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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Force of Nature Review."

Hi Lawrence,
Finished the review a few days ago, tomorrow evening Webmaster Freddy will
put it on the site.Glad to hear Europe is reacting well, so hopefully we'll
see you on a Belgian stage soon!
The review is in Dutch,so it will be difficult for you.Because it's a long
review (and a positive, be assured) I'll give you the most important things
i said about the cd itself.I think it's not necessary to translate the very
first part because it's the story of your carreer so far.
"Force Of Nature" starts very strong with "Shine On" a good rocksong which
reminds me immediately of Springsteen and Bob Seger in their early years,
with the wonderful sax of Andy Bickers in an important role.In slower, more
laid back songs, his voice reminds me of Chris DeBurgh but without that
(sugary) sweetness, more rough-edged.In other song we hear influences of Tom
Petty and John Mellencamp.One of the best songs on the album is "Used To Be
My Girl" which, when given a bit of airplay could have a lot of
hitpotential. Completely "Rootstime" style are" Roar" and"Downtown", bluesy
rocksong with Peter Healy on harp.Also"Shut up and Kiss Me" is real
rootsrock, with the slideguitar solo of Paul Burton.This is a cd with
intimate songs that will touch you, and lyrics in which the artist bares his
soul.If you want to buy an album which has something to say, Lawrence Baker
is your man... get hit by his "Force of Nature"!

In the beginning I also tell that we already reviewed some good Australian
artists, but that they were to "purist" to make it here, and reach a big
audience,and that there could be a change now
because you made music that could reach a bigger audience,and just like in
the 80's, times could return that we knew a lot of Aussie bands who were
succesful here.

So,hopefully this is of some help to you when you see the (dutch) review.

- Rootstime Belgium


Lawrence Baker 'LoneWolf' 5 Track E.P. 2000.
Lawrence Baker 'LoneWolf' Force of Nature.
14 Track Album. 2006/07.
Lawrence Baker 'LoneWolf' European Single.
Released thru Songhouse
International. Germany. Nov 06
CD`Album Force of Nature.


Feeling a bit camera shy


My name is Lawrence Baker. I am a Singer/ Songwriter/ Musician. Since i was 3years old this is all i've ever wanted to do...
i've always played, i was the guy no matter where you went my guitar came with me, on Bus trips travelling away playing Sport, going snow skiing in the winter, at the Beach in Summer everywhere...
Eventually i was asked to join a like-up trrying to form a Band that we called 'Glass Cannons'. We toured non-stop for 5 and a half years playing 5-6 nights a week, always producing Great Live Shows just never seeming to be in the right place at the right time? We were a Working band that financially exsisted thru playing, and to get somewhere everyone wanted you to play for no money..we couldn't afford to do that. After 7 years together i pulled the band off the road and called it quits. Everybody moved on, as did i.
Venue 1 Night-Club was for sale...i borrowed the money and bought it. Soon i introduced Sunday Night 'UNPLUGGED' Sessions, Live Music. It gave me a chance to test my new material in front of an audience every week...these nights were overall a great success with musicians getting together and playing, jamming on all styles and types of songs with varing instrumentation every week...very challenging and rewarding. This lead to me Recording the Original 'LoneWolf' Cd, a 5 Track E.P.
I sold the club and had some time off. It was then i decided to go into the studio and get these songs out of my head and onto disc.
Approximately 50 songs to choose from, i narrowed it down to 14 and so the 'Force of Nature' CD Album was born. A selection of songs that show hopefully a diversity, and a journey gleened from years of Live Performance and living a life that thru Music. During the start of recording i was approached to buy another club, which eventually i decided to do that. And so, my second Night-Club came into being while Recording the Album...i called the Club 'The Mojo Lounge'.
In 2005 Nov/Dec i decided to travel to the USA to meet with Producers, Publisists, Publishers, Agents, Venues and other Artists, also to Perform. This i did..!!! I played 5 shows. 1 in L.A. 1 in San Francisco and 3 in Nashville...including the Bluebird Cafe. I met great people, one of whom was Americana Legend Arthur Godfrey, 2 time John Lennon Songwriter of the Year Award Winner. The trip was Inspiring to say the least. I arrived home 2 days before Christmas to an E-mail from a German Record Company that wanted to sign me to Release my Music there. 2006 started with that getting sorted out, then a trip to Germany to Record the 2 track single. It was eventually Released in late November 2006 and has some Radio Airplay now in Germany, France and Belgium.
At present i'm focusing on returning to the USA asap. This year is about building a Base in the US and working there as much as possible, with a view to Record a New Album by the end of the Year.
I have a great new Band with me now and within the Line-up i have some of my old band mates, we've travelled the road together and i really like the idea of sharing this experience with them, if the opportunity arises, and this time it will!!!