Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction


GUMBO! a collective of multiple genres thrown together in one pot. It doesn't matter how many bowls you eat, you never get the same bowl twice. it's not really a soup, cant really call it a stew, it's just GUMBO! that down home sound that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling. it's food for your soul!!


We're New Mexico's ALL-STAR band! taking the very best of what the Southwest has to offer, throwing it all together in one pot to cook up what we call GUMBO MUSIC!! you can't duplicate our sound as we ALL march to the beat of a different drum, yet fly on the same plane!!, have you seen our "eye candy?!" the LATIN LOVELYS are sure to turn heads!

ALWAYS FRONT AND CENTER!! introducing.... THE LATIN LOVELYS of Law of Attraction!! Ms. Lydia Garcia and Elizabeth Smith.

Lydia Garcia (Vocals)-"The Movement"

Quote: "I'm not really out here trying to become an American Idol, I want to take people to that same place where music has taken me: Away from a sometimes turbulent reality."

From where?: Everywhere by way of Los Angeles, California.

From a family where 4 guitars, 15 singers and 20-plus dancers, was their idea of a "get together". On the suggestion of her mother, she picked up a guitar at age 8. At age 19, her mother had a different suggestion...that the daughter of a minister shouldn't be gracing bars after hours and hangin' out with miscreant musicians. Limited to a singin' diet of weddings and quincianeras, she had to get her "Halleluah" voice out from under her parents' roof. Fortunately, she found a new family in the church of music. Her new worship includes the beloved audience and the spirit of world music. She's sung, songwritten and danced for bands that have played Salsa, Reggae, Tejano and Afro Latin music. Classically trained in the "school of life", she's known for adding her own latin feel every track she's fingerprinted. She's received Best Bi-lingual Duet of the Year from the New Mexico Music Awards and been nominated for other songs as well.

Elizabeth Padilla Ortiz Smith (Vocals)-"The Songstress"

Quote: "For only her second time on stage it was evident that this was what Elizabeth was born to do." or "I was Cum Laude, Beyotch!"

From where?: Burque Native

In 1994 at Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church, an 11 year-old gave this world her voice for the very first time at the suggestion of her guitar playing, songwriting father. She's wandered away from this calling since, but it keeps serenading her back in. 5 years after her church debut she entered a contest won a chance to sing in a competition in New York City, placing 4th out of 500 contestants. College life introduced her to her mentor, Choral Professor Bradley Ellingboe, and her future husband, all on her way to a B.A. in Music. Her University of New Mexico singing career included the all women's choir - Las Cantantes, a Department of Music Scholarship, a nomination for the Twenty-Seventh Annual College of Fine Arts Senior Prize and a four year run on the College of Fine Arts Dean's List. A trained opera singer, she's been part of gigs as diverse as the delivering of the beams from the World Trade Center Twin Towers after 9/11 that were used in the reconstruction of a church tower in Albuquerque and singing for a naturalization ceremony in Albuquerque where 450 people became US citizens.

Delmone Taylor (Sax)- "The Chef ... combining all the right and wrong elements"

Quote: "It didn't make sense to me, and I didn't want to give the gift of music to people and not be able to tell them how to earn a living with the very same thing I taught them to be so passionate about."

From where?: Fairbanks, Alaska by way of Seoul, Korea.

Mother from New Orleans and there, he first touched the sax at seven. Sensei's like Mr. "Kidd" Jordan, Brian Dickerson, Dan Goble, Ted DeCorso, Lyle Dockendorff, David Sanchez, Ernie Watts and Wynton Marsalis. At 19, long before a UNM B.A. in Music Education, He toured Europe with the UAF Jazz Band. Since, in Albuquerque, he's been part of such fine musical outfits like La Junta, Felonious Groove Foundation and Mystic Vision. He had a plan to take over the world one show at a time and realized he needed some friends to put in on this. The CEO of Taylor Made Real Estate AND Taylor Made Records, he stays high on this life by being a tireless supporter of the Burque music scene, and passionately suggests that you do the same, "It doesn't have to be my show, or even the bands I play in, but please just go see SOMEONE!!" Get up now, go! Run, flee your homes!

