Lawrence Cooley Band

Lawrence Cooley Band

 Valhalla, New York, USA

A blend of acoustic and electric rock and funk. originals and covers.


Lawrence Cooley was born and raised in Tarrytown NY. Growing up, he gravitated towards learning to play the guitar and drums. By high school, he was directing stage bands and winning every battle of the bands he entered. Subsequently, Lawrence has had a great career performing, recording, and writing his own music. Lawrence was even invited to perform at Woodstock '94 with his band Straight Wired which, at the time, was one of New York's top drawing bands.

Lawrence since has developed a unique style of percussive acoustic playing, blending many styles of music. His vocal ability has been said to be his greatest quality. Steve Tarkanish, of Stars productions, after hearing him, offered him a contract and said, " In all these years I have yet to hear a voice like yours that can emulate so many artists, sing so many different styles and still have a unique sound of it's own".

Brother, an original song written by Lawrence, was recorded and produced by Russ Desalvo (and a Philharmonic Quartet string arrangement scored by Rob Matthes), who complemented Lawrence by saying " I have been a successful songwriter in the industry for many years and I don't know if I could write a song as beautiful as Brother." Brother has been recently released on itunes and Amazon, as well as featured on Montel to benefit the Montel Williams M.S foundation.

Utopian World, Lawrence Cooley's debut album, is also available on itunes and Amazon. The album's title song speaks of peace and love. "If love could rule, could these wars all be through?" This sets the tone for the rest of the album. Another track, People Are People, describes "history has proven to me, people dying too often so rationally".

Utopian world was produced by Nunzio Signore at Crib Studios in Brooklyn, NY. The musicians who recorded this album are some of Lawrence's favorite musicians in NYC, who have all played with some the greats: Bo Diddley , Brian Mcnight, P-funk, Sly and the Family Stone, and many more. To compare Lawrence to other artists to get an idea of his style is of course difficult, but many people have said he sounds like a funky Dave Matthews when playing acoustic, and Lenny Kravitz, Robert Plant, and Jimmy Page when on electric. Whether as solo acoustic or with his full band, Lawrence Cooley Band, he is a must- see act. As a front man, he exceeds most audiences expectations, leaving those in tune exhilerated and exhausted at times. He delivers and radiates emotion to everyone in the room, making everyone a part of it all. Currently, Lawrence performs from two to five nights a week in the tri-state area. He is the music director for the Montauk Music Festival, which takes place in mid-May. Although his current EPK highlights his solo performances, he is proudly promoting his Lawrence Cooley Band with new originals.



Written By: Lawrence Cooley

(Verse 1)
Brother where are you leaving to brother
Wherever you go I'll always remember the last time we said goodbye
Father for all you've given me father
Strength to believe in me the closer I get to you
The more I see inside me
And all your love has brought me to be

I'll give you my heart wherever you are
I'll send you my love from here near or far
I'll leave you my home wherever you go as long as you know we're never alone we'll always be home

(Verse 2)
Sister hiding in your shell don't ever be afraid to reveal your self
Because the guilt keeps building up on my shelves
Wondering if I could have done anymore to help
Mother it's been so long since I've seen you dancing on your own
And I wish I could take back all of those times watching you cry
I know why
So helpless was I

I'll give you my heart wherever you are
I'll send you my love from here near or far
I'll leave you my home wherever you go as long as you know we're never alone we'll always be home.

In time we’ve drifted apart but we lift our heads from our hearts
It’s a long way home
It’s a long way to get back home
The more we learn the less we know
So before I go
I'll climb a mountain I will breathe the rain
For one of you I would do anything

Brother we’ll always be
I give you this song of love


Utopian World, Lawrence Cooley
Brother, Lawrence Cooley
Heading home for christmas.
Color my world, Straight Wired cd.

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Set List

Original Set List:
People are people
Having a good time
Utopian world
My freedom
Wishing you here
I'm inspired
Everybody in the family
Butterfly Blue
One Step
Time Can
Out of Here
Cover set list
ants marching/ feelin alright
use me
if you want me to stay
mary janes last dance
Hey hey
Sweet Judy Blue Eyes
Sex Machine
Aint no sunshine