jethro's Revenge" is available streaming at numerous websites and is available for digital download at nearly 90 websites. Hard copies of the CD are available at Borders Books & Music, CD Baby, Amazon, CD Universe, and CD Freedom.

"Out By The Cement Pond" to be released in May 2009 will have the same distribution as "Jethro's Revenge"

Compilation CD's:

Two songs from "Jethro's Revenge" appear on the AGF Volume II compilation CD.

One song from "Jethro's Revenge" will appear on Cygnus Radio's Dog Dreams Compilation CD.



Lawn Jockey is an American duo specializing in acoustic music in a variety of styles, including folk, Celtic, psycho-bluegrass and New Age. The duo consists of singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Tom Henry from Elmwood Park, IL and songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Scott Stokes from Henryetta, OK. Their debut CD "Jethro's Revenge" (1999) was released to widespread critical acclaim and continues to receive radio airplay on independent stations across the U.S, Canada, Europe, and Australia. Their subsequent tour, likewise, received outstanding reviews. A new CD entitled "Out By The Cement Pond" is scheduled for release in 2009.

Tom and Scott, both veterans of countless cover bands, met in 1990 while both lived in the Altoona, PA area. From the beginning their styles meshed seamlessly and they worked in numerous bands together. 1997 saw the initial concept of Lawn Jockey as a multi-piece electric ensemble. Two original songs were recorded for what was to be a full-length CD, however internal problems split the band before any further work was completed. The following summer, Tom and Scott started experimenting with the idea of an all-acoustic duo featuring their original songs. They decided to retain the Lawn Jockey name and the die was cast.

They entered the studio in March 1999 and completed the recording in May 1999. A tour was planned that took them from Burlington, VT to Charlotte, NC to Cleveland, OH. The CD and the live shows proved to be very popular and well received. During the tour it became apparent that a hiatus was needed. Neither Tom nor Scott thought it would last over seven years. During this time both left PA with Tom settling outside of Chicago and Scott in Henryetta, OK. Then, on March 25, 2008 a chance call brought the two back together. Through subsequent conversations it became apparent the two felt there was unfinished business. Noting that "Jethro's Revenge" was still garnering interest, Tom and Scott decided it was time to get back to work. At this time, they are busy resurrecting the Lawn Jockey name and preparing to begin recording their sophomore effort "Out By The Cement Pond", with a release date scheduled in 2009.