Camilo Quinones (Percussion)- "The Prodigy"


From where?: Burque Native

From the storied lineage of Quinones percussionist, he has chosen to follow in the footsteps of his father Tony Quinones, Uncle Rafael Quinones and his brother Marc Quinones. The product of a Puerto Rican Father and a Cubana Mother, he's been studying the sounds made by skins and hollow objects since he was seven. He shared the stage with such giants as Tito Puente Sr., Tito Puente Jr., The Allman Brothers Bands, Carlos Santana, The Spanish Harlem Orquestra, Poncho Sanchez, Polanco y su cunjunto and Ozomatli. He's pretty much been called a "Genius" (or Timbalero of the Year) by the New


Why'd You Lie

Written By: Delmone Taylor, Hakim Bellamy, Lydia Garcia, Elizabeth Smith, Eric Owens, Gabriel Harrington, Dan Ga

Why'd you lie, to get your way
you made this world
an ugly place.
I loved you more
with everyday.
and you just threw it all away.

Reminiscing on
the days that you were true,
a candlelight I thought
would never die.
But now you’ve burnt me
with your flame,
and you put my love to shame.
We were the talk of the town,
now you're sleeping around
I take His name in vain.

Talk is what it is
don’t judge me till you hear my side.
Ya gotta half a story
that’s all lies.
I’m just sick of your “I’m tired”
and I’m tired of “I’m sick,”
If I’m weighin you down,
why you hang around?
Sick and tired of this shit!

I don’t wanna argue
(I don’t wanna fight)
You’re the one to blame
(you know now that ain’t right)
It might take two to play,
but no one ever beats the game.

Well, baby I’m so sorry
(that won’t work no more)
I did nothing wrong
(I heard it all before)
You never see my way
each and every single day
We can never seem to even score.


Verse #2
I can't deny this feeling
as my brightness slowly dies.
I've had with your stories
and your lies, lies, lies.

The grass ain't always greener
i don't know what you see in her
but your ignorance
will lead to your demise.

Practice what you're preaching,
in your preaching
problems teaching
violence, treat me foul to thinking,
that this might just be our fate.
Love uncommon,
passion sinking,
we just manufacture hate.
and dont feel you need to kick me out, cuz babe i got a date.

CHORUS, solo and out

Nunca Se Canso

Written By: Lydia Garcia

Sabado en la noche que pase
Bailando fuera con amigas
Saliste Bailando rico papito
Y muy suavecito chiquito
Te segui el pasito pasito
Te invite a bailar

Perdida en esos ojos negros
Bailamos hasta el amanecer
Bailabamos separao
Y pegadito
Pero siempre muy juntito
Solo te segui el pasito
Hasta madrugar

Me Bailo varia cumbia
Me bailo un reggeton
Me bailaba salsa y un reggae
Y Nunca se canso
Nunca se canso
Nunca se canso

English Translation

Last Saturday night
Went out dancing with my girls
And there you were dancing enticing me daddy
And oh so smoothly baby
I followed each step, each step
I asked you out to dance

Lost in those dark eyes
We danced until the morning rise
We danced apart and together
Yet always close together
I only followed your lead
Until the break of dawn

He dance several cumbia's
He dance with me reggeton
He danced salsa and reggae and
He never wore down
Never wore down
Never wore down

Thru da Storm

Written By: Delmone Taylor, Nick Pena, and Hakim Bellamy

Chorus: Thru the storm, we have got to find a way; so hold on, and be strong. Thru the storm, you have got to keep your faith, and move on; cuz the sun will shine another day.

Verse 1
When I was young
turn back the hands of time,
Just blowing in the wind.
Never knew the days were passing by,
never knew that they would end.

But I’m all grown up now,
and no I’m not a child,
I can see just how,
hard my life has really been.

And all of my bad mistakes,
from all of the chance I take,
and that’s just a choice I make.
and i never seem to break, cuz I know I’ll see...


Verse 2
it seems like everyday will never end,
don’t know where it begins.
wake up hoping it was just a nasty dream,
playing like it was pretend.

black may be the clouds that face you,
don’t you let those demons chase you,
running from it will not save you,
use the strength the good lord gave you.

When it’s vain to try and dodge it,
don’t give up and see it thru,
You may fail but you may conquer,
cuz you know just what to do...

Keep da faith, keep da faith, keep da faith. It all comes back to you someday.
Keep da faith, keep da faith, keep da faith. Cmon everybody say.
Keep da faith, don’t delay, find a way, keep it straight, fall and pray, everyday, listen to the words I say! Keep da faith, don’t delay, find a way, keep it straight, fall and pray, everyday, when there’s nothing left to do just keep da faith, don’t delay, find a way, keep it straight, fall and pray, everyday, and I promise we will make it thru...


A bring yo
Hands together like you and me
You can clap with those and we can pray with our feet
We can
Stomp the floor til these walls implode
So there’s nothing between us like it’s Jericho
We can
Stop the war waged internally
With a hit of you and a shot of me
We can
Party for peace in the community
By BEING higher than the heaven that we came from we
We can
Be angels if we spread our wings
A phone call to a friend that doesn’t believe
We can fly no lie repeat after me
“Just keep the faith
Just keep the faith”

A leap of faith is how you grow yo’wings
They only sprout when you need’em so “do you thing”
From bird’s eye the view’s tight enough to ease the pain
Everything’ll be alright just sing the refrain

…uh, uh..just sing the refrain…(Yes, we can)
…uh-huh, uh-huh,…just sing the refrain (Yes, we can)


The Golden Rule

Written By: Delmone Taylor and Dan Garduno

Verse 1
Now just sit right down,
lemme tell you a tale
on the lesson of the golden rule.
I was green in my teens,
doin childish things,
never thought I’d be playin the fool.

It was a record hot day,
103 in the shade
just polished off a fifth of crown royal.
feelin all warm inside
As I hopped up in my ride,
just to notice that I was low on oil.

With a dime in my sock,
it’s too hot to walk
what the hell was I supposed to do?
I’m sorry Uncle Sam
but this is who I am,
I think I’m gonna hafta pull a devon graham.

Who the fuck’s Devon Graham?

Verse 2
Now just hold on a sec,
I haven’t finished yet
the water’s just about to boil.
I said sorry Mister Sonny
I’m all outta money
and I ain’t leavin here without this oil.

He said, “I understand son,
but there’s nowhere to run
plus I don’t think that you’ll be goin far.
See when you came into my store
eyou didn’t lock your door
and I believe a man just stole yo car.

My heart skipped a beat
as I ran in the street,
and all I had to say is “Damn...”
The cop made a crack
as he shoved me in the back,
“you’re just another victim of a devon graham!”

Who the fuck’s Devon Graham?

Do unto others,
as you would have them
Do to you. (Do to you.

(I once was blind,
but now I see.)

It’s that Golden Rule...
What they say is true...

I’m sorry Lord,
now I see the fool I am.
Oh please answer me this question...
Who the fuck’s Devon Graham??

Who the fuck’s Devon Graham?

Verse 3
Be careful what you wish for,
it’s not all lies.
As I raised to my feet,
asked the man on my side,
“why you locked up in this place?”
And as he stared at the wall,
“hocked a car late today,
but it ran outta oil.”

“What the hell!
shoulda asked,
woulda gave you ride.
coulda seen me stealin oil
if you came inside.”

He said, “damn, I understand that
you thought you had a plan.
But you should know that in this
world you cannot steal from a man.

I learned the rule is always watchin
you can’t run from your fate.
What you do to other people’s
gonna come back someday.
listen to the words I tell you,
as he stuck out his hand,
(cuz this is who I am)
just in case you didn’t know,
my name is devon graham.”



Set List

The Beat is Permanent
The Golden Rule (Devon Graham)
Why'd You Lie
My Time
We Came To Make You Move
Perfect Kiss
Nunca Se Canso
Footprints (band intros)
Thru da Storm

...we don't do covers...originals all the way. we keep our sets around an hour long, give or take 15 mins. we generally play 1 set, but have enough tunes for 3.